Plasma Physics, Propulsion & the Ribhus in the Rig Veda

Rig Veda IV.33.8. These experienced intellectuals [the Ribhus] construct the firm abiding, wheel-conducting car.

9. The enlightened men are delighted by the work of sages. The mechanical technicians become favourite of the enlightened ones, electrical of the resplendent ones, and hydrodynamical of the venerable.

10. May these electrical technicians, deserving appreciation, who devise motors of vehicles, and construct for the resplendent the two docile engines, bestow upon us satiety of riches and wealth…

The Fourth Mandala of the Rig Veda was primarily composed by the Rishi Vamadeva Gautamah, the author of the verses I have previously quoted that contain images such as, “The glorious three-wheeled [cakra] vehicle without horse and without reins rolls around the firmament. Great has been the proclamation of your divine power, O men of experience and wisdom, that you control the roadways and space-crafts. [IV.36.1]”

IV.39.1. Verily we praise that swift flying spacecraft, which scatters the enemies all around on the land in the space. …

2. I reiterate the admiration of this great spacecraft… The experts of solar and hydroelectric powers have fabricated this fast moving craft, brilliant as fire, for all and sundry.

3. May the supreme authority in association with expert technologists of thermal and hydro-dynamic energy, render it flawless. …

4. Whilst we glorify the auspicious name of the great space-craft…let us for our welfare invoke also the technologists of hydro-electricity, solar energy, and fire, and the bearer of thunder arms.

5. …invoke the spacecraft, as if he is the resplendent sun. The technical experts of water and electricity have given to us this spacecraft…

The above translations are the work of the Vedic scholars Swami Satya Prakash Saraswati and Shri Satykam Vidyalankar, who are said to be renowned in India. Their new translations have confirmed my own meagre attempts to translate certain verses in the Rig Veda in which I found both rocket fuel and weather modification.


What follows is a collection of quotes that I consider to contribute to the evidence that the Rig Veda contains the plasma physics that allowed the ancients to traverse space and come to our planet, colonize and terra-form her, redirect rivers, and using weather modification technology such as ionospheric heating, provide planetary climate conditions necessary for agriculture. The source of their energy was and remains plasma, the ‘first state of matter’ [T. Findlay], and the most abundant in the universe.  

Plasma permeates our solar system. Plasma is a 'sea' of electrically charged particles. Consciousness is often described as an ocean. All Wisdom metaphysical schools teach that everything is ultimately interconnected. The motion of charged particles produces a "self-magnetic field that can act on other collections of particles or plasma" [plasmauniverse.info], thereby generating electric fields in space that provide sources of energy for driving electric currents over large distances. Plasma is being intensely researched as a source for fusion power.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Plasma [Soma] is the most ubiquitous 'matter' in the universe and therefore could be unlimited, an unending source of energy. Plasma might be transformed into usable, constant and available energy — energy that would have been required and utilized to colonize a planet; for example to sustain satellite ships in orbit, redirect rivers, and modify a hostile climate perhaps by Ionospheric heating. In the era of our colonizing progenitors, the idea of Soma as plasma was likely to have extended to the electromagnetic spectrum. Indeed there is currently a term 'creeping wave' in electromagnetism.

T. Findlay: “Plasma is the first state of matter. …if you continue to add energy to the atoms in a gas, eventually some of the outer electrons will be stripped off the atoms to become free electrons. The atoms left behind will therefore have a positive charge. The result is a gas that can conduct electricity and respond to electromagnetic fields. …plasma is based on EM (electromagnetic) relationships, where electric fields and electric currents, with their associated magnetic fields, are the powerful influences that dictate what matter does when it is in the plasma state.”


SOMA as ‘Plasma’

The Sanskrit word Soma was my first revelatory insight for interpreting the older Vedic Sanskrit in the Rig Veda as plasma physics. Sanskrit scholars have explained the word Soma in so many unsatisfying ways. Condemned to the realms of desperate imagination, Soma is currently taken to mean a type of intoxicating 'creeper' plant. If you have ever, perhaps in a slow-motion film or in the garden, watched the tendrils of a creeper reaching for something, anything to wrap itself around, you will recall that it generates a spiral, a corkscrew.

In the Electric Universe theory, plasma exhibits snake-like behavior and will take on the corkscrew-spiral shape [Donald E. Scott], when high intensity electric current passes through it. Electrical energy is measured in cycles of alternating current; the graphic diagrams look like the patterns a snake leaves in the sand, snake tracks. Think also of the snake that wraps itself around a tree or its prey in a spiral-like twist.


Inanna Returns: Chapter X, The Ekur

“Plasma is the most abundant material in your galaxy, and therefore a desirable energy source. Pyramids contained a Pleiadian technology presently unknown to you, which accessed the Solar Winds for power. The pyramids were strategically placed around the planet and used as collectors to gather the plasma. The Ekur was the largest of these power collectors on Terra. All of our spacecraft contain similar smaller-scale collectors. Naturally, all of the planets the Pleiadians have colonized have pyramids to collect plasma power.

“The Ekur was designed to connect the Solar Winds’ plasma to the magnetic field from within Terra’s core. This high-energy plasma was funnelled down the pyramid’s vertical axis, while the magnetism from earth’s core was directed upward along the same vertical axis. Both were concentrated into an intense coherent path…

“As the plasma enters from the top of the Ekur, and the magnetism enters from the earth, they meet… The two energies join, swirling in a massively powerful vortex in the form of a torus… The Torus of Magnetic Flow is consequently set into motion with one ring turning in on itself, the other out. Thus we generate perpetual motion.”

The above was written by me, V.S. Ferguson, as ‘automatic writing’ in 1995. I was simply writing down precisely what I saw in my visions of the colonization of our planet Earth. At that time it never occurred to me that many years later I would teach myself Sanskrit, become obsessed with the Rig Veda, and eventually find the plasma physics technology that Inanna showed me in this most ancient sacred Sanskrit text.


The Ribhus are the masters of plasma physics, both engineers and astronauts, who are said to “classify the universe” [IV.33.6] and “When the intellectuals [the Ribhus] reposing for twelve days, remain in the close proximity of the unconcealed sun, they render the fields fertile. Let the rivers flow forth, let plants spring upon the hitherto barren land, and let waters spread over the low places.” [IV.33.7]

The word Ribhu is written in the Devanagari beginning with the vowel <Ri> that is an R with a dot under it. The etymology of the Sanskrit word Ribhu is √ri = heaven; to go, move, rise, tend upwards; and the root √bhu = arise, becoming, being, existing. Thus the Ribhus are those who exist, rise, go and move in the skies, the heavens. One definition of Ribhu is ‘clever, skillful, inventive, prudent; one of three semi-divine beings who dwell in the solar sphere. They are said to accompany Indra.



'EARTH An Alien Enterprise' by Timothy Good

Timothy Good quoting various witnesses: “Most everything we read about the craft — the way they are propelled — we read it in terms of an electromagnetic field…there is also a very, very high-voltage static charge involved…planet Earth…is nothing more in itself than a static generator — a huge static generator. …inside a giant saucer and seen giant flywheels sheathed in metal skins, and found that the motive force came from electrostatic turbines, whose flywheels create an electro-magnetic field of force, creating tremendous speeds…involved a ‘wheel within a wheel’… One of the wheels turns in a counter-clockwise direction, the other in a clockwise direction…”

“…Earth had been colonized thousands of years ago by two extraterrestrial races which had amalgamated. …responsible for the pyramids. Primarily the pyramids were constructed for means of generating a huge amount of energy which was used to charge their crafts when they came here…The cosmic rays of the universe came down upon the pyramids…constructed for the purpose of charging their units…'wheel within the wheel’…” 

The Ribhus in the Rig Veda

"The enlightened men are delighted by the works of sages. The mechanical technicians become favourite of the enlightened ones, electrical of the resplendent ones, and hydrodynamical of the venerable. May these electrical technicians, deserving appreciation, who devise motors of vehicles, and construct for the resplendent the two docile engines…Not without toil, the divines get friendly with men. …The illustrious technicians, electrical, hydrodynamical and physical…people of genius have toiled hard in their craft, the essence. [IV.33.9-12]"


The universe is teaming with life and Earth is but one colony among thousands, a process which as Bruce Cathie has said ‘has no doubt been repeated countless numbers of times to produce systems very similar to ours, which in turn have been populated by beings much the same as ourselves.” [The Bridge To Infinity, 1997]

The groups of beings who colonized our planet Earth could only have traversed space in the knowledge of a very advanced physics, and because that physics would have involved the collapse of Space-Time, their ‘physics’ would have by necessity been metaphysics.

“The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating, or altering, the very structure of space itself; altering the space-time geometric matrix, which provides to us the illusion of form and distance.” [Bruce Cathie, The Harmonic Conquest of Space, 1998]

Joseph Ferrell: “Further examination of Dr. Richter’s project and his own statements made later in personal interviews to the U.S. Air Force revealed that he believed that rotating plasmas functioned as transducers — as ‘gates’ — of the zero point energy of the fabric of space-time itself…any rotating mass of a non-linear medium can act as a transducer of the energy present in the local geometric configuration of space-time, which…is ever-changing. Thus it was speculated that any slight deviation from perfect symmetrical compression of an atomic core could conceivably introduce a minute rotation or torque in the plasma of a nuclear explosion, thus making it function as a gate or transducer, for a brief moment of time, of the local geometry of space-time, which is variable over time and dependent on the relative positions of the celestial bodies.”

Here is revealed insight into the rituals that evolved and the ancient Seers focus on the celestial bodies, the Sun (plasma permeates our solar system and the cloud of particles that constitute the solar wind is a plasma), the Naksatras of the Moon, and Usha the Dawn. The necessity of specific times to success in creating energy from plasma became ritualized as the true meaning and understanding of plasma physics was lost.


The World Grid & Bruce Cathie

BC: Protons & electrons are nothing more than extremely concentrated waveforms.

BC: Our consciousness is the projector as we pass from one ‘frame’ of matter to another, through the pulse of anti-matter, thus giving the illusion of constant reality, and the passing of time. The conscious ‘I am’ part of our individuality passes from one pulse of physical matter to the next within the framework of the physical structure which we term our body, thus giving the illusion [maya] of constant reality, and the passing of Time.

BC: Time itself is geometric.

BC: Everything, exists by reason of magnetic lines of FORCE, no matter what form. The magnetic lines of Force [INDRA] enter any body at both poles, then carry out a looped path [looped paths in the magnetic field of a Toroid] through the body before passing out of the opposite poles.

BC: The [illusory appearance of] lines of force of the [plasma] magnetic field would form a lattice, or grid pattern, due to the spin of the planetary body. The point at which the lines criss-cross form a vortex. Each vortex would manifest as an atomic structure and create itself within a gravitational field. There fore a gravitational field is nothing more than the effect of relative motion in space.

BC: The world grid is the natural grid formed by the lattice pattern of the interlocking lines of force.




I am aware that I have not fully connected all 'the dots' for you, neither have I connected them for myself - and don't intend to. I am not trained in higher mathematics and would be useless in any real application of plasma physics to actual forms of propulsion. Most of the researchers I have read have all come to the same conclusion: Fear brought the 'Breakaway Civilization' into existence. Whatever is known to these men has left them in so much fear that they have gone to unbelievable extremes of secrecy around developing new technologies through covert operations, propaganda and cover-up. In the process, terrible unforseen consequences have followed and have become so sadly complicated, so destructive that now it is apparently too late to make right.

One saving thought is this from Catherine Austin Fitts, who has said that the people she knew personally were good people, which made it all the more difficult for her to understand what was motivating them. Why? I believe her conclusion should be solace to us all. This ‘free’ energy can be used for good — or the terrible nature of its unlimited power can be used to destroy the fabric of space-time itself. In the hands of the wrong people, those who want the destruction of everything, plasma technology could bring an unimaginable end to all life and perhaps even our planet. Only very highly spiritually evolved beings can be trusted to wield a truly cosmic technology that possesses the power to alter our heliosphere, the consequences of which might reverberate through an entire galaxy and beyond.

Our Refuge

My intention here is to offer assurance to those who may be isolated in your efforts, the 'strangers-in-a-strange land' who came here so long ago. This planet is a colony, one of thousands, and our off-world progenitors were by necessity far more advanced. Have no doubt that our efforts must continue to be in the realms of consciousness — for it is only through a higher consciousness, through reaching the greatest Truth, the Wisdom-Knowledge that the One pervades All, that we in human form will find Refuge and Liberation-Moksha.

From the unreal, lead me to the Real

From darkness, lead me to Light

From death, lead me to Immortality.

- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.28




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