Inspired by the Rig Veda 2014



:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Rig Veda: 'div' as packets of light-energy
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg A Comparison of Translations of Rig Veda I.164.17
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg An intuitive translation of Rig Veda I.164.17 by V. Susan Ferguson

Our progenitors, the 'Pitaram' orbit the Moon

:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Rig Veda: Bruce Cathie & InterLocking Wave-Forms
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Whispering Rishis: In Reverence to the Rig Veda
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Rig Veda: Plasma Physics & the Electric Universe
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg The Ribhus Control the Spacecraft ...
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Plasma Physics, Propulsion & the Ribhus in the Rig Veda
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Power & Purity / Rig Veda II.35
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Plasma Fire





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