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The spacecraft rushes everywhere, down a precipice, whirls & flies like the tempest.

"The Ribhus control the spacecrafts..."

A few days ago, July 2014, a new translation of the Rig Veda was delivered to me here in New Zealand from Exotic India Arts. I am always excited to have any new translation because no matter what, I can learn from it. This one was published in 2008. One of the translators ‘brings to bear a scientific temper on his spiritual writings’ and here is their translation of Rig Veda IV.36.1, which I happened to be working on:

“The glorious three-wheeled [cakra] vehicle without horse and without reins rolls around the firmament. Great has been the proclamation of your divine power, O men of experience and wisdom, that you control the roadways and space-crafts.”

- Rig Veda, complete in 12 volumes, translated by Swami Satya Prakash Sarawati and Satyakam Vidyalankar; DAV Publication Division, Delhi, 2008, 2011.

I hope and suspect that this new translation is only the beginning of a new wave of translations that will include space technology and therefore will provide evidence that our progenitors indeed came from the sky. The word for wheel is CAKRA, which in English is written as Chakra — those spinning seven centres of energy in every human body. So the word could imply circular energy, like a torus. Those of you who are familiar with plasma physics and EU will apply your own understandings.

For those who might not know, the Rig Veda is perhaps 10,000 years old. Really no one has any idea, because it was orally transmitted for 1000s of years before it was written down in the older Vedic Sanskrit. The Rig Veda is the source — not only the source of all the other Sanskrit texts, but also of what remains as true primordial metaphysics on this planet. Even the Chinese journeyed to Kashmir to learn Sanskrit.

The above verse is about the Ribhus, who I feel were the master engineers of plasma physics, space technology, climate modification (necessary to colonize any new planet), and geneticists, biologists and horticultural botanists who evolved the various seeds that would grow in our earth.

The following verses were composed by the Rishi Vamadevah Gautamah, and were excerpted from the new ground breaking translation of the Rig Veda by Swami Satya Prakash Sarawati and Satyakam Vidyalankar. I touch their glorious, dedicated, courageous feet!



We invoke respectfully these pioneers of roadways and space-crafts, to accept our reverential homage. O wise technicians, by your creative ability you design this never-erring, high rolling craft out of your genius workmanship.

3. O leaders of physical, mental and spiritual realms, you have been very well known among the learned, that you can make your aged infirm parents young, so that they are able to walk and work again.

4. You outline the details of the concept of dividing one globe into four quadrants, and by your toil and skill you change the barren crust of the earth to the fertile land, thereby quickly gaining immortal fame among the enlightened. …

5. The food and wealth which have been created by the combined efforts of the pioneers [the Ribhus] of technology of roadways, waterways and airways has to be appreciated and acknowledged…

6. Who has the patronage of experts in roadcraft, watercrafts and aircraft, becomes vigorous and skilled in war; he becomes a sage and eloquent, the brave and invincible in battles…blessed with excellent posterity.

7. …you are master of wisdom, and therefore, O pioneers of roadways and aircraft…we call on you to come.

8. O enlightened pioneers of technology having full knowledge of all…may you…fashion powerful and splendid machines.



O pioneers of roadways, possessed of treasures, you have come here on a strong transport, mounted on a brilliant carriage, and having the jaws of iron.

5. O pioneers of aircrafts, we invoke you, the possessor of war vehicles, devised by you as a result of team-work, of a great utility in war time, fast moving, highly priced, speedy and strong, complex in structure, and provided with sensitive and sensible components.

7. O pioneers of the land and air transport, may you direct us on the way to the battlefield. O wise ones…may you traverse all the quarters of space.



O pioneer of land and air transport, powerful and magnificent, terror to the enemies, you have been bestowing such rewards from earliest times, as belong to you only. You have given formidable and fierce weapons to the speedy vehicle for the destruction of infidels.

2. And you too have given swift spacecraft, the repeller of rebels, the defender of all men, the straight-going like eagle, gracefully moving, the resplendent, the rapid, the destroyer of enemies…

3. All men praise this spacecraft which rushes everywhere, down a precipice, springs with his feet like a hero eager for war, and whirls like the car and flies like the tempest.

4. The spacecraft gains precious gifts in the battles and rushes fast, passing through the regions, whose vigour is manifest in all directions; and who undoubtedly as we know puts to shame the adversary of the pious man.

6. And the space-craft, willing to come forth first amid these encounters, rushes in various directions with other rows of space chariots…

7. And it is a mighty space fighter, who keeps enduring in battle…rushing swiftly upon the quick moving host of the enemy…

8. And at its thunder, like the roar of heaven, the assailants tremble…

9. Men praise the overpowering rapidity of this spacecraft, the accomplisher of the aspirations of mankind. Soldiers going to battle, declare that the swift spacecraft has proceeded forward against adversaries laden with thousands of firing units.



Verily we praise that swift flying spacecraft, which scatters the enemies all around on the land in the space. …

2. I reiterate the admiration of this great spacecraft… The experts of solar and hydroelectric powers have fabricated this fast moving craft, brilliant as fire, for all and sundry.

3. May the supreme authority in association with expert technologists of thermal and hydro-dynamic energy, render it flawless. …

4. Whilst we glorify the auspicious name of the great space-craft…let us for our welfare invoke also the technologists of hydro-electricity, solar energy, and fire, and the bearer of thunder arms.

5. …invoke the spacecraft, as if he is the resplendent sun. The technical experts of water and electricity have given to us this spacecraft…



This spacecraft goes according to schedule, and is bright like the sun in the high effulgent region, and is like a planet in the inter space…the dweller in the most excellent orb, balanced in space. It moves without impediment through the clouds, on the land, and amongst the mountains, always abiding by the code of instructions [Rita].


- The Four Vedas: Mantras in Sanskrit with Transliteration & English translation (Set of 22 Volumes); Rig Veda, complete in 12 volumes; translated by Swami Satya Prakash Sarawati and Satyakam Vidyalankar; DAV Publication Division, Delhi, 2008, 2011.










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