Whispering Rishis: In Reverence to the Rig Veda


Stars in my window,

shadows of sighing Rishis,

burning jewels in a deep night of

supreme ether, imperishable, immutable

their 10,552 rik mantrâs emanate Light

engulfing me in their primeval song,

consuming renewing, beckoning

enticing enchanting, exhausting

bewildering, absorbing fulfilling,

making me their own.


Their ancient essence beyond time,

suffusing inundating pervading

imbuing their primeval realms

unfamiliar, unknown, unknowable,

seducing me in their subtle glories,

sphinx mysteries impenetrable,

whispering monuments,

that Howling Luminescence

from the Corridors of Time,

the Rishis’ Embrace.


I push at the Door of lost meaning,

frozen in Time, codes evasive,

I seek entry, speak and hold me

in your visionary Wisdom,

layers of meaning hidden in spheres

beyond galactic motion, beyond

in the vast expanse, the deepest

darkest Space, boundless colossal,

expanding, the whisperings of Rishis.


Tell me your secrets, ancient ones,

Angiras, Dirghatamas, Vishvamitra,

Speak to me, revealing

Indra, Agni, Soma, Usha, Rudra,

Rita, Satya, Truth.

I wait.


A far end of nowhere hermit,

exiled in earth’s southern hemisphere,

swirling Antarctic ocean currents,

the far north of the extreme south,

this wandering mother-less child,

homeless decaying aging,

gaining am I in timeless Wisdom,

eternal spring, forever Yours.

To be no more,

to Be Eternal.

Coming Home from the war zone,

returning Home, far memory.

Beyond beyond.

Forever Yours, forever

The Embrace,

Indra’s Embrace.


V. Susan Ferguson / July 1, 2014



INDRA: The root etymology of the Sanskrit word Indra is ‘kindling’ & ‘lighting’; an evolute of Indha, from √Indh ‘to kindle’. Indra also has the meaning one who tears this (idam) from idam (this) and √dr(i) ‘to tear’; this one who tears the seam (Sîmântam) of the universe (i.e. the horizon); Indra came out of the womb by tearing it; Indra who divides or tears; Indra who runs or rushes forth for Soma.

Soma, which I believe to be Plasma, is intimately connected with Indra; Indra drinks lakes of Soma, and Soma is often said to flow for Indra’s sake. Soma is Indra’s soul [RV IX.85.3] and even his generator [RV IX.96.5]. Connected to Norse Odin and Greek Uranus. Associated with an eagle.

NASA: The solar wind is an electrically conducting gas called plasma where matter has been torn apart into electrons, which are relatively light, and positively charged ions, which are thousands of times more massive. While areas in sunlight can charge positive, areas in shadow get a strong negative charge when electrons in the solar wind rush in ahead of heavier ions to fill voids created as the solar wind flows by.






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