Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s After-Death Experience


I remember too well watching two chaps unceremoniously dump my body into a pauper’s grave, right on top of other decaying bodies. They sprinkled lime over me to hasten the decomposition process. What a shock! What an ugly sight for me!


I moved on rather quickly after that. It wasn’t as though there were hundreds of grieving friends mourning my death. Everyone, except my creditors, seemed to have forgotten the great Mozart, the genius and child prodigy. I wondered - Where are they now? How could they forget me so quickly?


My wife Constanzie was overcome with despair and she came dangerously close to destroying all of my music. In death I had abandoned her with nothing save my gambling debts. She wanted revenge. She wanted to hurt me, even though I was already dead and beyond her vengeance.


After the funeral she sat in our shabby flat alone drinking glass after glass of the cheap wine I had kept hidden around the place. Miserable and mesmerized by the small crackling fire before her, the anger she felt toward me burned into her very soul and hatred for me consumed her.


Suddenly she moved to my writing desk and hastily grabbed up piles of sheet music. I panicked. Surely she wasn’t going to burn my music. My spirit cried out to her. She seemed so determined. It took all of my energy to stop her. Her wrath spent, she dropped to the floor in a sobbing heap, holding my music in her arms.


I can still remember the early times when she first loved me. How sweetly she could laugh. I was the center of her world then.



Pulled by a powerful force...


I felt myself being pulled away from her presence by a powerful force, as if a colossal invisible magnet had hold of me. Suddenly there before me was a sort of Being of radiant light. Calling itself Tathata, it explained that it was me. I couldn’t imagine myself, certainly not at that moment, to be so incredibly perfect, effulgent and beautiful. After all, even though women had often found me irresistible, in life I was a rather short man with a large nose.


This perfect Being, Tathata, who claimed to be me, said that I had been on a special mission – a sacred mission to bring a specific frequency through my music into the third dimensional plane of planet Earth. Apparently Tathata had volunteered to project a part of itself - as me, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – into the frequencies of Earth time in order to create my superbly pure music, which was designed to lift the consciousness of every one who would ever listen to it for hundreds of years.


Tathata gently explained that in a free-will universe, no one could predict what might happen to anyone once they found themselves in the lower frequencies of the third dimension. Not even the grandest of the radiant-light Beings ever knew exactly what to expect once they became locked in human bodies, whose DNA was more than mildly dysfunctional. Once you were in human flesh and blood, you were trapped by the gunas and the five senses - and in the Kali Yuga you were surrounded by environment of fear, disease, and endless wars.


According to Tathata, on the one hand I had been successful. The music I had created would be played throughout the coming centuries and would later be recorded by machines, as mankind was given higher technologies.


But, on the other hand, it seemed that I had fared rather less well in certain areas --- and, as much as Tathata kept saying how much he/she/it loved me and regretted it, there remained certain things for me to resolve, lessons for me to learn, a completion of sorts for me to achieve. Tathata reassuringly told me not to worry - that there was nothing for me to be afraid of. This phase I was now entering was all part of a learning process, an exercise in self-mastery that all go through and I had to do this on my own, pretty much without Tathata.


Don't let anyone touch you...


Tathata then told me that under no circumstances was I to let anyone touch me. This warning gave me a small chill, as I was still struggling to rid my mind of the image of lime being tossed on my stiffening corpse.


Then Tathata led me into a long tunnel of light. The next thing I saw was my father and I had mixed feelings about meeting him. I loved my father dearly; but during his life he had always told me what to do, what not to do, who to be nice to and what piece to play. Since his death I had gotten used to being on my own, so I was a little reticent when he began to tell me about this church he insisted I go to where thousands upon thousands of righteous souls prayed continuously. He wanted me to join them and write music for them.


Just as my father endeavored to embrace me, I remembered what the radiant-light Being, whom I had come to regard as my own soul, had said to me. Don’t allow anyone to touch you, Wolfie!  So I didn’t. I backed away from my father’s embrace ignoring the perplexed, hurt look on his face. He entreated me with tales of the glories of the heavens, but somehow the whole scene just didn’t feel right to me.


Call me bad, but I didn’t want to pray for all eternity. I was thinking it might be fun to do something besides music in a future life, like ride a motorcycle or drive a racecar. So I rejected my father and refused to embrace him. Strangely, the more I denied him the more he began to simply fade away.


That wasn’t the end of it however. My dear mother promptly appeared to me and launched into a similar routine. Then came some of the more impressive members of the nobility I had known at court. I guess I was supposed to be easily intimidated by these men and women, who continued to plead with me to go to the church.


But apparently, unless I allowed it, they couldn’t touch me; and the more I resisted them, the quicker they faded into a mist. I really didn’t know what any of this meant, but I felt very good about it.


They weren't real...


Next I found myself in a room that was heavy with an overwhelming stench of stale brandy. The alcohol vapors saturated my consciousness. My old drinking and gambling buddies were all in that smelly room; their once splendid silken clothing was stained and tattered. A most excellent billiard table lay before us and as we began to play, some of the louts I was indebted to began to press their claims for money.


Once again I remembered not to touch them. I refused even a handshake. I found myself telling them, “You! You’re not at all real!” And then, before my very eyes, these men I had once known with whom I had shared many a bottle turned into glistening writhing snakes. Like the brandy vapors, they rose up into the air. My compulsion to gamble and my incorrigible craving for alcohol vanished like their spirits.


I had once belonged to the freemasons, and I had acquired some secret knowledge in my life - but nothing could have prepared me for this.


Surrounded by infinite blackness, I felt somewhat lonely. I began going over the events of my short life, recalling every ecstatic and wretched detail. What a life I had lived! I thought of all the delicious women I had seduced. I remembered their lace gowns, their soft, supple breasts, and their honey-red lips.


Then, in that vast darkness, I mysteriously heard my own sublime music and I remembered the times when I was composing. I could barely write fast enough to get the notes on paper. The music had coursed through me like a torrential river.


Truly, I never wanted to write down my music - but it was the only way to get money, which I loved to spend. I heard the music in my heart. I felt it in my soul and I preferred to improvise each time I sat in front of the harpsichord or piano. Music was always there for me, and as I created, I felt each note slip into the silence of eternity.


Why would anyone want to play the same piece over and over? Wouldn’t everyone want to play his or her own music? I then grasped that the human beings had tragically lost their ability to hear the music within their souls and thus my music was needed for the uplifting of the human race.


All alone in Eternity...


Observing my wildly exuberant and creative life only increased my loneliness. Here I was, all alone somewhere out in Eternity.


Then Tathata reappeared, radiant as ever, and said to me, “Well done Master Amadeus, he whom God loves!”


At that moment a luminescent grand piano, perfect beyond my wildest dreams, materialized for me and I sat down to play. My concertos, symphonies, and sonatas spilled out across the universes into all-the-possible worlds within the Mind of God.


My music had created a safe harbor of purity and innocence on the planet Earth...


As I played my entire being began to resonate at higher and higher vibrational frequencies and I became one with the sounds I played. I knew who I was. I remembered everything. I remembered that I had indeed gone into the third dimension to perform a task. I had been on a mission to serve the Creator, to generate the sounds of a pure frequency that would lift the hearts and minds of men, to help free them from the endless confusion of fear.


My music had created a safe harbor of purity and innocence on the planet Earth, by reflecting the Love that flows from the Mind of God and generates all Life. I had fulfilled my task.


And so, rapt in the experience of Remembering my Oneness with all Life, I remained there playing until you happened to pass by… …





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