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A Message From Susan - 2012


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December 28, 2012


Colony Earth-Part XII: In the Labyrinth of Endurance

In the Satya Yuga, the first cycle of time, we have not yet lost our connection to the God-within each of us. We knew metaphysical Truth, and therefore our relationship with other dimensional beings was also known. As we moved down into the ensuing cycles we lost the Knowledge of our true natures, meaning who we really are. As the Kashmiri sage and saint Swami Lakshmanjoo says, we play a trick on ourselves. He says smiling in bliss, “It is just trick!”

As we lost the knowledge of our true Being, we set on a course of externalizing everything, all our wisdom and power; and we began to worship that which we are as personifications of our lost powers. We began to ritualize acts that had once been simple practical useful means to everyday life, for example fire. We externalized our power and imprisoned ourselves in the temporal illusory hologram. We did this, meaning we allowed it to happen. Those of us who were more fearful than others followed the path of mastering tyranny, and became the means and instruments of our delusion. But we agreed, on some level we accepted the loss for the sake of play.

We are the Oneness, Veiled, enjoying the ‘trick’ as Lakshmanjoo puts it, and we are projecting creating our own temporal illusory holograms in every lifetime. We are not slaves, not victims. We make it all — everything we experience.


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December 18, 2012

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Endurance: Earth as A School for Creator ‘gods’

What I have written here will not serve to move you towards Enlightenment. For that you must dedicate time to your practice in whatever form you have chosen. However it may motivate you, for understanding why we come here is surely a part of our Liberation.

In the Tibetan Buddhist view, our part of the universe is known as ‘Endurance’ because here all sentient beings endure emotions and sufferings. Here we learn to patiently “endure hardship with exceptional courage and excel in bravery.”

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December 1, 2012

This week I will be 67 years old! I had truly never thought I would live this long. My life has been turbulent sukha-duhkha to say the least, many adventures, always moving from place to place, and always returning to seek the God-within me. But these days I am happier and more content than ever before in my life – really at Peace.

I do not believe that 2012 will be the end of anything. When Uranus and Pluto get back together this spring April 2013, there will be more world tremors. Watch the Sun. But these periods of tension give everyone the opportunity to wake up and Remember that they too are the Oneness playing in this temporal illusory holographic Time/Space universe.

As the Maverick Angel in Ireland says: "Those souls who are letting the dark side work through them will eventually go home as well, we all will." Again I offer my thanks to forum friends, the fire-princess, mindless, waking-up, and those who quietly are still reading my thread, The Matrix and the Sanskrit. You have been valued good friends to me, and I hope that something I might have posted has helped you in your journey.

I owe so much in my life to so many. Over the years there have been innumerable friends and strangers, some by sheer chance who opened my heart and mind. Even as young girl I was profoundly miserable – it took a great deal of wisdom and very big ‘ouch’ cosmic knocks to get me to see The Real.

When I began writing about the Sanskrit texts my thought was how I had longed to read these sacred words, and I hoped to be an introductory bridge for others. I saw myself only as one who might show the way a little and ease the journey, as others had done for me. The online shop Exotic gave me access to an abundance of translations of the Sanskrit texts. I can never thank these people enough.

For me, understanding the Bhagavad Gita after so many years of trying was the pivotal moment in my life. Krishna will always be my guru! However, there are many who opened my eyes to Krishna’s wisdom: for example the translations by J.A.B. van Buitenen, Winthrop Sargeant, K.K. Nair/Krishna Chaitanya, Boris Marjanovic, M.N. Dutt.

Abhinavagupta, the genius Kashmir Shaivite sage and saint, through Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega, made me see everything differently and led me to the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh - and to the source and master Swami Lakshmanjoo. Perhaps my connecting with Swami Lakshmanjoo was the most amazing contribution, rather like coming upon a paradisiacal oasis at the end of a long and terrible sojourn in a frightful desert. I received his ‘Grace’ from the DVDs that John & Denise Hughes had recorded in Kashmir before Lakshmanjoo’s death. Thank you, my gratitude is boundless.

I have tried here to honour these and the many others here on this website. My way Home will not be your way, but I sincerely humbly hope that I have been able to contribute and uplift the reader. May you all have a peaceful happy December and New Year celebrating the wondrous mysteries of Life in whatever way may please you. This happy old woman sends you her love, kind wishes, and encouragement. Loving God is the Divine Nectar that leads to Immortality. You are that One! You always have been and always will be. Thank you for reading here.

We meet in the Heart,

Susan Ferguson / New Zealand - December 2012

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From the beloved Kashmir sage and saint, Swami Lakshmanjoo:

Everyone has the Right to become Parabhairava (the Oneness)

"Only belief will insert you, belief will push you there."



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November 4, 2012

Speak of Love

For many years now I have daily read the reports from a handful of men who I believed were courageous and sincere in their efforts to inform us of all the darkside machinations that are continually destroying our fragile world. I firmly believed that these grim revelations would somehow lead us into the process of liberating ourselves from those who are obviously hard at work in the process of annihilating the Bill of Rights and killing our planet Mother Earth herself.

But I have come to realize that they are instruments of the 'darkside' itself. Just as we become what we love, we also inevitably become what we hate. These internet heroes are dragging our consciousness into a mire of fear deeply imbued in the constant spewing of hatred of the 'evil' ones and a rather whining victim consciousness which ignores the darkness within each and every one of us.

We are the Oneness. We created all of this. We are also those we hate. They are us, they are a part of the universe. Yes they are taking our temporal holographic universe into a Dissolution - but such is the nature of this Cycle of Time. The Oneness Itself will defeat these energies. The God-within us all alone has the power to overwhelm the demonic — and the constant filling our consciousness with endless descriptions of their heinous crimes will not.

Gandhi overcame the English by ignoring them, by not participating in their empire. Swami Lakshmanjoo lived in the very dangerous Srinagar Kashmir and refused to read a newspaper. I will now endeavor to follow his example. Ken Carey, who wrote The Starseed Transmissions has said the even 'prepping' is a distraction. Mother Earth knows exactly how to deal with cosmic malevolence, and she will do so in spades.

Trust the God-within you and leave Fear Inc. to the fragile hungry egos who are supporting and feeding it. When they truly realize that they are the Oneness and that God dwells within us all, even the darkside beings, they will find real courage and cease to spew fear. And as the great teachers have done throughout time, they will speak of Love.


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November 1, 2012

Abhinavagupta, the Kashmiri genius sage and saint, says that those who practice in constant contemplation on the pure and divine nature of the Self, should think like this...


"I am infinitely potent and absolutely pure consciousness.

All this is my own divine play.

It is being manifested by me through my divine powers.

I am all this ... "

"Realization of the Truth is not itself as full of taste as the awareness of one's having attained such realization. No other aim in life remains to be accomplished after the rise of satisfaction attained through such awareness."

"The state of liberation is not confined to any special abode, nor does it necessitate any ascension towards any celestial abode. Liberation is the illumining of one's divine potency attainable by means of resolving the knots of ignorance."

Quotations from: Essence of the Exact Reality or Paramarthasara of Abhinavagupta, with English translation and notes by Dr. B.N. Pandit; Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 1991, Delhi.




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"This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness."   - Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras




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October 26, 2012

I believe that the Rig Veda will soon be understood as our most accurate window into the previous cycles of time. I doubt that there are many students of Sanskrit who have also seen 30+ UFOs and for a six month period had visions of the colonization of planet Earth. In fact there may be none. Nevertheless, here I am with my feet and mind firmly planted in both these realms.

Colony Earth and the Rig Veda



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October 22, 2012

Planet Earth is a Sacred Cosmic Life Laboratory for the creation of a wondrous variety of beings. Repeating cycles of Ice Ages and warm periods on earth are fertile ground for the evolutionary seeding, nurturing and tempering of races. These cycles create an environment conducive to the spiritual, mental and emotional development and perfection of beings. Ultimately what is created here becomes available to other planets, and the living beings that inhabit or will inhabit those planets throughout the universe.



The idea that we live in an amazing and voluntary seed-bank is my conclusion based on my own spiritual experiences, along with 40 years of research, including the visions of the colonization of planet Earth that resulted in the book Inanna Returns, and more recently my obsession and love of Sanskrit and the Sanskrit texts.

This understanding does not diminish or disregard the value of spiritual knowledge, or the importance of seeking Enlightenment. In fact this ‘off-world’ perspective embraces and rejoices in the magnificence of the Creator, the Oneness that supports the temporal holographic universe with its wondrous spectrum of dimensional realms. Nor does this conclusion demean humanity in any way, for it also celebrates the greatness of every courageous soul who has chosen to come here to participate in the grand ongoing process of seeding the universe.

Beneath the stunning dazzling spectacle of around 300 billion galaxies lies the Oneness — only ONE SOUL. We are all portions of the One that is the ultimate Source of Life and this universe. Therefore as parts and portions of the infinite immutable immeasurable One, for the sake of our adventure into consciousness, we are pretending to be separate — and we Veil our great Oneness in individuality and the temporal illusion of separation via the signals transmitted as differentiated perception through the five senses.

But we are the ONE! There is no other.

Every aspect of manifestation is supported, permeated, and pervaded by the Oneness that we all are. I say that those of us who have chosen to come here and participate in the creation of forms to inhabit are courageous. None of us ever believe that Earth’s lovely enticing density will change us. The most spiritually evolved refuse to accept that their consciousness will be altered and believe that they will be impervious to the dense frequencies that occur and build especially in the last cycle of time, the Kali Yuga.

The adventure of the Earth plane calls the brave ones. Thus we come here and get stuck in this wonderful/terrible, beautiful/cruel, hope filled and hopeless realm — and here we are so vulnerable. Forgetting who we are and trapped in bodies lost in delusion, we move from birth to death and death to birth in a matrix that operates in the machine-like precision of endlessly repeating patterns of pleasure and pain.

UNTIL we become conscious. Until we Remember who we are and why we came here; until we Reconnect and Become Re-United with the God-within. Then we are free. We are free to do whatever we like. We can return to the Oneness, we can leave this planet Earth and venture back out into the Myriad Realms, other planets and dimensions. Or we can continue here, on this lovely blue-green sphere. We may find ourselves acting as guides and guardians as she moves through more cycles of time and perhaps into another era of Ice.

We came here of our own free will and choice. We were never slaves. We veiled our true nature for the purpose of creating within our spirit bodies the consciousness that can experience Union with the One. Our spirit bodies have evolved the DNA codes (for lack of a more inclusive descriptive term), which can be transmitted throughout the universe.

Why has so much effort be made to keep the reality of other off-world civilizations from us? As this last Dark era, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the Kali Yuga draws to a close, is it not time for us to once again become aware of the purpose of our lives here on planet Earth? I believe it is. I believe that the time has come for us to Remember who we are and to embrace the God-within us, our Creator and Source, the Oneness that we all are and have always been.

Ice Ages are periodic. Our current science is aware of seven of them. These come and go, cleaning. Those who are meant to survive – probably for reasons we could not fathom – do survive. They migrate, fleeing from both ice and great floods. They climb and settle in high mountains, they go underground and dwell in caves. They find a way somehow. They take whatever wisdom and knowledge they have with them.

I don’t understand why we cannot know this? Perhaps there are reasons and periods of time when it is better for our own evolutionary progress not to know that we are an ongoing cosmic seed-bank of sorts. But now that this cycle of time is indeed coming to the end, I feel that those who can Know, who ‘have the ears to hear’ should grok deeply and profoundly. Come Home!

There is nothing disempowering about this knowledge and what we are doing here. In fact in my view - coming here, meaning incarnating into flesh and blood here within the unending cycles of time is an act of great bravery.

Let us now take responsibility for the power that lies innate within each one of us. God is in everyone and everywhere! The entire temporal hologram is Sacred and so are we.




I believe that the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig Veda is the best and most accurate glimpse into the previous cycles of time. There is evidence in the verses that the people who wrote the Rig Veda originally came from the Arctic Circle, which was then a mild climate. They like so many others were forced to migrate to escape the ice and brought their knowledge as memory with them.

In my view, the Rig Veda has yet to be properly translated and certainly has never been translated from the perspective of it containing glimpses of a greater and more technically advanced civilization. With my humble and admittedly totally inadequate 4 years of teaching myself Sanskrit, I have translated verses in the Rig Veda that describe rocket fuel, ritual breeding and/or artificial insemination, and Ionospheric heating weather modification similar to HAARP.

I believe that the Rig Veda will one day soon be understood as our most accurate window into ancient times. These Seers, the Rishis were not only enlightened adepts and genius poets — they were also masters of highly advanced sciences, which included space, aerial ships, the heliosphere, and climate modification. The Sanskrit words in the Rig Veda contain multiple and layered meanings. The verses be understood and translated from the perspective of history, science, philosophy, physics, and metaphysics. In my opinion, the Rig Veda reflects the knowledge and wisdom of civilizations far superior to ours and gives us authentic glimpses into the previous cycles of time.

"To this day there is no internally consistent and coherent interpretation of the Vedas."

Quoted from "The Celestial Key to the Vedas" by B.G Sidharth, Indian physicist and director general of B. M. Birla Science Centre. Sidharth has written extensively on physics and his books are available on Amazon. He proposed the "dark energy" model at the seventh Marcel Grossman Conference in Jerusalem in June 1997, and at another conference on quantum physics in Singapore a year later. His research paper titled "The Universe of Fluctuations" was published in International Journal of Modern Physics in 1998.


From WIKI:

The Arctic Home in the Vedas

by Lokmanya Bâl Gangâdhar Tilak, a mathematician turned astronomer, historian, journalist, philosopher and political leader of India during 1880 to 1920. … theory that the North Pole was the original home of Aryans during pre-glacial period, which they had to leave due to the ice deluge around 8000 B.C. and had to migrate to the Northern parts of Europe and Asia in search of lands for new settlements.

 In support to his theory Tilak has presented certain Vedic hymns, Avestic passages, Vedic chronology and Vedic calendars with interpretations of the contents in detail.

 The last Glacial period must have closed and Post-Glacial must have commenced at about 10,000 years ago or 8,000 BC. [More recent scientific opinion suggests 14,000 years ago or 12,000 BC].  There were at least two Glacial and one Inter-Glacial period, and the geographical distribution of land and water on the earth during the Inter-Glacial period was quite different from what it is at present. …

 At the North Pole, one sees the heavenly dome above seems to revolve around one like a potter's wheel. …

 Characteristics of an Arctic home are clearly recorded in several Vedic hymns and Avestic passages and they come to us sometimes as the description of the prevailing conditions or the day-to-day experience or stories told by the earlier generation and sometimes as myths.


 I will continue to document my findings in a collection of articles based on my translations and on what scholars have to say, and more on the amazing inspiring brilliant Rig Veda here:







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October 15, 2012

The best way Home?

Simple: Love God!

The Oneness desires to enjoy waking up within each of us, to ‘taste’ Its own nectar in our experience of enlightenment, in the Feelings of our return to our Source. Enlightenment is meant to be an Experience of Blissful Delight, and thus if our experience is authentic, something that will remain with us and change our consciousness permanently, it will not be mental or intellectual.

We can read and write all the spiritual words in the universe - and still remain stuck in differentiated perception. My experience has been that I had to isolate myself both physically and in consciousness – and wait in Silence for the Oneness.

Over the years many wonderful friends have said to me, “I don’t have time to be alone” — or even “Oh, I couldn’t be alone!” If we cannot make time for the God-within, how can we expect Union? Sacred solitude is the time-honored process of achieving purity. I promise you that eventually solitude will become like precious cherished nectar to you.

We make space in our consciousness for the very subtle frequencies, the proverbial still small voice of the God-within us all to expand and fill us with Love, Wisdom and Knowledge. But as the Christ said, the greatest of these is Love. Love is the ultimate Source of everything.




 “Today as we gradually move back into the ages of light … The age of the spiritual class [the true Seers] withdrawing entirely from the world is coming to an end.”

From David Frawley’s ‘The Rig Veda, and The History of India’, Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi, 2001, 2003.


Another voice joins in agreement that the Kali Yuga is coming to an end. We are moving back into “the ages of light” as David Frawley (who is one of the few westerners respected by Indian scholars) here announces with a discreet subtlety.

It is time for each and every one of us to Remember that we are the Oneness. We are each a part and portion of the eternal infinite immutable immeasurable Creator that made this universe, including all the demonic darkside negative energies and entities, which are designed by us to bind and entrap us in this temporal holographic illusion throughout the Kali Yuga, this cyclical repeating Age of Conflict and Confusion.

We are the same Oneness that dwells in the Heart of everyman woman and child, and simultaneously permeates All, meaning every rock, tree, stream, star, and space itself – that Oneness is what we have all always been.

We have the Right, we are entitled to Remembrance of our Source. Enlightenment is our God-given right. Go within and give yourself permission to Know that you are THAT! If the Oneness did not dwell within each of us, we would not exist.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom” within. As we reunite with our original state of consciousness, then and only then will we find the strength and Wisdom-Knowledge to bridge the transition from this most dense cycle of time to the next, the Satya Yuga. Rejoice that you are not a corporatist fascist ratzoid — and send out healing frequencies of Truth and Peace around the planet!

The times that lie before us are unknown. There may be great violence, wars, revolutions, and earth changes. I do not pretend to know how it will unfold. The future depends on us, on how many of us can wake up and Remember. The more that do awaken, the easier the transition will be.

But know this: It is coming!

The Satya Yuga is returning. Let us find our courage and an adamantine Will. The cunning greedy tyrants will soon be out of power — and Dharma will once again reign. Wisdom is our sole real lasting possession and all we take with us. Death is nothing but a change of clothing! Come Home!

The God-within is waiting patiently in Love.


Evidence that we are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga






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October 1, 2012

The Heavenly Spheres
 All things that appear as multiplicity,
Not simply on this earth,
But even those that seem to belong
To the heavenly spheres –
All are as unreal
As the objects seen by the dreamer
In a dream.

 - Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 8, Verse 31/ Translated by Swami Ambika Saraswati, Ulysses Press, 2002.



Our individual enlightenment is ultimately the only thing worth doing in this world. Finding our way Home to the God-within is the purpose of all Life. Our enlightenment is what this world was created for. I believe that this earth plane is indeed a ‘school’ of sorts.

We may be a genetic experiment on the periphery of this galaxy, but our one true goal is Wisdom Knowledge by way of Union with the One that pervades and permeates All. The world tyrants do not understand this, but the Cycles of Time will inexorably inevitably lead them back to Truth.

We know that there are 300 billion other galaxies. Enlightenment and re-union with the One are the sacred keys to our individual entrance into the higher realms, beyond the temporal and illusory. As we realize the Oneness of everything in this universe, we begin to live with integrity. Enlightenment is the first step — knowing we are the Oneness, Wisdom Knowledge, thus respect for our small planet and all life.

What remains to be revealed is yet a sweet mystery.

"This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness."   - Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

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In March of 2012, I contributed a thread to a popular forum. The thread was my understanding of the Matrix in light of the Sanskrit texts. I never intended to remain there long, but the people were so open and receptive that I continued to post in 21 pages. The readers created a pure high consciousness energy there, and I still think of them.

There were many, some silent, only their presence felt. I will not reveal precise names, however, I do offer my thanks — to the lady ‘Bel’ whose big heart and generous words brought tears to my eyes. And to the ‘fire princess’ for her insight and wisdom. My thanks to the joyful playful consciousness of the kindred spirit who comes from the land that honors the ‘one star’ – my own place of origin, at least in my current form! I am smiling, enjoying the recent delightful insightful comments from beaux-France. And to so many others: Thank you. Namaste!

I did try to return, but was silently completely ignored. Perhaps my evidence that because we are the Oneness, the Matrix is our own creation was not welcome. If humankind understood the truth that it is we who have created the Matrix and the “evil” ones to bind us in this temporal illusory hologram, then the fear industry, Fear Inc. would be put out of business. Even the Reptilians are ultimately us!

These days I am dancing with the God-within, working on my beloved Sanskrit and humble renderings of the Rig Veda, and the endlessly fulfilling amazing return into the Oneness that we all are. I wish you Joy, Bliss, Home. May we find Peace, at rest in the Heart, at one with and in the eternal embrace of the God-within.

Description: :spandashakti43_small.jpg



It is my intention that this website will remain a place of refuge, a room filled with hope and peace where wisdom is valued. I often am able to ‘see’ the faces of readers and as much as I do want to speak with you, the internet has become a battleground for the forces of darkness - as you well know. Please forgive me and understand. If we listen, the God-within has our answers, and the answers begin to form as the questions arise.

We meet in the Heart.



Not all the ET other-dimensional beings are conspiring against the human race. The more evolved would never refer to us as ‘dear ones’ which is so obviously condescending and degrading. No one is going to save us! The point of all this Kali Yuga madness is to encourage us to stop behaving like dependent hands-held-out lost children, and to take responsibility for our own lives, our consciousness, and this planet. In other words the time has come for us earthlings to grow up, earn respect, and in the act of becoming conscious, join of the rest of the universe.

Know that not only is the human race a composite of various off-world DNA, and thus we are their offspring – but it is also true that many of these beings have taken incarnations in human bodies for the purpose of enlightening us. They are also trapped here and will endure the same fate. None believe the effects of third dimensional density on consciousness until they are in it!

Inanna Returns – Part II, Chapter XVIII: Stardust



ALL magic, occultism, and sacrificial rites for personal gain fall into the category of manipulating the Temporal Illusory Realms and are a complete waste of your time.

 Unless you enjoy being one of those little silver balls in a pinball machine.

 Just as laboring to acquire the Siddhic powers, that will unfold quite naturally as you evolve, is a waste of time and effort.

 Just as channeling ETs, spirits, and angels is nothing more than a time-pass. How can they gift you with the enlightenment they themselves do not possess?

 Only the God within you can bring you Home.

 Withdraw from the objects of the senses, and turn your complete and total attention to the God-within your Heart. 

 Sacrificing and renouncing your attachment to the temporal illusory hologram based on Knowledge of the Real will bring you liberation.

 Why settle for impermanent transitory results today or tomorrow, when the Eternal Oneness of Union awaits your call!


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September 3, 2012

“They sanctify the world…”


A respected friend-in-Spirit has asked a very good question:

" to drop the ego, and yet still be able to point out for others how to drop the ego!!


"I think I have read somewhere that when ego has sufficiently died, then the urge to save and rescue also dies. It is also debatable - and my mental body will like that too! - whether it is possible to dismantle the entire Matrix ego-structure or whether this construct is there for a purpose and we should not seek to get all egos out of it."


Here are my thoughts on this intelligent prickly inquiry:

Our ego-structure will not be dismantled and does serve a purpose, before and after enlightenment. The individual ego is the cumulative result of our each & every action and thought in all our lives. It is our precise self-created data-collecting vehicle, and in fact will not be altered by our process of enlightenment - except that we will begin to Know that we are not the Doer. We have never been the Doer, because there is only the One.


The One has been Veiling Itself in us as individuals for the purpose of Self-reflection, manifesting and experiencing, creating and destroying endless expressions of Its infinite Being. We are the mirrors of the One. The Oneness waits within all Its data-collecting vehicles, Veiling Itself and intentionally allowing us to wrongly and mistakenly imagine our current identity selves to be separate from the One we are and have always been. But truly we are never our ego-identity self — and as we come to Know this eternal Truth, we can begin to use our talents in harmony with the God-within us in whatever way we are qualified.


The 'trick' is to always remember that we are not the Doer! Ever! It is always the God-within us doing everything. This is what non-attachment means and is revealed in the Bhagavad-Gita Chapter III verses 26-34.



When we have 'become' aware that there is only the Oneness, we may choose to teach others or not. It depends on our own abilities. Some teach, others write, others go fishing! I feel that it is quite natural to want to help others because like them, we have experienced the pain of delusion and ignorance. We want to say to those who are suffering, "Hey, you are God! Let go, and come Home!" But easier said than done.



There is Nothing that is not God.


Every time we seek help anyone, we are best served by remembering that "We are not the Doer" and that whatever we do should be offered to the God-within because in fact we do not exist, and our every act belongs to the Oneness anyway! This act of offering may keep us from falling back into the deluded waveform frequency of thinking we did it. We know that we cannot help anyone because whatever happens is the Will of the One. But we go on endeavoring to help everyone, knowing that, as the Christ has said, “What you do for the least of these, you have done for me.”


It is like a switch. Either you are in God Consciousness or you are not. Being in ego without being connected to the God-within is easy to recognize because it quickly leads to unease, agitation, and pain.



However, we can be of great service to the One. The Bhagavata Purana, which is primarily a text of Bhakti Yoga, or the Devotional way Home, contains the very beautiful Uddhava Gita. In Skandha (or Canto) XI, Chapter 14, verse 16, Krishna, who is the voice of the God-within us All, tells his beloved friend Uddhava:


"I always follow the footsteps of those who are devoted to me (the God-within), who are without personal desire and expect nothing in return for their service (to the One), who regard everything with an evenness of mind (because everyone is the Oneness moving through Its varying phases of being deluded in ignorance or returning to Wisdom)."


Krishna says that he follows their footsteps because "the dust of their feet will sanctify me."


In Verse 24, Krishna emphasizes the importance of the enlightened ones by saying that those who know "…I am within, such a one sanctifies this entire world."


Love Purifies


The way Home is indeed the Razor's Edge. We find that in the end the three paths of Knowledge, Service, and Devotion are indeed but one path. When Knowledge has been fully digested and incorporated into our understanding, then service to others is easy because we know that they are us. However, in my experience Devotion to the One, in whatever form we are drawn to, is the trusted final Refuge from the pitfalls of the ego and temporal illusory differentiated perception. Many enlightened beings end their days immersing their hearts and minds, reading and composing "Love poems" to God.


Our feelings of love and devotion to the One that pervades and permeates the All are truly the fast lane Home! In India the path of Devotion, Bhakti Yoga is understood as the best and safest in the Kali Yuga. We know that a confusing number of varieties of schools exist out there, all teaching their way of reaching enlightenment as the only way. However the Path of the Heart within you is pure.


Bhagavata Purana - Krishna XI.14.24:

One who is devoted to me,

Who speaks of me in a voice

Filled with love,

Whose heart overflows with compassion,

Who weeps to think of being separate from me,

Who laughs at the Joy

Of knowing I am within,

Such a one sanctifies this entire world.


When we are filled with an authentic overwhelming Love for the God-within, the Heart will guide us and never fail us. The mind inundated with Wisdom will keep our ego useful, but the Heart will demand Union with our Source, the Oneness. And the Sanskrit word YOGA means Union. In Blissful Love re-united, we are Home!






The Uddhava Gita, Translated by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati; Seastone/Ulysses Press, Berkley, CA. 2002.


The Bhagavata Purana, Part V, Translated and Annotated by Dr. G.V. Tagare; Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1978, 1997.


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September 2012

NPD’s are the Dupes of the Darkside

A few years back I wrote this metaphorical sci-fi tale on the confrontation between an arrogant narcissistic tyrant who thought he was the ruler of all and an even more sinister Lady who turned out to be his controller, his handler. The story was meant to be instructive and a bit fun as to how the ‘darkside’ invades the foolish and makes them into minions, who are in fact dupes!

Those who allow their consciousness to fall into negative waveform frequencies are easily invaded and used by these forces that are necessary to bring about the Dissolution of a Cycle of Time. Like attracts like — and the Laws of Magnetism are inexorable in the so-called ‘invisible’ realms. This is why I say again and again that our only real Refuge is a higher consciousness and that we need to cultivate purity with an adamantine will in these unstable times.

I was reminded of my tale of the Prince of Darkness by the recent attention given to ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’ in the media in regard to those who are the big players in what appears to be an ongoing economic catastrophe and the collapse of western civilization.

Why have we given these malignant narcissists, the one percent, control over our world?  Have we become totally inundated in fear, the looming threat matrix, and programmed by their propaganda to admire greedy tyrants and defer to those who are rich and powerful, but have no wisdom or integrity.

We join our arrogant duped tyrant as he is being told that he is nothing more than a puppet pawn for yet another level of darkside evil.


“Ah, my prince, I have always had exactly what I wanted from you. You have always been, shall we say, my perfect pawn,” she was smiling again.


“Your pawn?” he repeated incredulously.


“Mmmm-hmm…” she replied. “And you are quite good at it actually, so completely obedient to my will.”


“How can that be? I am the Prince, the Lord of the Darkside, ruler and tyrant over all my dominion,” he asserted.


“Fool, you have been programmed from the beginning of your hatred. Once you allowed the frequencies of fear, hate, and envy to take over your consciousness - you became my slave, a blank page for me to write my programs of tyranny upon. Your hatred of goodness and freedom made you an ideal dupe. Do you really imagine that you could have thought of such ingenious methods to enslave an entire planet on your own?” Her contemptuous laughter derided him.


“In point of fact, you are by our standards rather ordinary - even stupid,” she added cheerfully, as if she needed to gouge him with the point.


Though still paralyzed from head to toe, he felt as though he might explode. The word dupe drove him mad. He was deflated, demoralized, and insulted by her utter scorn for --- for, well, his genius, his strategies, and obviously his unparalleled physical beauty. He wondered vaguely if she had read his poetry. He felt an overwhelming urge to kill her.


“That will never happen,” she said. “You are as powerless against me now as you have ever been.”  


“Why have you come? Why are you telling me this now?” he asked.  


The Laws of Magnetism


“Because the end of this little game is near, and it amuses me,” she said with no feeling, “to see you like this - to make you understand that you are nothing.”  


With that, she and her guards vanished into the air from which they had come. As he regained control of himself, miraculously the broken martini glass reformed itself in his hand as if to further insult him with her powers. Dazed and exhausted, he fell in a heap on the floor.


He knew that the Laws of Magnetism allowed beings from the Phantasmal Hierarchies to attach themselves to the earthlings they resonated with. The frequencies of a living being attracted like beings throughout all the nested layers of dimensional realities.


But it had never occurred to him that he himself was a carrier.

full story





From Zero Hedge:

According to Wikipedia, Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) affects one percent of the population and has little to do with looking at yourself in the mirror.  It has a lot to do with unrealistic fantasies of success, power and intelligence.   Some NPD sufferers become cult leaders or mass murderers, the rest become economists and policy-makers.   

Despite having a highly elevated sense of self-worth, narcissists have fragile self-esteem and handle criticism unpredictably, so let’s keep this to ourselves….


... The path we’re on ends with mountains of corpses when the great experiment fails. 


America’s most prestigious education institutions have become grooming salons for malignant narcissists.  Men and women high on their own self important sense of entitlement, but short on any sense of honor or duty (like passing a budget or arresting someone who stole a billion dollars) and devoid of any real insight or achievement. 


full article with charts…-it’s-even-worse-great-depression



Narcissistic Personality Disorder defined:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following: 

* has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) 

* is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love 

* believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions) 

* requires excessive admiration

* has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations 

* is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends 

* lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

* is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her 

* shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes



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August 19th Addendum to Avoid FEAR Inc.

We should not stop endeavoring to find what is true. We must never bury our head in the sand, and ignore the evident reality that our world is becoming more bewildering by the day.

What I want to emphasize here in writing about FEAR Inc. is that we are being lied to on an absurd scale via the Internet, and we all know it. While we cannot ascertain precisely why the level of mendacity has been so ratcheted up, we do have the power of awareness over our own consciousness and can readily observe the effect of what we read on our being.

We can all feel how our consciousness is reacting to information. When we sense the moment our state of mind begins to move into low frequencies of fear, we can learn to recognize that the words we are reading are very likely intended and even carefully constructed to generate fear. We have the choice stop reading for a moment, close our eyes, feel our consciousness, and ask our own inner guidance, the God-within, for discernment.

We can simply ask ourselves — How does this make me feel? What tone of feeling are we receiving? What is the intention of its writer and source. Is this information leading to some powerful understanding that will enlighten and liberate? Or is it adding to the collection of vague fears and confusion.

We all know by now what addiction to fear feels like. If we find ourselves compulsively reading anything, we can grok that we are indeed feeding the Beast, and that perhaps we have become addicted to these low-level fear frequencies, which in a very sinister insidious manner delude us into foolishly thinking we are leading exciting dramatic lives! Fear porn is the term.

I am speaking of these matters from my own experience. I also want to know the truth and have spent a great deal of time at websites that left me unsettled and out of harmony with my Inner Self. The absurd claims made by some of these “truth stars” are noticeably becoming even more extreme and unbalanced.

What I have often found in my search for answers were these intentional hoaxes and obfuscating layers of lies, what I term as the ‘MIX’ meaning a rather cunning mixture of truth diluted, deluded, and muddied with amazing LIES. I sincerely believe there must be a Tavistock-type user’s manual with precise and technical instructions on constructing these abyss-pit words that are encoded with and carriers of fear. Madison Avenue advertising has been using the same approach for 50 years.

What is sad is that due to their own actions, we longer trust our appointed leaders. They have proved themselves to be liars whose only interests are self-interest. The media has become nothing more than propaganda and public manipulation. So where do we go for leadership? Where are all the good-guys? Are we too busy reading fear-porn to take action against the tyrannical creeps that have taken control? Will the Vampire Squid types ever see justice?

For a time we grew to trust the Internet, but that time is over. We can no longer trust any who place their personal ego-driven ambitions and need for power and stardom over our well-being. I can certainly give you a list of names, some of which might surprise you – but I prefer to trust in your own discernment.

Please, I am not asking you to shut down your awareness, but rather to refine it. Now more than ever is the time to enhance and put into good use our powers of discernment. We can trust the God-within us. How many of us spend as much time with the God-within as we do searching for “truth” the Internet? A high consciousness is our only Refuge. If these so-called “truth” sources are robbing us of our connection to the One within, then they are thieves.

Would you place your trust in a bunch of thugs on the street, walk up to a gang of thieves, and open your heart and mind to them? Why are the countless faceless strangers on the Internet any different? There are some very clever cunning delusional egotists parading themselves as “truth” saviors. And it is obvious that they are continually honing and revising their techniques as we unmask them. Let us shine light on the darkness.

As for the soul-less ones who are intentionally producing Fear as a business, mind control and manipulation of consciousness, the FEAR Inc. people – I will write about their techniques and methods in the 2012 section.


[My sincere heart-felt appreciation to the kindness of the Fire Princess. Enjoy the Path to the Heart. Thank you!]


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Avoid FEAR Inc.

August 10, 2012

The short version is: Resist reading and watching anything that makes you apprehensive and/or places your consciousness in a state of fear.

The FEAR Industry has taken over the internet and muddied the waters so thoroughly that it is now impossible to trust and to learn what might be true. The LIES are too thick now. Intentional mind-control mendacity is everywhere.

There are many examples of this fact. Try to find out who owns some of these Fear-News websites. They don’t want you to know who is behind them. They are masquerading as ‘alternative’ sources of truth for the sole purpose of dragging your consciousness down into a lower frequency. They are in the business of producing FEAR. Just as there are producers of television and theatre, these soul-less worm-like creatures are employed in the production of FEAR.

There are entire forums where these Fear-Producers create subject threads that are amalgams of our current fears, to fan-the-flames of hysteria, and indulge in endless speculation on theories surrounding those fears. Throw in a little science, a few solar facts, astrophysics, and perhaps some electric universe theory - and voila! You’ve got your readers hooked on a slow and steady diet of low frequency apprehension about the scary unknown future.

It’s fake! A charade, an act, they are ‘playing’ their readers. By holding our consciousness in a kind of electro-magnetic fear prison and perpetually projecting it out into the future, we are kept out of the NOW. The Now is a very powerful place to be because it is the Home of the Oneness.

And the Oneness is what we have always been and always will be.

As we move further into the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, the demonic are tap-dancing like the crazed-fools that they are and doing their best to keep us locked in their control-freak hologram of tyrannical delusions. That is their job now. Ignore them! They will soon descend into madness and decrepitude.

I have endeavored to keep FEAR frequencies out of this website. Again I suggest that you stop reading and watching anything that makes you feel apprehension and FEAR.

The good will conquer! The good have nothing to fear. The earth’s magnetic field will continue to weaken and falter. This will cause a variety of earth changes and changes in consciousness. We will be unplugged from Time/Space as we have come to experience it. The demonic will descend into madness. Avoid them.

The only Refuge is a Higher Consciousness. Come Home to the God-within you – That which you have always been and always will be.

The rest will dissolve.

V. Susan Ferguson




Fear as a tool of control and manipulation:

The original Tavistock research into mass brainwashing applied the results of repeated trauma and torture of individuals in mind control to society at large. If terror [FEAR] can be induced on a widespread basis into a society, then society reverts to a chaotic state where control can easily be instituted. By the creation of controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control.  … society must be driven into a state equivalent to an 'early childhood situation.'


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August 2012

“May Shiva [the Oneness] who has entered into us as the Subject [us] make obeisance by Himself, to Shiva who is extended as the universe, by means of para [the Highest, the Absolute] who is his own Shakti in order to remove all obstacles which are but Himself.”

 - Somananda in Shivadrsti (S.D. I, 1); quoted in Abhinavagupta: Paratrisika-Vivarana, The Secret of Tantric Mysticism.


In other words, meaning in my words:

May the Oneness  

- who in the spirit of ‘play’ has become us (the Subject)

- and is projecting the hologram, the universe, as the appearance of differentiation within the Illusion of Separation,

- may the Oneness honor Its own Self/Being/Existence through the requisite waveform in consciousness, that purifying vibrational-frequency, that humble surrender of the small identity ego which arises from Knowing the Truth.

- And as that very same Oneness (as us) by means of that aspect of the Oneness, which is the Matrix-Shakti-Maya (which offers us the endless opportunities for Self-Recognition in the external manifested world),

- in order to remove all obstacles, the Veil of Forgetting, which are created by the Oneness and are in fact nothing other than the Oneness!



You are worshipping, praying to, asking for help and liberation from that which you always are!

In the first Cycle of Time, the Golden Age or Satya Yuga, we all know this — we all know that we are the Oneness. There is nothing else. There is only the One. You are That!



This entire universe is an endless array of opportunities to come Home — to Recognize the God-within you, Self-Recognition (Pratyabhijna). This is why there are so many ways to adore and revere God, so many paths to enlightenment. At every point there exists the possibility of Remembrance and Return to the eternal Oneness within — that which you have always been and will always be.


We are playing. You can choose to Forget, to struggle, to suffer — until you are weary, bored, and ready to Remember. At that moment when you cry out to your real Self, you will begin the Journey Home.




Abhinavagupta: Paratrisika-Vivarana, The Secret of Tantric Mysticism; English Translation with notes and running exposition by Jaideva Singh; Sanskrit text corrected, notes on technical points and charts dictated by Swami Lakshmanjee (Laskhmanjoo); Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 2000



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July 20, 2012 

Mundaka Upanishad III.1.6


Truth [Satya] indeed conquers!

Not untruth, falsehood.

Untruth is all discord, out of harmony with the Real.

The Real is a spontaneous unfolding of the One.

The Way of effulgent Wisdom is laid open and forever determined by Truth.

By Truth through the Path of Wisdom pass those who see, the visionary Seers who are free, free from pride and deceit, and no longer compelled by temporal desires.

These liberated Seers ascend to that state of consciousness, the highest abode, the place of the treasure that is Truth, the Real.





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June 29, 2012


On June 24, 2012 Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn formed their exact malevolent square. They had been moving towards each other for the past few weeks. 

On June 25th Tepco removed the upper part of reactor 4 and gave no advance notice.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:スクリーンショット(2012-06-25-21-1.26.53).png-450x128.jpg


TBS/JNN time lapse clip here


The recent measurements of radiation at Fukushima have been steadily increasing. About a week ago the level was 220,000 nSv/h. On June 26 it moved to 228,00 and as of June 29 the reading is 234,000.

Please go to this webpage and check the information daily:

At the top of the page you will see in red: 3D GoogleEarth. Click on that for the Google Japan Radiation map-en.kml. The image below, which clearly shows that we are in very serious and impending danger from spreading radiation, came from that map.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:akshara:Desktop:PastedGraphic-1.tiff


Mass migration will be inevitable. Plan for yourself and your loved ones now. Please buy non-perishable & canned food. Check these websites daily:


This is an excellent video beginning @2:52 and recommending that people get out of Japan back on March 15, 2011.

Uploaded by ‪FreeinTX on Mar 15, 2011

When they admitted Cesium had been released into the atmosphere and that seawater was being injected into the core, they knew these reactors (at least 3, probably 6, cores) were going to melt down and they know exactly how bad this is going to get. The world's governments are involved in a MASSIVE COVER-UP and are working together to keep this minimized and secret. Officials and media talking heads are breaking the law and allowing people to die for lack of their info dissemination!


Remember what we saw before they took all the radiation plume dispersion information off the web?






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June 11:

My best considered evaluation of the immediate future:


The center of our galaxy is emitting blasts of energy, cosmic and gamma rays. Cosmic dust, also fluff and ribbons exist in interstellar space. These energies appear to be affecting and altering our entire heliosphere. The Sun itself is also being affected and appears to be on its way into a state of dormancy, thereby reducing its magnetic field and the winds now known to protect the earth from assaults originating beyond and outside our magnetosphere.


Without the Sun’s magnetic powers, there will be weaker solar winds that more normally drive away these potentially pernicious forces, which are thrust from the Galactic Center. Left unprotected, our earth will be exposed and more vulnerable to whatever solar storms and CMEs that remain in Solar Cycle 24; and also to cosmic & gamma rays, and this cosmic dust. We have been repeatedly warned about this threat by astrophysicists who study this phenomenon. 


If we survive the remaining Solar Storms in 2012-13, we will still be unprotected by the solar winds and these ‘dust’ particles, which come from the direction of the galactic center [Paul LaVioletta], will settle in our upper atmosphere and create cloud cover, which will inevitably bring on the decrease in temperature and another cyclical Ice Age.


I believe these solar events may begin in late June and will continue through 2012-14. They will affect various locations on of the planet quite differently. Some areas will be spared, while others will face utter catastrophe.


Individuals will also be affected relative to their capacity to receive these energies and use them to evolve. There is nothing to fear. This is a very normal process of renewal. Earth’s galactic center is our Mother, and she creates everything in this our galaxy. The only Refuge is a higher consciousness, the God-within that pervades and permeates All.


We meet in the Heart.


Further evidence, discussion, and celebration of our Mother in the Galactic Center, here:







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Message June 2012:


The Universe is the body of the Oneness, the God-within that simultaneously pervades and permeates All. In our fallen Kali Yuga state, we have injured that body. As the Earth, she is now in the process of healing and rebalancing - and that will take whatever form is required. Harmony will be restored.


Those who are aligned with that eternal Universal Harmony will be fine. The forms that cling to delusion are no longer useful. Thus a cosmic sorting always happens at the end of any and all Cycles of Time.


Don’t imagine that I feel nothing. I struggle everyday with a spectrum of overwhelming feelings. Yet I know all sorrow and compassion will find rest and refuge only in the God-within.


Eventually all material success is failure. The only real Victory is in Coming Home — the Remembering that we are the Oneness, the God-within. In Sanskrit the words for pleasure & pain are often written as one word: SUKHA-DUHKHA. These ancient Seers understood primordial Truth and the ultimate Reality of the temporal illusory holographic universe.


The universe is alive. It contains messages when we have the wisdom to read it. We can read pulsars, quasars, gamma and cosmic rays. I believe this is what the Rig Veda is actually doing. The Seers were aligning their consciousness with and reading the universe as a living Being. We must do the same.


"This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness."   - Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras




My thanks to the piper friend who reminded me of these verses by W.B. Yeats, which are so poignantly pertinent to our current chaotic, sad and tragic times:


The Second Coming /written in1919


TURNING and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.


Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi

Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,

A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again; but now I know

That twenty centuries of stony sleep

Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?









"The perception of difference in The Oneness is a grave mistake."



Chapter II.i.14


As falling rain water

running down the mountain side

is scattered on the rocks below,

lost ...


So those who limit their consciousness

to differentiated perception,

run quickly into the darkness of ignorant Delusion

and are caught in unending rounds of death and birth.



- from the translation of Swami Sivananda, gently enhanced by me.

The Principle Upanishads, Sri Swami Sivananda; The Divine Life Society, 1998


Sivananda's comments:

The result of seeing multiplicity is described in this verse.


Just as the rainwater that falls on the top of a mountain quickly

runs down and becomes dispersed in the valleys and is lost,

so also the ignorant man who beholds differences between life and life,

who thinks that there are different Selves in different bodies,

that the world is different from the Oneness,

and that the individual is distinct from the Supreme Soul and other souls,

[there is only one Soul],

who has not realized the substratum of all,

who has not cognized the non-dual Oneness [Brahman],

the One, real, eternal, immutable underlying principle of unity,

runs quickly into darkness, i.e.,

is caught in the endless rounds of birth and death.






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2012 March

The Only Refuge is Within


Go within, into the Heart, and allow the ever-present patiently waiting God-within to expand, filling your consciousness with the highest frequencies of eternal Love, Wisdom, and Knowledge. Forming this precious adamantine bond with our real Being is the only lasting treasure we take with us, ever. Everything else is temporal and illusory - the manifestation of mistaken attachment to our individual five-sense differentiated perception, which creates our delusional bondage in this holographic universe.

You are eternal. These absurd demonic forces are having their day here as we see the feeding frenzy of confusion and delusion increase into a cacophony of contradictory madness. All unreal. Unplug. Go within.

We are not the body. Wisdom is the only lasting wealth we take with us. This dark period of transition is a rare opportunity to Become the God-within, that imperishable Oneness we are and have always been. All the rest is fluctuating, transitory, and inevitably perishes.

Our courage, real strength, and power of discernment will come only from that which always dwells in the Heart. Go there. Listen to that. That is our only Refuge. Come Home.


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2012 February

All Time is simultaneous…


A YUGA is a cyclical period of time that ‘yokes’ a soul, a piece of the Oneness, into a specific frequency of consciousness, which is embodied as the DNA of the races of man. We function within that frequency spectrum until we Become aware of the limited variables of expression and manifestation.


Thus Becoming aware that the current state of ‘limitation’ is not our Real nature, some will experience Enlightenment. The Light of the Oneness within us, that pervades and permeates all, is revealed. We Realize that we never were anything but the One; and that the feeling of Separation was only ‘apparent’ – temporal and illusory. We have always been the Oneness.


This experience of Enlightenment liberates us from all Cycles of Time. We are Liberated from the ‘yoke’ of all Yugas, periods of time formed in specific frequency spectrums of consciousness.


Thus Enlightened as to our Real nature and origin, we are free to move from one dimension to another. The universe is multi-dimensional. Adepts with mastery over consciousness move easily from one dimension to another. Enlightened masters have access to the entire spectrum of all frequencies of time, which is a function of consciousness. Or you may simply wish to return to the One - Home.




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2012 January


What follows is a description from the Sanskrit text, The Mahabharata, of the mechanics of a PRALAYA, a Dissolution of the world from the understanding of the unending Cycles of Time. There are always survivors of these periodic destructions who are the progenitors of the future humanity.


The Destruction of the Universe

Mahabharata, Shanti Parva, Mokshadharma Parva

Chapter 312, translated by M.N. Dutt, [with my comments]


2.  Listen to me how Brahman [the imperishable ubiquitous Oneness, the Fullness that pervades All], who is eternal and undeteriorating, and who is without beginning and without end, repeatedly creates and destroys all created objects.


3. When his day [referring to the Day of Brahman] expires and night comes, he seeks sleep. At such time the unmanifest and holy one moves the being called Maha Rudra, who is conscious of his great powers.


[Maha means great. Rudra is the eternally dynamic fundamental zero-point state of the omnipresent, the Howling Luminescence, seed particles of invisible light and silent sound that create and destroy the temporal illusory holographic universe.]


4. Urged by the unmanifest [that which is beneath and supports the temporal appearances of the manifested universe], that Being [Maha Rudra] assuming the form of the Sun of hundreds of thousands of rays [a metaphor for a solar-like force infinitely greater than our Sun], divides himself into a dozen parts each resembling a burning fire [notice the word “resembling’ is used, so not actually fire, but having the effect of fire].


[The Seer who is speaking here is describing what he is ‘seeing’ with his third eye, the Eye of the Mind, and attempting to put his vision in terms that can be understood. We know from the currently accepted science of nuclear atomic energy and more recently quantum physics that these silent particles have enormous power. The Seer is saying that these hundreds of thousands of rays are increased by twelve.]


[The invisible rays such as gamma rays and cosmic rays, coming from outside and entering our the solar system will incite, activate, stir-up our own Sun to produce CMEs, coronal mass ejections), thus causing massive melt-down blackouts of all electrical, computer chip and other systems, incinerating areas on the surface, and generating enormous plate tectonic shifts, which will in turn create tsunamis “possessed of great force.”]


5. He then consumes with his energy without any loss of time, the four sorts of created beings …


6. Within a twinkling of the eye, all mobile and immobile creatures being thus destroyed, the Earth becomes on all sides, bare as a tortoise shell.


7. Having burnt everything on the face of the Earth, Rudra of incomparable might, and then quickly fills the bare Earth with Water, possessed of great force.


8. He then creates the cycle-fire [the Fire of Time: kAla-agni], which dries up that Water. The Water disappearing, the great element of Fire continues to blaze dreadfully.


[That which is beneath-the-curtain-of-each-atom and invisible to the five senses, this great “Fire of Time” as heat-light continues to emit powerful forces. And the water, which has flooded the land evaporates.]


9.  Then comes the powerful Wind of immeasurable force, in his eight forms [perhaps referring to the four directions in the four zones: the Troposphere, the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere, and the Thermosphere], who devours speedily that blazing fire of transcendent force, possessed of seven flames, and at one with the heat that exists in every creature.


[Wind is generated when the particles that make up the air are heated and thus set into motion. The Seer is making the point that the ‘heat’ which is throughout woven into and permeating the universe everywhere, exists within us, in everything and every creature.]


Having devoured that fire, the Wind passes in every direction, upwards, downwards and transversely.


[Surely we cannot imagine the force of motion that would devour in all directions that fire.]


10. Then Space of immeasurable existent devours that Wind of transcendent power. Then mind cheerfully devours that immeasurable Space.


[Space is devoured “cheerfully” because all these unending cycles of creation-destruction are the Play of the One, just as a child builds sandcastles and delights in the waves that wash them back into the sea.]


11.  Then that Lord of all creatures, meaning Consciousness that is the Soul of everything, devours the Mind. Consciousness in turn is devoured by the Great Soul [the Oneness], which is conversant with the Past, Present, and the Future.


[In other words, the One is Time Itself, and simultaneously beyond all Time. The One, that is the universe manifest and unmanifest, all sentient and insentient creatures, you and me, and dwells in the Heart of all, eternally dissolves the universe - Its own creation - and then rests to create another. All that remains is the One. By my reckoning we are in the 454th Kali Yuga of the present Kalpa.]


‘Mounted on a Machine’: The Wheels of Time & Maya



The Mahabharata, Sanskrit Text with English Translation; 9 volumes; M.N. Dutt, Edited by Dr. Ishvar Chandra Sharma & Dr. O.N. Bimali; Parimal Publications, revised edition 2004, Delhi



Remote Viewing from the Farsight Institute






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...the mechanics of a PRALAYA








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