Rig Veda 2013




:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Bibliography: Rig Veda related book list (updated April 04, 2013)
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Rig Veda 2013 / Reflections and Inspirations (updated April 04, 2013)
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg The Rig Veda is Universal
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Rig Veda: The Heart of the Rishis
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Praise Hymn to the metaphysical principle of All-Pervading Omniscience Cosmic Fire, Agni, inspired from Rig Veda I.143 by the Rishi Dirghatamas
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg "The Rig Veda projects before us the Truth of the Supreme Void."  - S.K. Ramachandra Rao
:spandashakti7nz_small.jpg Sri Aurobindo on the Veda





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