The Rig Veda: Plasma Physics & the Electric Universe

Rig Veda X.121.10.

The One that ignites the unseen
particles, inexhaustible shining
identical to one another,
which procreate, give birth to all
creatures in the universe

by extending stretching expanding
to become whatever designs,
longings and desires of
the implicate order, that must be
the Weaver moving and carrying
this flying-falling treasure of galactic worlds,
the sacrificial ladle reflecting sound
in the tongue-flame within us.


The Rig Veda really is all about the ultimate POWER, Cosmic Power, Shakti-Maya Power — the power that pervades the universe as Soma (plasma), Indra (the force of kinetic energy that ignites, kindles), Agni (fire, thermonuclear & electric), Surya (radiation, not the Sun), and Rudra (primal sound) — because metaphysics is the underlying substructure of any true science of physics.


The universe is teaming with life and Earth is but one colony among thousands, a process which as Bruce Cathie said ‘has no doubt been repeated countless numbers of times to produce systems very similar to ours, which in turn have been populated by beings much the same as ourselves.” [The Bridge To Infinity, 1997]

The groups of beings who colonized our planet Earth could only have traversed space in the knowledge of a very advanced physics, and because that physics would have involved the collapse of Space-Time, their ‘physics’ would have by necessity been metaphysics.

“The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating, or altering, the very structure of space itself; altering the space-time geometric matrix, which provides to us the illusion of form and distance.” [Bruce Cathie, The Harmonic Conquest of Space, 1998]

Plasma Physics, as understood by the Electric Universe folks is an evolving science, which is quite natural. The best Indian scholars seem to all agree that the early sacred Sanskrit texts were more of the nature of enquiry, in other words these great ones were reflecting the One in the mirror of their own understanding. The Rishi Prajâpati Parameshthi asks if the One can ever be known In Rig Veda X.129.7: "We know not if it can be held, the continuum — indeed if it can be known at all."



The inscrutable riddles that so often perplex anyone who attempts to make sense of the Rig Veda become clear by substituting the various meanings of words, especially the names of the old Rig Vedic ‘gods’ which are very different than the later deities, with terms that come from plasma physics and the Electric Universe school of thinking. I like and relate to the Electric Universe ideas because their concepts fit so readily and indeed perfectly into eternal primordial metaphysics.

In ancient times metaphysics was physics, because Wisdom-Knowledge was not separate from science. The wise, the Seers in those eras were not cut off from the now invisible realms that are Truth (Satya in Sanskrit) and the substratum of all manifested existence in this universe. Astronomers were also astrologers. Patterns in the macrocosm are reproduced as repeating reflections in the microcosm. The phrase 'as above, so below' is found in the texts of Hermeticism, although these texts originated in the Vedas as did most western esotericism.

Therefore one of the multiple layers of meaning in the Rig Veda can be interpreted as primordial metaphysics seen through the lens of an electric universe and plasma physics, which in a more advanced form is the key to space travel and free energy. It may be that the Rig Vedic mantras are somewhat comparable to a collection of ‘PhD papers’ regarding an inquiry into plasma physics, the foundation of which would have been metaphysics — and were composed by Seer/Rishis who were also for example, astrophysicists.

The mantras were in existence long before either Brahmi or Sanskrit [1700-1200 BCE]. The origin of Brahmi is disputed and unknown. Sanskrit is thought to have developed out of Brahmi, although several Sanskrit sounds cannot be written in Brahmi [WIKI]. Those who understood the inimitable value of the Rig Veda mantras orally transmitted the 10,552 mantras down through countless generations, even as the meaning was becoming confused and lost. Scholars speculate that the Rig Veda was composed prior to 4000 BCE, although one knows the actual date of the origin.


Rig Veda I.164.39: ‘The Vedic mantras are imperishable, existing in the highest ethers — where reside all the ‘gods’ [those forces centripetal and centrifugal that create, sustain, and destroy the universe].

In respectful reverence, by combining the metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric meanings of the Rig Veda mantras with the scientific laws of plasma physics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, space travel, fusion, cosmology — I hope to show the Rig Veda mantras as a Rosetta Stone of cosmology. 'As above, so below' indeed.

Our planet does go through repeating cycles. These have been understood in the Sanskrit texts as the ‘Theory of the Cycles of Time’. The dates of the cycles are heatedly argued ad nauseam. Because I cannot find any early textual evidence, I am no longer certain of the exact dates. During the Middle Ages in India, the schoolmen were competing for followers. Looking at time from the chronology of periodic Ice Ages seems more sensible to me. There is no doubt in my mind that in our past there have been repeated eras of mass extinction here on earth. We seem to have been enjoying a brief mild and comfortable climate that is conducive to the proliferation of nature and human life.

The numerous underground tunnels that have been discovered around the planet are convincing evidence of pervasive and collective traumatic fear. We have been told that the elites are currently building massive underground shelters for themselves. Certainly before the invention of the motorized backhoe and those huge tunneling machines, no group of people would dig so extensively into the ground unless they are highly motivated. They must have remembered something so terrible, some event or events that have haunted us ever since.

I suggest that the incredibly complex diverse rituals found in the later Sanskrit texts, such as the Yajur Veda, the Satapatha-Brahmana and others, are symptomatic of this residual fear that was left imprinted branded in racial memory. Ritual is the way every human being deals with personal and collective fears. Very young children need ritual and repetition to feel safe, secure and to learn. As we grow up, we replace our childhood rituals with those we learn at school. Eventually we are conditioned, entrained and indoctrinated into traditional rituals of the larger society. We are all products of our cultural conditioning and we cling to that conditioning because it gives us set parameters, limits, an identity that keeps us from flying off into realms with no boundaries, the unknown and unknowable infinitude that is in fact this universe. What can we ever really predict? Uncertainty predominates and overwhelms.


Many other researchers have seen physics, quantum physics, etc. in the Rig Veda. What I offer is an expansion into plasma physics and the Electric Universe from my off-world, off-planet visionary perspective and far-memory.

The first time I ever tried to read the Rig Veda, I was instinctively stupefied and horrified at the translation. I’m not saying whose, for I have already sufficiently aggravated the fans of that scholar! But I just could not accept that the Rig Veda — the source of all the other sacred Sanskrit texts, which for me represent the subtlest metaphysical ideas in the history of this planet — could have anything to do with primitive tribals worshipping cows and making ritual sacrifice to idol gods. Forgive me for saying this, but some of the translations are actually comical.

Therefore when I came across Shyam Ghosh’s 2002 translation, ‘Rigveda for the Layman’ I was delighted. I had been studying quantum physics because of its connection to metaphysics, and the beauty in Ghosh’s ideas resonated with me. I often recommend his partial translation as an introductory to the Rig Veda — not because it is the final answer to the enigma, but because it opens the door to the endless possibilities of the multiple layered meanings in this ancient text.

Ghosh translated only 100 hymns (sűktâs in Sanskrit) and he includes a word dictionary beneath each mantra, the meanings of which are his in the sense that he has studied every available source, including the Sanskrit root etymologies, and come to his own understanding. Even if eventually you don’t agree with him, he will expand your own thinking as he did mine. Thank you! I still use his work as a reference along with many others. Ghosh also includes a Glossary of Sanskrit words with his considered meanings, such as:

Agni: vital energy of life, the fire of life, a spark of Universal intelligence bearing all the attributes of the Supreme Force

Anu: an atom, a vibrating particle (√an = to resonate)

Arya: worthy, noble, honorable, a friend, a welcome stranger

Ashvin: (dual) inhalation and exhalation of breath

Asura: not stable, vacillating (√su = to churn + √râ = to bestow), indicating frequency of electric current

Akasha: sky, space, medium of sound

Indra: intelligence (√ind = to be powerful), the legendary ‘god of gods’ who rules over the other gods (lights) identified as sense-organs in man

Tapas: warmth, heat, fire; also one of the seven regions above the earth (√tap = to be hot or warm, to shine, blaze)

Divam: a day, heaven, the sky (√div = to shine, to play, rejoice, squander, beg lament)

Bhuva: the atmosphere, ether

Hiranyah: indicates the electrical quality of force; electromagnetism, (√hri = to capture, take away + √an = a particle)

Svah: the sky, ether, radiance, the soul


Shyam Ghosh did not extend his research to include plasma physics and the Electric Universe theories. This is therefore what I am attempting to do in the hope of encouraging others who are more gifted and have a better background in both science and Sanskrit to continue.

The other sources of inspiration for understanding a possible ‘plasma physics’ interpretation of the Rig Veda have been Dr. R.R.M. Roy, S.S. Gupta, Keshav Dev Verma, and B.G. Tilak. Returning to read Bruce Cathie's books again after many years proved to be invaluable. I also credit Rishi Kumar Mishra, whose three books are enormously helpful and inspired. [See source books listed below.] However, Mishra accepts the Puranas as an authoritative source - and I tend to agree with many scholars that even though the Puranas do contain vestiges of truth, they are confused and confusing. I have enjoyed reading innumerable volumes including the Linga, Shiva, Vishnu, Vayu, the Bhagavata, Brahma, Markandeya and other Puranas, and still I prefer not to use them as a primary source.

I am also indebted to the complete R.L. Kashyap 'esoteric' translation of the Rig Veda, and the scholars who labored to produce Sanskrit-to-English dictionaries and various compilations of Sanskrit root etymologies. Without these giants in Vedic research, I would be helpless. They have allowed me my sacred sojourn into her compelling mysteries.


SOMA as ‘Plasma’

The Sanskrit word Soma was my first revelatory insight for interpreting the older Vedic Sanskrit in the Rig Veda as plasma physics. Sanskrit scholars have explained the word Soma in so many unsatisfying ways. Condemned to the realms of desperate imagination, Soma is currently taken to mean a type of intoxicating 'creeper' plant. If you have ever, perhaps in a slow-motion film or in the garden, watched the tendrils of a creeper reaching for something, anything to wrap itself around, you will recall that it generates a spiral, a corkscrew.

In the Electric Universe theory, plasma exhibits snake-like behavior and will take on the corkscrew-spiral shape [Donald E. Scott], when high intensity electric current passes through it. Electrical energy is measured in cycles of alternating current; the graphic diagrams look like the patterns a snake leaves in the sand, snake tracks. Think also of the snake that wraps itself around a tree or its prey in a spiral-like twist.

:1024px-Climber_natural_spiral.jpg  :snaketracks23.jpg  :xcclaterorepenssdcojjones.jpg


The formation of plasma into a spiral from high-intensity electric current is known as the Z-Pinch. According to D. Scott this Z-pinch mechanism may explain the fact that "cosmic matter tends to form an abundance of filamentary, stringy structures." This concept of strings in cosmology and astrophysics always intrigues me because of what Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita VII.7: "On Me, [the One] all this universe is strung, like pearls, clusters of pearls on a thread."



The Plasma Sea

Plasma is a 'sea' of electrically charged particles. Consciousness is often described as an ocean. All Wisdom metaphysical schools teach that everything is ultimately interconnected. The motion of charged particles produces a "self-magnetic field that can act on other collections of particle or plasma" [plasmauniverse.info], thereby generating electric fields in space that provide sources of energy for driving electric currents over large distances. Plasma is being intensely researched as a source for fusion power.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Plasma [Soma] is the most ubiquitous 'matter' in the universe and therefore could be unlimited, an unending source of energy. Plasma might be transformed into usable, constant and available energy — energy that would have been required and utilized to colonize a planet; for example to sustain satellite ships in orbit, redirect rivers, and modify a hostile climate perhaps by Ionospheric heating. In the era of our colonizing progenitors, the idea of Soma as plasma was likely to have extended to the electromagnetic spectrum. Indeed there is currently a term 'creeping wave' in electromagnetism.

WIKI: Creeping Wave

"According to the principle of diffraction, when a wave passes through an obstruction, it spreads out into the shadowed space. A creeping wave in electromagnetism or acoustics is the wave that is diffracted around the shadowed surface of a smooth body such as a sphere. Creeping waves greatly extend the ground wave propagation of long wavelength (low frequency) radio. They also cause both of a person's ears to hear a sound, rather than only the ear on the side of the head facing the origin of the sound. In radar, the creeping wave return appears to come from behind the target. Creeping waves are described by Airy functions."

In the Rig Veda, Soma is said to be the procreator of Surya [the Sun's energy, rays & radiation] (IX.96.5); Soma sees inside hidden things and knows all rays (IX.96.7); is the Sun-world (IX.96.18); giving birth to the luminous world of heaven, birth to the Sun in the Waters, clothes himself with the Waters and the Rays (IX.42.1); has generated the light in the Sun (IX.97.41); you [Soma] are the Lights of the Sun (IX.86.29); [Soma] is the procreator of Agni [Fire in all forms], procreator of Surya [the Sun's energy] (IX.96.5); no earthly person can taste (or enjoy) you [Soma] (1X.85.4). I have used R.L. Kashyap's esoteric translations found in his excellent book on Soma.



Indra is a very predominant god in the Rig Veda and is described as a human man, strong, with a golden beard, and of golden colour. Indra was said to be the leader of five tribes: the Yadus, Turvashas, Druhyus, Anus, and Purus (I.108.8). Indra has 58 friends and 70 enemies; he seizes great wealth and is a donor of wealth & food. Therefore it is difficult to completely dismiss the idea that Indra may actually also be a person, as well as a force. The Rishis ask Indra to protect them. Indra released the waters in ninety-nine rivers. Perhaps Indra is also a station, a position of command and leadership, like (humour me...) the Master Engineer of Hyperluminal Plasma Physics and Interdimensional Space/Time travel.

Rig Veda II.15.2: Who fixed the heaven in unsupported (space), and filled the spacious firmament, and heaven and earth, (with light): he is who upheld and has made the earth renowned; in the exhilaration of the Soma Indra has done these (deeds).

II.15.3: (Indra it is) who has measured the eastern (quarters) with measures like a chamber; Who has dug with the thunderbolt [vajra] the beds of rivers, and has easily sent them forth by long-continued paths in the exhilaration of the Soma Indra has done these (deeds). [R.L. Kashyap: with the vajra Indra released the sealed doors – khâni – of the rivers.]

II.15.5: He [Indra turned the mighty Sindhu towards the north] calmed down the impetuous movement of this great river [so that the Rishis] could cross over it safely.


The root etymology of the Sanskrit word Indra is ‘kindling’ & ‘lighting’; an evolute of Indha, from √Indh ‘to kindle’. Indra also has the meaning one who tears this (idam) from this (idam), and √dr(i) ‘to tear’. This one who tears the seam (Sîmântam) of the universe (i.e. the horizon); Indra came out of the womb by tearing it; Indra who divides or tears; Indra who runs or rushes forth for Soma.

NASA: The solar wind is an electrically conducting gas called plasma where matter has been torn apart into electrons, which are relatively light, and positively charged ions, which are thousands of times more massive. While areas in sunlight can charge positive, areas in shadow get a strong negative charge when electrons in the solar wind rush in ahead of heavier ions to fill voids created as the solar wind flows by.


Soma [plasma] is intimately connected with Indra. Indra drinks lakes of Soma, and Soma is often said to flow for Indra’s sake. Soma is Indra’s soul [RV IX.85.3] and even his generator [IX.96.5]. Indra is connected to Norse Odin and Greek Uranus, and associated with an eagle.


My life has been dedicated to Art, and thus I have no formal training as a scientist or a scholar. However, I feel compelled to pursue this as I have some mysterious connection with and love for the Rig Veda, which I feel has been neglected and poorly, often wrongly translated. This is the beginning of my endeavors to understand the old ‘gods’ and other mysterious Sanskrit word meanings in the Rig Veda — Indra, Soma, Agni, Vritra, Usha, the Ashvins, Vâyu, Rudra, the Maruts, and others — as principles of plasma physics and the Electric Universe. Everything is consciousness. To be authentic and powerful any science must reflect the immutable principles of primordial metaphysics. Other wise, we shall remain earthbound!

V. Susan Ferguson

More to follow…



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