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A Message From Susan - 2013


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December 30, 2013

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I would like to thank all who are reading here, and also those of you who have sent me such kind emails. Throughout my life I wanted to read and understand the Sanskrit texts. Intuitively I felt they held the Key to life's mysteries. They have not disappointed me. It is natural to want to share these ancient jewels of Wisdom-Knowledge, so out of my love for the Sanskrit texts, Metaphysical Musing has grown over the years.

Over 70,000 free PDFs of 'Inanna Returns' have thus far been accessed. I know this makes Inanna very sweetly happy. It is really her book, and not mine. She gave it to me in the 'eye-of-my-mind' and it poured forth from her in Love as a deeper understanding of the Myriad Worlds. She loves us and wants us to know that, as Swami Lakshmanjoo has said,

"This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness."

Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:guru22.jpg Swami Lakshmanjoo


I also want to thank the Piper, my webmaster who I know prefers to be invisible. But perhaps just this once he will permit me to acknowledge him, because for over 20 years now he has been my friend and the person I have relied on in so many ways, not just the technical underpinnings of Metaphysical Musing — but the Piper is also a constant source of balancing wisdom and answers to all my endless pesky enquiries. He is by nature a quiet and modest man who knows just about everything about anything, and who also plays the bagpipes! I am blessed. Thank you.

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I hope you all have a wonderful 2014. I wish you Love, Enlightenment, and Wisdom-Knowledge. Moksha! I leave 2013 & you with a description of the One in the Bhagavad Gita XIII:

14. The appearance, semblance of the senses, yet free from all the senses, unattached, not clinging, and yet maintaining all, free from the gunas, yet experiencing the gunas.

15. Outside and inside of beings, the unmoving and the moving, from subtlety this is not to be understood, remotely situated, far and also near, This.

16. Undivided among beings, yet existing as if divided, the sustainer of beings, devourer and creator.

17. This is the Light of lights, beyond darkness, the Knowledge, the to-be-Known, and the goal of Knowledge, seated in the Hearts of all.


We meet in the Heart,


New Zealand

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December 8, 2013

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The Logical End of Facebook's Patents


by Darwin Bond-Graham on CounterPunch

 quote excerpt:

 On November 12 Facebook, Inc. filed its 178th patent application for a consumer profiling technique the company calls “inferring household income for users of a social networking system.”

 “The amount of information gathered from users,” explain Facebook programmers ... in their patent application, “is staggering — information describing recent moves to a new city, graduations, births, engagements, marriages, and the like.”

 Facebook and other so-called tech companies have been warehousing all of this information since their respective inceptions. In Facebook’s case, its data vault includes information posted as early as 2004, when the site first went live. Now in a single month the amount of information forever recorded by Facebook —dinner plans, vacation destinations, emotional states, sexual activity, political views, etc.— far surpasses what was recorded during the company’s first several years of operation. And while no one outside of the company knows for certain, it is believed that Facebook has amassed one of the widest and deepest databases in history.

 Facebook has over 1,189,000,000 “monthly active users” around the world as of October 2013, providing considerable width of data. And Facebook has stored away trillions and trillions of missives and images, and logged other data about the lives of this billion plus statistical sample of humanity. Adjusting for bogus or duplicate accounts it all adds up to about 1/7th of humanity from which some kind of data has been recorded.

 According to Facebook’s programmers like Voskuhl and Vyaghrapuri, of all the clever uses they have already applied this pile of data toward, Facebook has so far “lacked tools to synthesize this information about users for targeting advertisements based on their perceived income.”

 Now they have such a tool ...

 full Orwellian-dystopia article here:




This kind of elitist Silicon Valley technology-as-religion, control and tyranny from the newly rich & powerful and true believers is exactly what Jaron Lanier talks about in his book "Who Owns the Future":

" exchange for acquiescence to being spied on."
"Utopians presume the advent of abundance not because it will be affordable, but because it will be free,
provided we accept surveillance."




"Reducing life itself"

- quoted from Jaron Lanier's 2010 book, "You Are Not a Gadget"

 "When it comes to people, we technologists...don't understand the brain well enough to comprehend phenomena like education or friendship on a scientific basis. So when we deploy a computer a way that has an effect on real lives...When we ask people to live their lives through our models, we are potentially reducing life itself. How can we ever know what we might be losing?"


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November 26, 2013

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Jaron Lanier is a long time Silicon Valley computer scientist, a pioneer in the field of virtual reality (a term he is credited with popularizing according to wiki). In this flat-out fascinating interview Jason explains that what has happened to our world is primarily the result of the countless unintended consequences of giant computers.

The biggest computers and those who own them win! Siren Servers as he terms them, have changed everything from the middle class disappearing, financial chaos and wealth transference to the 1%, even insurance and health — and not for the better. He also has ideas for solutions.

* Jaron Lanier sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss how the rise of digital networks is leading to the demise of the middle class - and how we can stop it.


Excerpt from Amazon:

Jaron Lanier: The problem is not inherent in the Internet or the Web. Deterioration only began around the turn of the century with the rise of so-called "Web 2.0" designs. These designs valued the information content of the web over individuals. It became fashionable to aggregate the expressions of people into dehumanized data. There are so many things wrong with this that it takes a whole book to summarize them.

Here’s just one problem: It screws the middle class. Only the aggregator (like Google, for instance) gets rich, while the actual producers of content get poor. This is why newspapers are dying. It might sound like it is only a problem for creative people, like musicians or writers, but eventually it will be a problem for everyone. When robots can repair roads someday, will people have jobs programming those robots, or will the human programmers be so aggregated that they essentially work for free, like today’s recording musicians? Web 2.0 is a formula to kill the middle class and undo centuries of social progress.


* From a review of Jaron Lanier's new book "Who Owns the Future?"

Lanier refers to what he calls Siren Servers (a reference to the Sirens of Roman and Greek mythology--beautiful, seductive figures who sang enchanting tunes to lure sailors and travelers astray), the mega machines which accumulate and track data in ways that would have been science fiction to the computer designers and programmers of the 1950s and 60s.

And today’s machines, as Lanier points out, often amass that data without having to pay for it, then, redeploy that accumulated information to manipulate markets, increase customer traffic or manage profitability.

Lanier cites all the high-profile examples: high-frequency trading firms, mortgage institutions, information search engines, social media networks, even modern intelligence gathering; for better or worse, benign or hostile (think of the recent NSA examples).




November 18, 2013

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Quotations from "Earth: An Alien Enterprise" by Timothy Good; Pegasus Books LLC, 2013

"...the Earth is their responsibility, rather than mankind's."

"They said the world would have many problems, but they would not interfere...this planet was their concern, that Man has his own mind, and that he must learn to take care of his planet if he wants to keep his home. [He] assured me that our planet would continue to exist. But I was not assured than Man would continue to exist on it, if he did not learn to take better care of his most valuable possession..."

"The surface bases we have introduced on your planet are protected from sight by powerful magnetic fields..."

"...the entire world's defense chiefs have hidden the truth...The phenomena generates considerable anxiety among the world's governments, who have only one method of holding back the moment of truth - to maintain the conspiracy."


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November 1, 2013

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Inter-Galactic Maturity

Consider the idea that the off-world beings that did in fact colonize our little planet are simply waiting, observing us, hoping that we will move into maturity — and take responsibility for our own actions as individuals, participate with Wisdom & Knowledge in our governments and in the care & protection of planet Earth herself, our Mother.

Perhaps these off-world beings, of which there appear to be countless numbers of multiple races, are indeed hoping that one day soon, we earthlings will come to the realization that we don't need tyranny in any form, and that we are capable of assuming an intelligent informed participation in our future.

Indeed they watch, hoping that one day we will lose our childlike interest in ever more bizarre fear-loaded tales, which render us useless. Could it just be that what the ETs are waiting and hoping for is for us, earth humans to grow up? Because unless we demonstrate that we have become responsible adults here on Earth, we cannot and will not be allowed to join and participate in the larger Universe.

Enlightenment is not escapism. Enlightened beings naturally develop compassion and engage in activities that contribute to the well-being of the world.





October 21, 2013

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Haven't you ever wondered why certain conspiracy personalities, websites and forums are allowed to thrive? These people say the most outrageous, absurd, destructive things - and yet they go on and on.

Did it ever occur to you that just maybe the power elites - and yes they do exist - are quite happy to have these cult figures create ridiculous fantastic myths and ever more spell-binding fears to keep us distracted from anything real?  Ad nauseam theorizing of made-up gibberish suits the elite just fine.

Instead of coming together in any practical political action, which might actually accomplish something useful, thousands are constantly engaged in arguing over endless discussions of blood lines (who cares?), reptilian monsters that no one has ever seen or ever will see, or channeling ETs whose information is always bizarrely contradictory, fear loaded, seemingly endless, and has nothing to do with traditional primordial metaphysics. Fear sells.

The more rubbishy this stuff is the better for the elite, because it feeds those who feel excluded from society and succeeds in preventing any real discussion and participation in government. So the elite are quite happy to keep us distracted, confused, powerless, sucking on crystals and fear mongering conspiracy tales - because it renders us useless. Out of their way!

Constructive action would be to learn how governments actually do work, to read history and economics, to actively participate in our democracy, and through considered intelligence, knowledge and wisdom, compel our elected officials to comply with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

That would put the shyster carneys out of business and perhaps give us a real chance for a better future. Think about it. Together we might stop the drones attacking innocent civilians in foreign countries, humiliate the moneyed elites into well deserved shame, stop corporations from bribing our politicians, use taxes for schools and bridges instead of war, and bring our troops home from bases around the world.

Leaving the conspiracy industry in the dust could free up our bright young people from depression and despair to create new innovative ways of thinking, inventions to improve our life in the world in a productive manner.

The conspiracy industry is not our friend.

We meet in the Heart,





October 11, 2013


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The Secret in the Heart

Oh Lord,

It seems I saw You everywhere

But in that secret place.

There You waited,

All along.


How was I to know You’d pick

Such a humble spot to dwell?

I thought of You on top of Everest,

Unreachable as stars as well …


How quietly You waited, knowing,

While I rushed about seeking You.

High in airplanes over distant lands,

Out the window I strained to gaze,

Stretching to see … is that You?


And all the arms that sought to hold me …

I saw in them some part of You.

They did not know what I was dreaming,

Perhaps they thought the same of me.


Yet all the time, You remained

Being, shining, radiant …

In the last place, it seems

That I could see!





September 27, 2013

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Those of you who are reading or have read 'Inanna Returns' might be interested in my more recent reflections on how the book came to me - and my relationship with Zecharia Sitchin.


Reflections on ‘Inanna Returns’ and Zecharia Sitchin


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September 18, 2013

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Whispers from the One Within


I was NEVER separate from you.

I never judged you!

I always forgave you.

I held you in your Darkest Hours.

I wept when you cried for me.

I sought Beauty in you.

I rejoiced at your accomplishments.

I allowed you to move in ways you chose to bring me Experience and reveal My Reflection.

Would any Being do less for Its Creation, for Its Child/God?


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September 10, 2013

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By Edward L. Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud)


"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.

"...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."

Free PDF here:




"That propaganda easily seduces even those whom it most horrifies is a paradox that Bernays grasped completely; and it is one that we must try at last to understand, if we want to change the world that Edward Bernays, among others, made for us." 

- Mark Crispin Miller, NYC 2004; Ig Publishing edition.


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The Mechanics of the Kali Yuga, our current Age of Confusion

 Edward L. Bernays on 'engineering consent': "If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it."

"...familiarity with the behavior of the ruling public (meaning those who had so easily succumbed to the propaganda) has bred contempt... as a consequence, despondent democrats turned elitist, no longer trusting intelligent public opinion, and therefore should themselves determine how to make up the public mind, how to bamboozle and seduce in the name of the public good..."  - Propaganda Techniques in World War I

 "...propaganda has become a profession. The modern world is busy developing a corps of men who do nothing but study the ways and means of changing minds or binding minds to their convictions." - Alex Carey



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September 1, 2013

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The One waits Within

I am flowing through you,

Beloved, so I wait within each being.

I am flowing through all My creation.

All are forms of their Creator's Love.

Even prodigal children are held

together by My Love.

Love is the space between the atoms.


The God-within each of us awaits...

You would not wander where

you are unwanted, unwelcome.

So I the One within remain,

waiting patiently, eternally,

the invitation to converse,

commune — embrace in Union.



Each meeting becomes a further

opening for the expression of Joy.

As lovers in their beginnings lightly

dance around each other, careful.


I the One, both Spirit and Creation,

embrace and separate, embrace and

separate in the eternal Dance of Beauty,

and our Return is complete.








August 17, 2013

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The Labyrinth


God's universes are vast,

violent, cold, indifferent,

colliding, igniting, creating,

destroying, vanishing.


Birth is pain, death is pain.

Why are we surprised, unaware

that Life, our existence here on Earth,

is far from heaven, immersed in heart

ache, suffering and bliss.


Veiled in appearances, we indulge.

Five sense perceptions mislead us

through the Labyrinth of Illusion.

Released from the scars of delusion's

wounds tempting again, our own creation,

we dance back & forth between the One

and Multiplicity, from the Real into

the Phantasmal, our Dreams return,

our eyes dim.


Our Home is a state of Consciousness.

We meet in the Heart.


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August 11, 2013

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We are here for a vacation from boundless unfettered Infinitude - to enjoy the intriguingly curious experience of Limitation in a polarity universe.

Everything we do, and all we have ever done throughout unending Cycles of Time, serves the one sole purpose of leading us to God-Consciousness. Whatever we create in the temporal illusory hologram inevitably inexorably crumbles and dissolves.


Offer everything you do, say, think and feel to the God-within.

It belongs to the God-within anyway.

There is only The One.


We meet in the Heart,


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August 3, 2013

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"This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness."   

- Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras



Quotes from the Sufi Doris Lessing's 'Documents Relating to The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire'; Vintage Books, 1984:


"I don't want to think about it! I can't bear it! I wish I was dead! I don't want to know..."


"Incent," I said, "you are going to have to take it from me that you are very ill [from rhetoric & propaganda]. But you will recover, I assure you."


" is not going to be easy for Incent. It is the hardest thing in the Galaxy, if you have been the plaything of word, words, words, to become independent of their ability to intoxicate."


"On planets where they [the emissaries] have been at work sometimes for millenniums without - apparently - knowing it, they get quite downcast and wonder whether their efforts are worth it." 


"People...often lose the capacity for seeing themselves and their situation. Enjoyment of manipulation, of power, of watching themselves in a role, dims judgment."


"It can be considered a rule that the probable duration of an Empire may be prognosticated by the degree to which its rulers believe in their own propaganda."


Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg


Symptoms of the Kali Yuga 

From the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana:

 Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people.

 Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

 There will be many displaced persons, wandering from one country to another.


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July 23, 2013

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 Inanna Returns: The Mechanics of Tyranny


Pages 125-8, written in 1995

Marduk did not use armies to conquer Terra; instead, he used propaganda. ...


Marduk went out of his way to slander me, Inanna. He claimed I was an evil witch who devoured men and turned innocent women into whores. Coveting my temples and all the lands owned by my priestesses, Marduk embarked on a campaign to slander and destroy these women. My priestesses, who were highly trained in business and the arts, were accused of black magic, of casting dark spells over the land. Whenever anything went wrong, if there was a bad storm or a crop failure, my women were blamed. And Marduk saw to it that plenty went wrong.


My beautiful priestesses were imprisoned, beaten, tortured, raped, and burned alive. All of their property was confiscated. Marduk was taking his revenge on me, the one who had ordered him buried alive.


In the Snake Kingdom, I lay on a small bed in a lovely room, but I did not notice my surroundings. In the Eye of my Mind, I saw my temples defaced and mutilated by Marduk's men. All images of the goddess were replaced with his own. He carved his name in stone over mine and rewrote history, making himself the hero of every story and legend.


I watched in helpless agony as my priestesses suffered every imaginable humiliation. There are many so-called fairy tales of virgin girls taken by dragons and chained in dark caverns. These stories are based on truth, but there was no knight in shining armor to rescue my beautiful priestesses.


Marduk did not stop with my women; he would not be satisfied until he had suppressed all women. To achieve this, he used the men. He told the human males that they were superior, that woman was created from the rib of man to serve him. Lies, lies poured forth from the priests of Marduk.


As women lost their place of respect, the men in turn lost a part of themselves. Nothing was ever right again. Even lovemaking became a war. Because Marduk wanted more subjects to control and more energy from the fear being generated, he encouraged his subjects to procreate. He placed an electromagnetic device in Terra's moon, which tied female ovulation to its cycles. The animals of Terra cannot be impregnated so frequently as its women. Marduk wanted to produce fear as a commodity, so he ordered the Lulus to multiply themselves, giving him more subjects to tyrannize, and so that he could generate energy from their fear.


Fear of Wisdom


Fear became the commodity most valued by Marduk. Fear ruled: fear of death, fear of punishment, and fear of knowledge. With such an unlimited source, Marduk could feed his legions of clones, and Terra became a power station for Marduk and his tyrants.


And tyrants there were; from the rulers of countries to the heads of companies, tyranny was the law. To exert one's will over another was the most highly valued expression of human life. With tyranny came its friend, greed, and as no one can be close to those they control, things, the trophies of conquest and control, took the place of love. Pleasure was defined by possessions, and things took the place of intimacy.


From the Snake Kingdom, I saw this world's future time line unfold before me. I saw Marduk becoming more and more clever in his techniques to control the Lulus and generate fear. Priests and politicians paraded before me; styles changed, but the underlying tyranny remained the same. An invisible claw spread over the minds and souls of the inhabitants of Terra. The Inquisition, the feudal system, a hundred 'isms' all promising hope came and left. Industrialization brought meaningless labor, increased materialism, and contaminated the waters, the land, and the food.


Marduk perfected manipulation with the advent of mass media, television and journalism. Over and over the humans were entrained to worship outside themselves, never encouraged to turn inward. There was always someone out there to be worshipped, someone better and higher. Doubting themselves, the Lulus listened endlessly to the 'experts', who in turn contradicted each other, adding further to the confusion.

The humans who did manage to think for themselves were ostracized as misfits, punished, or at the very least made to feel guilty. If one accomplished,  others felt diminished, and guilt was encouraged. Psychology became popular, and humans gave their money to those who would listen to their guilt and fear for hours, days, years. For Marduk, guilt was just as nourishing as fear.


If there was a shortage of fear, Marduk would throw in a famine, an earthquake, or a hurricane. This could be real, actually occurring in Nature, or it might be simply shown as a hologram or on the television.


From my little bed, the future of Terra looked abysmal.

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July 11, 2013


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Inanna Returns
page 134


"I, Inanna became many. I experienced life as a man and as a woman. I walked the same roads humans have walked. I felt what they have felt, the same hope and despair. I held a child in my arms; I was a child with no mother. As a human being, I slaughtered many men and loved many more. I wondered bitterly, what did it matter? What did anything matter?

 "Praying for help, I sat on the cold ground and gazed longingly up at the stars. I tried to remember."




Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Global Revolt Against Corporate Domination

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Truthout | News Analysis

We are in the midst of an epic battle between the people of the world and transnational corporations. Wealthy governments and corporations are merging in a global system in which private corporations have absolute power over your life. This is a battle the people can win and when we do it will show that we can defeat corporate power on issue after issue.


TPP: Trans Pacific Partnership

“… issues of tremendous significance pertaining to the TPP that have been raised by a variety of citizen groups in almost all the 12 countries (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States and Vietnam) that are currently part of the negotiation process.
“These issues have emerged as a result of leaks since no officially sanctioned draft has been placed before the public.”




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July 1, 2013

:DSC_1080 - Version 2.jpg


Oh innocent bird, come home!

No matter how much you cut the air with your wings,

you’ll never be able to escape yourself.

Break the skies! Burn the world!

You won’t be able to hide yourself.

Take any path. You reside in you.

You’ll come back to your own Home.

Oh innocent bird…

- O NADAAN PARINDE, lyrics inspired & sung by AR Rahman from the film 'Rockstar'




‘ROCKSTAR’ as a tale of Sufi Wisdom: Imtiaz Ali, Rumi, AR Rahman & Irshad Kamil



AR Rahman quotes:

I’m a deeply spiritual person. Sufism is about love – love for a fellow human, love for all round humanity, and ultimately love for God. For me, it’s where music and religion meet – at dargahs, you will find qawwalis. That’s my inspiration.

Music is a gift from God and every note should be blessed. Otherwise music becomes noise if it is not blessed. I am influenced by Sufism, which is also connected with music. Before composing I pray and beg to God to give me something. I believe every song should have a pure soul in it to reach people.



The Mysticism of Sound & Music, The Sufi Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan / Shambhala 1991

By the help of music they [the Sufis] tune themselves to the sphere where they wish to be. ... The Sufi especially loves music, calling it ghiza-e-ruh — food of the soul. ... The Sufis have used music not as an amusement, but a purification, as prayer to God. The Chisti Order of Sufis especially uses warm the heart, to produce feeling. When a person has understood that everything in the world is false, that every being is untrue — when this wisdom comes, then coldness comes. ... To stop this coldness, to produce feeling, the Chistis use music.



AR Rahman Qawwali

KUN FAYA KUN from Rockstar





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June 21, 2013


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"Inanna Returns"
excerpt page 212

Gracie saw the familiar beautiful geometric forms in the Eye of her Mind. The colors were rich, and the sparkling forms moved in rapid succession as Melinar began to speak.

"All the systems of philosophy and religion available in printed form are reflections of the Truth at various moments necessary to fulfill the needs of that time. It is not necessary to attach your consciousness to any of these systems, and the forms of religious expression that exist are still useful for many, but countless more forms were lost from the pre-historical period because nothing was written down.

"Truth is truth in any present moment of existence, regardless of the form it manifests. The form is subject to the needs and capacity for reception of the existing race of beings as determined by the point of their evolution. Those thought formations/constructions which we build around us to protect us are often the very same forms which invite our demise. Prime Creator is ever in motion and changing."

Melinar's brilliants were moving faster than Gracie's human eyes could follow, but she understood that there was some ineluctable trap in the human need to stop change. Whatever was set into stone would inevitably be worn away. What we tried to hold onto would be lost. No one could stop the river.


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June 1, 2013

:DSC_1183 - Version 2.jpg



There is a field,

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and right doing.


I will meet you there.


- The Essential Rumi (1995), translated by Coleman Barks





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May 2, 2013

:DSC_0739 - Version 7.jpg


All ever move, yet all are ever bound;

Ever they don, and ever lay aside,

The robe of life; while ever in vibration,

Ever at rest; nor anyone perceives

His origin or end: yet each one bears his fate,

And ever toward "the presence" wends his way.

Beneath the curtain of each atom lies concealed

The life increasing beauty of the face of the Beloved.


From The Sufi Dialogue, The Secret Garden, Answers of Sheikh Sad-ud-Din MAHMUD SHABISTARI, 14th Century; translated in 1879 by Johnson Pasha; The Octagon Press, London, 1969.








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April 25, 2013

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I often reflect that we should be worshipping our Earth's Magnetosphere, which acts as our ultimate protective Mother - keeping out what we don't need, while allowing in what we do. This report from NASA gives an idea of the pervading subtle responsive intelligence that lies "beneath the curtain of each atom" and is the ultimate source cause of all universes.


NASA excerpts: Earth is surrounded by a giant magnetic bubble called the magnetosphere. As it travels through space, a complex system of charged particles from the sun and magnetic structures piles up in front of it. Scientists wish to better understand this area in front of the bow shock, known as the foreshock, as it can help explain how energy from the rest of space makes its way past this boundary into the magnetosphere.


As Earth moves around the sun, it travels surrounded by a giant bubble created by its own magnetic fields, called the magnetosphere. As the magnetosphere plows through space, it sets up a standing bow wave or bow shock, much like that in front of a moving ship. Just in front of this bow wave lies a complex, turbulent system called the foreshock. Conditions in the foreshock change in response to solar particles streaming in from the sun, moving magnetic fields and a host of waves, some fast, some slow, sweeping through the region. ...


"...a special kind of magnetic pulsations called short large amplitude magnetic structures, which we call SLAMS for short.”


SLAMS are waves with a single, large peak, a little like giant rogue waves that can develop in the deep ocean. By studying the region around the SLAMS and how they propagate, the Wind data showed SLAMS may provide an improved explanation for what accelerates narrow jets of charged particles back out into space, away from Earth. ...


The material pervading this area of space – indeed all outer space – is known as plasma. Plasma is much like a gas, but each particle is electrically charged so movement is governed as much by the laws of electromagnetics as it is by the fundamental laws of gravity and motion we more regularly experience on Earth.


...the SLAMS create a kind of magnetic mirror, causing the solar particles to reflect, attenuating them into one of these field-aligned ion beams, shooting out along magnetic fields back out and away from Earth.


Awe inspiring large image & full report here:

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April 23, 2013


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"The universes are teeming with life..."



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April 19, 2013

The Object of the Journey - by Sufi Master Hasrat Inayat Khan

[Paraphrased]: The work of the inner life is to make God a reality, to create a loving intimate relationship with aspects of the Oneness as the Beloved in whatever form may please us. This relation with God is the true lasting source of all goodness in this world and may seem more real than any other relationship. And when this happens all relationships becomes less binding, while at the same time we become more loving.

It is the godless man who is cold, impressed by the selfish and loveless world. For the ones who are in love with God, the heart grows warm like a child's heart and that Love becomes Living. Those who are in love with God feel that goodness, kindness, protection, support, sympathy are coming from God from every side everywhere. So the Way Home is very simple — Love God!

:s47 - Version 3.jpg


- from "The Inner Life" by Hazrat Inayat Khan [Sufi]; Shambala Boston & London, 1997. 


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April 10, 2013

Life on Earth Seeded Intentionally!

Astrophysicists in the Republic of Kazakhstan recently published an article suggesting that life on planet Earth might have been seeded intentionally. Their ideas fit with my own conclusions and the revelation that our Milky Way galaxy is home to at least 100 billion alien planets. We earthlings are merely one seeded colony among thousands, perhaps millions, as I have stated in 'Colony Earth and The Rig Veda' - the result of my years of research in metaphysics, Sanskrit, and our ancient off-world ancestors.

Acknowledging that the origin of terrestrial life is far from settled, their research focuses on our DNA, explaining that our genetic code displays a statistically strong intelligent-like 'signal' and thorough precision type orderliness:

"The signal displays readily recognizable hallmarks of artificiality, among which are the symbol of zero, the privileged decimal syntax and semantical symmetries. Besides, extraction of the signal involves logically straightforward but abstract operations, making the patterns essentially irreducible to any natural origin."

The idea of the DNA being created beyond any 'natural' origin, [I would say off-world], resonates with the metaphysical concept of the 'spirit body' or SHARIRA in Sanskrit, which contains all of our actions, thoughts, and feelings from our multiple incarnations. These 'impressions' are called SAMSKARAS in Sanskrit and are defined as the imprints left on the subconscious mind by experiences in this or previous lives, which then color all life, one's nature, responses, states of mind etc., (wiki).

Kazakhstan astrophysicists: "...the terrestrial code displays a thorough precision-type orderliness matching the criteria to be considered an informational signal. Simple arrangements of the code reveal an ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of the same symbolic language. Accurate and systematic, these underlying patterns appear as a product of precision logic and nontrivial computing..."

The understanding of the arrangement of the code as 'an ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of the same symbolic language' is completely in line with my assessment that the early Vedic Sanskrit the Rig Veda is composed in is non-linear, more logographic, 'spherical' accumulations of layers of meanings which compress stratums of consciousness and subjects - somewhat similar to the Anasazi pictograms or perhaps various inscriptions purported to be of ET origin.

For reader convenience, I have condensed the twelve articles in the 'Colony Earth and The Rig Veda' section into two. The details of Vedic science from various Indian authors and amazing illuminating quotations from Doris Lessing's prophetic 'Canopus in Argos' series, Shikasta, etc., are still found in the main files.

The “Wow! signal” of the terrestrial genetic code

Vladimir I. shCherbaka and Maxim A. Makukovb



"Colony Earth and the Rig Veda"

Earth is only one of hundreds of colonies in our galaxy, which is home to 100 billion alien planets. Now is the time for this self-evident truth to be accepted! Planet Earth is a Sacred Cosmic Life Laboratory for the creation of a wondrous variety of beings. What is created here may be shared with other planets, and the living beings that inhabit or will inhabit those planets throughout the universe. Repeating cycles of Ice Ages and warm periods on Earth are fertile ground for the evolutionary seeding, nurturing and tempering of races. These cycles create an environment conducive to the spiritual, mental, and emotional development, and the perfection of beings.

The Rig Veda is our most accurate window into ancient times. The Seers, the Rishis who wrote these hymns were not only enlightened adepts and genius poets — they were also masters of highly advanced technology and sciences, which included space, the heliosphere, aerial ships, radiation weaponry, and climate modification.

What you read here does not diminish or disregard the value of spiritual knowledge in the sacred Sanskrit texts, or the importance of seeking Enlightenment. In fact this ‘off-world’ perspective embraces and rejoices in the magnificence of the Creator, the Oneness that supports the temporal holographic universe with Its vast spectrum of dimensional realms. Nor does this conclusion demean humanity in any way, for it also celebrates the greatness of every courageous soul who has chosen to come here to participate in the grand ongoing process of seeding the universe.  




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April 4, 2013


ALONE he moved watched by the infinity

Around him and the Unknowable above.

All could be seen that shuns the mortal eye,

All could be known the mind has never grasped;

All could be done no mortal will can dare.

A limitless movement filled a limitless peace.

In a profound existence beyond earth's

Parent or kin to our ideas and dreams

Where Space is a vast experiment of the soul,

In an immaterial substance linked to ours

In a deep oneness of all things that are,

The universe of the Unknown arose.

- from Sri Aurobindo's epic poem 'SAVITRI, A Legend and Symbol', 1950-55; Lotus Press, WI. 1995, 2003.



"Objects and their knowledge are only reflections in the eternal, self-luminous, supreme consciousness, which is the same as the knower and which alone is real. We need not doubt that the reflection of all objects should occur simultaneously without reference to time and space (contrary to our experience), because time and space are themselves knowable concepts and are equally reflections.

" ...your own true nature is the one pure undivided consciousness underlying the restless mind. It is composed of the whole universe in all its diversity."

Rishi Kumar Mishra: Before the Beginning and after the End, Beyond the Universe of Physics, Rediscovering Ancient Insights; Rupa Publications, New Delhi, 2000, 2011.



"...the 'end of a world' never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion."

Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:250px-Rene-guenon-1925.jpg

RENE GUENON: "The Reign of Quantity and The Signs of The Times" /1945; Sophia Perennis, Hillsdale NY, 2004.

"...The two points of view, respectively 'benefic' and 'malefic', have been spoken of earlier as if they were in some way symmetrical; but it is easy to understand that they are nothing of the kind, and that the second signifies only something that is unstable and transitory, whereas only that which the first represents has a permanent and positive character, so that the 'benefic' aspect cannot but prevail in the end, while the 'malefic' vanishes completely because it was in reality only an illusion inherent in 'separativity'.

"Nevertheless, the truth is that it then becomes no longer proper to use the word 'benefic' any more than the word 'malefic', for the two terms are essentially correlative and cannot be properly used to indicate an opposition when it no longer exists, for it belongs, like all oppositions, exclusively to a particular relative and limited domain; as soon as the limits of that domain are overstepped, there is only that which is, and which cannot be, or be other than it is; and so it comes about that, if one does not stop short of the most profound order of reality, it can be said in all truth that the 'end of a world' never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion."

Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:s47 - Version 3.jpg



"This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness."   - Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras


Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:shivaseal2.jpg




Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:DSC_0127.jpg

The Heart of the Mystic

- quoted from "The Inner Life" by Hazrat Inayat Khan [Sufi]; Shambala Boston & London, 1997. 

"The life of a mystic... 'at night I pursue God, and during the day God follows me.'

"...if one asks how a mystic, who has become so kind and helpful, gets on among the crowd in everyday life, since the rough edges of everyday life rubbing against him must necessarily make him heartsore, the answer is that they certainly do, and the heart of a mystic is even more sore than anybody else.

"Where there is only kindness and patience all thorns will come. But just as the diamond by being cut becomes brilliant so does the heart; and when the heart has been sufficiently cut it becomes a flame which illumines not only the life of the mystic, but also that of others."

:hik.jpg :hazrat1.jpg

Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan [1887-1927]



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February 10, 2013

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"...he informs them that he exists only in their minds."


India's Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize Laureate 1913, believed that people must be able to live and reason in freedom. ...Tagore’s passion for freedom underlies his firm opposition to unreasoned traditionalism, which makes one a prisoner of the past (lost, as he put it, in "the dreary desert sand of dead habit").


Tagore illustrates the tyranny of the past in his amusing yet deeply serious parable 'Kartar Bhoot' ('The Ghost of the Leader'). As the respected leader of an imaginary land is about to die, his panic-stricken followers request him to stay on after his death to instruct them on what to do.

He consents. But his followers find their lives are full of rituals and constraints on everyday behavior and are not responsive to the world around them. Ultimately, they request the ghost of the leader to relieve them of his domination, when he informs them that he exists only in their minds.

Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:r8_small.jpg


Where the mind is without fear

and the head is held high;

Where knowledge is free;

Where the world has not been

broken up into fragments ...

Where the clear stream of reason

has not lost its way into the

dreary desert sand of dead habit ...


from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem in Gitanjali

*excerpted from 'The Argumentative Indian' - by Amartya Sen



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January 20, 2013

Ritual is The Reaction to Collapse in any Civilization

Excerpted from Chris Hedges: 'The Myth of Human Progress'

“Societies in collapse often fall prey to the belief that if certain rituals are performed all the bad stuff will go away,” the Canadian author Ronald Wright said. “There are many examples of that throughout history. In the past these crisis cults took hold among people who had been colonized, attacked and slaughtered by outsiders, who had lost control of their lives.

"They see in these rituals the ability to bring back the past world, which they look at as a kind of paradise. They seek to return to the way things were. Crisis cults spread rapidly among Native American societies in the 19th century, when the buffalo and the Indians were being slaughtered by repeating rifles and finally machine guns. People came to believe, as happened in the Ghost Dance, that if they did the right things the modern world that was intolerable—the barbed wire, the railways, the white man, the machine gun—would disappear.”


Malati J. Shendge, who interprets the Rig Veda verses as the actual history of the real people in the Indus Valley civilization, reconstructs the process of “mythopoeisation” – meaning that these verses have been mistakenly turned in to myth:

“Originally the Rigveda hymns, in the limited context of the conflict of the devas and asuras [who according the Malati J. Shendge are not at all gods and demons, but rather simply two different opposing groups of historical people], were meant to be taken in the (realistic) literal sense without any symbolism. They describe the heroic deeds of their leader Indra [again not a deity, but a historical person] and those who aided him in the conflict. After the conflict was over, when the Aryans sought to make a religion out of the events of the conflict, the process of mythopoeisation set in.”

Malati J. Shendge is here describing quite accurately the birth of any ritual, yours and mine. “When the events became symbolic and were ascribed magical powers to attain certain aims, the process of mythopoeisation was complete. History was forgotten and dead ritual became the end in itself.”


Ravi Shankar [1920-2012]

Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:RgV/2013:ravishankar9.jpg

Spontaneous Improvisation cannot be learned from any book.

The form of jazz that is improvised live is a rare spontaneous magic that transports the heart and mind. I love and listen to Indian music for the same reason. Improvisation is said to be the soul of Raga in Indian classical music. The revered master of the sitar, Ravi Shankar taught that as much as 90 percent of Indian music may be improvised and so very much depends on understanding the spirit and nuances of the art.

"The unique aura of raga (one might say its soul) is its spiritual quality and manner of expression, and this cannot be learned from any book."

Perhaps the same tradition may be applied to understanding the Rig Veda. In the spirit of the primordial metaphysics of Hinduism, all might benefit from fewer warring scholars and politicians — and more deeper insight, meditation, contemplation, and visionary revelations based in Union with the One, which is what the Sanskrit word yoga means. This was after all the method of the Rishis.



Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:images-2.jpeg Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:images-3.jpeg

William Blake (1757-1827)


Grace / Epiphany

In the Satya Yuga we have no need for ritual, repetition, religious and economic priest-craft. Would the genius artist and mystic William Blake have required 3,959 rules of grammar to write his poems? The greatest art, poetry, and music are conceived in epiphanies, flashes of inspiration, moments of inner connection, spontaneously, just as the greatest most sublime and elevating music is improvised. True wisdom and knowledge comes spontaneously in the now from within, just as Liberation from samsara comes solely and inevitably from Grace. There is only the One!


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January 5, 2013



Our Milky Way galaxy is home to at least 100 billion alien planets, and possibly many more, a new study suggests. "It's a staggering number, if you think about it," lead author Jonathan Swift, of Caltech in Pasadena, said in a statement.

"Basically there's one of these planets per star."

Swift and his colleagues arrived at their estimate after studying a five-planet system called Kepler-32, which lies about 915 light-years from Earth. The five worlds were detected by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, which flags the tiny brightness dips caused when exoplanets cross their star's face from the instrument's perspective.

"I usually try not to call things 'Rosetta stones,' but this is as close to a Rosetta stone as anything I've seen," said co-author John Johnson, also of Caltech. "It's like unlocking a language that we're trying to understand — the language of planet formation."

Full story

:s47 - Version 3.jpg


Oh, did you hear the one about ... "We are alone in the universe!"

Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:Unknown.jpeg


Our Earth is one colonized planet of millions!


Click HERE :emerge1_small.jpg










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ALONE he moved watched by the infinity

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"...he informs them that he exists only in their minds."

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