The Herds of the Sky & the Milky Way

The Sanskrit word 'gau' or 'go' has long been problematic for western translators. Gau often is translated as 'cow' only one of its 47 different meanings. Gau can also mean wealth, nourishing force, rays of the sun, rays of light, the receptive mind, milk, and the Divine Word. The M. Monier-Williams Sanskrit to English Dictionary states that 'go' can also mean 'the herds of the sky.'

The Indian scholars Swami Satya Prakash Saraswati and Satyakam Vidyalankar say that the Rishi DÓrghatamas "is one of our foremost astronomers." Several verses in his hymn I.164 "have become proverbial in connection with some of the highest thoughts of human possession."  Evidence of that DÓrghatamas was immersed in astronomy is found in his verses describing the heavens. Thus I have concluded when I read verses with the words cow, calf, milk, etc. that DÓrghatamas in fact means the vast starry Milky Way, the herds in the sky.

My reasons are first of all, the profound nature of the thought in DÓrghatamas' hymns simply could not allow for the intrusion of a sweetly sentimental description of a mother cow licking her baby calf. I can appreciate anyone admiring the relationship of mother and child, but when compared to the depth of other verses, it just doesn't fit. Next it is perfectly reasonable for any creative mind to imagine describing the Milky Way as the 'herds in the sky' ó not only is it poetic and beautiful, but also visually accurate suggesting continual motion across the night sky.


Egypt's Hathor as the Milky Way

Finally there is a precedent in other ancient cultures for connecting the stars with cows. For example in ancient Egypt, the goddess Hathor was depicted as cow-headed. Hathor was originally a "personification of the Milky Way, which was considered to be the milk that flowed from the udders of the heavenly cow. As 'Mistress of Heaven' she was associated with [the goddess] Nut, the personification of the sky and the heavens." [ancientegyptonline.co.uk] There are beautiful images from Egypt showing the stars pouring out of the cow and later Nut's body itself depicted as the heavens above.



There are also connections in word meanings, for example the Sanskrit word 'dhenu' can mean cow or cloud; the word 'godhuk' can mean milk-man or the deity ¬ditya who personifies solar rays; savam can mean milk or refer to Soma, which I say means plasma; the word 'hiŮkrinvati' can mean mooing, bellowing, or thundering as in the sound made within a storm cloud. Thus you see how one's filter can dictate the definitions chosen. I am not predisposed by centuries of rituals and assumptions made by respected priest scholars. I am interpreting through the eyes of the progenitors who colonized planet earth and would have by necessity possessed highly advanced technology ó which is what I have indeed found in many of the verses, not just DÓrghatamas, but also Vishvamitra and other Rishis. Again, let me say I mean no disrespect to the great sacred Sanskrit traditions. I believe my devotion to the texts is shown here on my website. I am simply saying what I see from my own perspective of one who has experienced visions of the planet Earth's colonization and seen over 30 UFOs.




Here are my renderings of a few of the verses by DÓrghatamas that elevate 'milk' and 'cow' into the Milky Way:

Rig Veda I.164.26

Savit‚ carries Universal Intelligence

The Rishi DÓrghatamas invokes, calls near the ocean of 'milk' that are the energies flowing spreading out from the galactic core within the Milky Way, to be extracted skillfully, thus easily yielding the most splendid beautiful product from Soma [plasma] that Savit‚, the continuous expansion of the Galactic Cosmic Rays, kindled above for us on earth, igniting heat within a cavity created in space, and that flows before sound.


Calling near [upa hvaye]

the easy yielding [sudugh‚m]

this ocean of milk extracting [dhenum]

skillfully [suhasto]

exciting the energies from the Milky Way [godhug]

and extracting [dohad]

thus [en‚m]

the most splendid beautiful [shrestha]

Soma product [savam]

Savit‚ [the continuous expansion of Galactic Cosmic Rays]

kindled above for us [no abhÓddho]

that hence [tad]

igniting heat within a cavity created in space [gharma]

flows before the uttered sound [su-pra-vocam]

"The inner magnetosphere is a natural cavity in which various types of charged particles are trapped by a planet's intrinsic magnetic field." [Dynamic Magnetosphere]



"Savit‚ carries within itself the Universal Intelligence." [Shyam Ghosh]

Savit‚ is the continual expansion of Galactic Cosmic Rays that are generated within the center of every galaxy, every galactic core. They carry God-Consciousness, the encoded universal laws, Rta, Satya, Dharma that are the substratum of all manifestation. Rishi DÓrghatamas is invoking these energetic particles, which yield easily everything necessary for splendid life on any planet, from healing bodily forms and plant life, to an expanded consciousness, enlightenment and Oneness with the Creator, to free energy such as electricity and advanced technologies.

Savit‚ illuminates all regions, the ¬k‚sha (the medium of sound), the Antariksha (the atmosphere), and earth (PrithivÓ).  In Rig Veda I.35.9, Savit‚ is said to join with the rays of SŻrya ónot the Sun; in the Rig Veda SŻrya means electromagnetic rays of light, wave particles. The laws of Savit‚ cannot be violated by the other ¬dityas such as SŻrya, Indra, Varuna, Mitra and Rudra. Savit‚ is one of the ¬dityas, the forces that 'loosen and free'. The ¬dityas are the offspring of Mother Aditi, which personifies the "boundless unlimited Space-Time-Intelligence immanent" [S.Ghose] in Prakriti's Nature, the creative principle and energy force that generates the universe ó Shakti M‚y‚.

Savit‚ is described as golden, having gold hands, arms and hair. Savit‚ has shining vast golden hands, repeatedly raising and stretching them to spread and illuminate the tremendous immeasurable immensity of space. Savit‚ is the expanding spreading bands of illuminating Galactic Cosmic Rays. Rishi V‚madeva says that Savit‚ "fills (with radiance) the celestial and terrestrial regions ó and puts forth golden arms for (the work of) production, regulating the world, and animating it with light." [Rig Veda IV.53.3 - S.S.Gupta]



Rig Veda I.164.27

Thundering bellowing [hiŮkrinvati],

soaring [√pat] the electromagnetic reactions [vasu patnÓ] of the 'bright ones' [the Ashvins as the power of solar radiance in pairs that is quickly absorbed and moves at great speed],

thinking of, desiring wealth for its offspring [vatsa],

for great [mahat] prosperity and success [saubhag‚ya]

that unharmed [plasma] cloud [aghnya] increasing by dividing may grow [vardhatam],

may yield milk [payo] the fluid semen water [energies pouring into the earth's magnetopshere as the Galactic Cosmic Rays:

vital spirit power for the [twin] Ashvins.

Rishi DÓrghatamas is describing the complex interactions of particles in the intersteller medium of interplanetary space that travel from the Galactic Core, the Sun and planets to nourish our Earth. Our Earth's magnetosphere needs this Soma plasma, metaphorical 'milk' from the various parts of the Milky Way to feed her magnetically, keep her vital and alive.

"The magnetospheric activity and dynamics require power that is extracted in the interaction between the magnetosphere and the solar wind." [Dynamic Magnetosphere]

This 'milk' is comparable to semen for our planet, the 'she' who possesses the twin Ashvins, the twin polarities that enliven our heliosphere via the various Galactic Cosmic Rays, GCRs the high energy background population incident upon the heliosphere uniformly and isotropically ó while in the inner heliosphere, the galactic cosmic radiation is modulated by solar activity; Solar Energetic Particles, SEPs accelerated in solar flares; Energetic Storm Particles, ESPs particles accelerated at interplanetary shocks; and Corotating Interaction Regions, CIRs. [Space Physics/MB Kallenrode].


Rig Veda I.164.28

Rishi DÓrghatamas says that prevailing over everything, plasma clouds are ó although silent to our human ears, violent roaring shriek sound ó sound that permeates the offspring, the forms created in the heliosphere and beyond. He compares the electric universe mechanism to the blinking of the eyes, an on-off switch.


Above everything [mŻrdh‚nam], [plasma] clouds [gau] measure out silent roaring sound [amÓmed]

towards and through [anu] the offspring [vatsam - created forms in the heliosphere]

as [in comparison to] the eyes close and open [mishantam, an on-off mechanism]

atmospheric sound [hinn] that impels injures [other particles changing them] arranges, measures out, forms and builds [m‚tav‚] makes [akrinon]

sound roaring resounding [vvash‚n‚] measures across, traverses [mim‚ti]

into [abhi] the cauldron heat of the suns rays [gharma - radiation],

in the corners of the mouth [srikv‚nam - the inarticulate sound particles as spear-like points in the solar wind],

yielding semen strength power, the 'milk' [payobhih - the energies in the Milky Way] the subtle soft fluid [payate] sound [myum].


This atmospheric sound [hinn] impels and injures other particles in the interstellar medium, changing them, as it arranges, measures out, makes forms and builds. The sound roaring, resounding measures across, traverses into the cauldron heat of the suns rays. The inarticulate particles of sound are symbolically in the corners of the mouth as spear-like points in the solar wind that are yielding semen strength and power, the 'milk' abundance of energies within the Milky Way ó and these rays of light, plasma, and particle waves are the subtle soft fluid sound in the interstellar medium to become absorbed.

Here we find a description of the ubiquitous complexities of Cosmic Rays, which are of two types: the Galactic Cosmic Rays, GCRs high energy particles originating outside the solar system, and Solar Energetic Particles, SEPs emitted by the Sun. Galactic Cosmic Rays may originate within or outside the galaxy, thus the energies that come into our heliosphere are from our Sun, the Heart of the Milky Way and beyond. What our eyes may perceive as empty sky space is more a crowded densely packed shooting gallery for trillions of highly charged energetic particles, waveforms, and rays - a vast pulsating ocean in the space.



The Rivers of Heaven: Plasma waves can be converted into sound waves

Plasma waves and sound waves are both waveforms and it is possible to convert one into the other and vice versa. There are literally endless rivers of energy being funneled transmitted through and around our planet. In the Rig Veda they are called the Rivers of Heaven and they are described as being 'churned' by the learned seers: "You are rubbed to life." [III.29.12]

There is a similarity between plasma and sound. Plasma and sound can be interchangeable. Plasma is the most abundant material in the universe. A large variety of waves exist in plasma [Space Physics/MB Kallenrode].

Sound waves & plasma transport momentum

Magneto-Sonic Waves: A magneto-sonic wave is similar to a sound wave: it is a longitudinal wave parallel to the magnetic field with alternating regions of compression and rarefaction (rarefied/lessening of density) in both the plasma and in the magnetic field.

Ion-Acoustic Waves: Sound waves are pressure waves. They transport momentum from one layer to the next due to collisions between molecules and atoms. Despite its often low-density, in a plasma a similar phenomenon exists.

Space is not silent

We think of sound only as what we can perceive through the human ear, one of the five senses; however the Sanskrit teachings have long taught the concept of another kind of sound, the 'un-struck' sound. In September of 2013 space physicist Don Gurnett stated at a NASA press conference that he had heard "the sounds of intersteller space." These were the sounds generated by plasma waves, which contradicted the long held notion that there is no sound in space because without air sound cannot exist.



The 'Gau' Particle & the Sacred Cow

Dr. Raja R.M. Roy says that the Sanskrit word 'gau' cannot be confused with the animal cow and opines that there is a 'Gau particle' in Vedic cosmology. "The expansion of the universe is not a smooth affair...creation takes place at the surface of the universe...given the name mountain by the Vedic sages. Gau particles, along with other particles, are produced at the surface of the universe. ...As Gau particles are charged particles...they produce electric force, Indra, and contribute to the expansion of the universe." Dr. Roy says that when the Rishis ask for wealth and cows, they are not asking for personal wealth, "but they are asking for space, matter and energy in a universe without it, so that one day we human beings could exist."

The current modern-era science of astrophysics would never comprehend the concept that the highly energetic particle-waveforms coming to planet Earth through the interstellar medium are effulgent with consciousness. Bound by five-sense perception, they have not evolved the capacity to understand that indeed everything is consciousness, God-Consciousness.


The Heart of our Galaxy

Dr. Paul LaViolette: "A very compact, highly luminous unresolved radio source designated as Sagittarius A-star (Sgr A*) lies at the exact center of our Milky Way Galaxy. ...Astronomers are convinced that Sagittarius A* is a single body. It is estimated to be about a million times as massive as the Sun, making it the most massive celestial object in the Galaxy." A fierce wind of cosmic ray electrons and protons is said to generated by a relatively small region in Sgr A*. These winds are rushing outward at speeds close to the speed of light and their "particles emit electromagnetic radiation ranging from low frequency radio emission to high energy gamma ray emission."

LaViolette questions the theory of a black hole being at the center of our galaxy and reports that "all evidence to date suggests that gas is not being drawn toward the Galactic center but is being pushed away, outward. He says that the ancients did not see the Heart of our galaxy as a region of annihilation, but "as one of matter and energy creation, a cosmic wellspring giving birth to all the matter in the Galaxy."


A new study reveals that Sgr A* has been producing one bright X-ray flare about every 10 days. However, within the past year, there has been a ten-fold increase in the rate of bright flares from Sgr A*, at about one every day. This increase happened soon after the close approach to Sgr A* by a mysterious object called G2.




Rig Veda I.164.29

The stars in the Milky Way, by this silent sound moving, it thundering scattered cries, softly regulated responding sound, that is covered over; resting above it, falling to dust, sprinkles below indeed making mortal man who must die, shine forth with reflection, consciously, becoming, toward a concealed place, the covered sound beaten, revealed.


ayam sa - this it

shimkte - move by inarticulate sound

gaur - the stars as herds in the sky

abhÓvrita - covered over

mim‚ti - thundering scatters cries

m‚yum - softly, regulated responding sound

dhvasan‚v - sprinkles, falling to dust

adhi shrit‚ - resting above

sa - it

cittibhir - with reflection, consciously

ni hi - below indeed

cak‚ra - created, making

martyam - to mortal, man, what must die, earth

vidhut - to flash forth, shine brightly, shine forth; a flashing thunderbolt (the weapon of the Maruts); lightning

bhavantÓ - becoming

prati - toward, counter, each

vavrim - a lurking (concealed) place; a cover, vesture

auhata - revealed [au = sound; hata = struck, beaten, smitten, killed, slain]


Silent sound wave-particle emissions from the Galactic Heart Core are filled with God-Consciousness. Potencies of milky-virile-semen as Wisdom-Knowledge, the silent particles of sound are perpetually, continually in an everlasting timeless eternity sprayed forth, in violence, forced outward in profusions shining glittering, sprinklings of wave particles throughout the galaxies into our heliosphere. Those who within the concealed place, the Heart, hear the sound, the silent sound revealed ó they Become. The Galactic Cosmic Rays are eternally offering us universal God-Consciousness.


V. Susan Ferguson / 2015




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