Why the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad: Only Within…


In the beginning is IS-ness, the immeasurable immensity, immaculate, silent. Without being affected whatsoever, through sound IS-ness creates the Cosmic Egg – which gives rise to the Spheres - which in turn become the geometry that lays the foundations for forms in the temporal illusory myriad of holographic universes.


There are many possible forms of expression – this universe being only one of the many. This universe is formed on the time/space paradigm. Others are not. There are many others.


When the Spheres of Light created the earth-plane, they knew that they were projected pieces of IS-ness. As electrical and magnetic spherical energies, they interacted in consciousness with one another via pulsating emissions - thought, projected out onto the Field of the time/space Matrix – like 'pearls strung' into the infinite darkness of the Void.


As SELF/ATMA, the God-within, we are these spheres - and in the beginning, within the first cycle of time, we had not yet forgotten our origin, our connection, our Oneness with IS-ness, the immeasurable immensity. 


We were playing in time and space. We moved with delight through our creation, without attachment, knowing the holograms we created were beautiful temporal transient illusions. Our holographic illusions were ever changing, created and dissolved, again and again to be recreated, altered, and dissolved once more – eternally.


Playing within the first cycle of time with the innocence of children, we moved through our illusory holographic matrix, creating more and more multiplicity. Enchanted by our thought-projected waveforms, we manifested light bodies to interact within these manifested frequency planes, which our thoughts were emitting.


Thus multiplicity and the art of illusion (MAYA) increased. With this increase began the apparent solidification of light. As we moved down through the four Cycles of Time, light began to take on the appearance of density and the illusion of matter. As we moved further down in time, our light bodies took on the appearance of solidity – and, in consciousness, we began to identify with our externally manifested data-collecting vehicles, our human bodies and the five senses.


Sweetly entranced by our own creation, by the illusory holographic matrix we had projected, we began to Forget. Our own siren song veiled our consciousness. Some forgot sooner than others, but by the advent of the final cycle of time – the Kali Yuga (3600 BC), the Age of Conflict and Confusion  – most had indeed forgotten.


During this process of Forgetting, many realms had been created through the power of feeling, meaning our emotions coupled with our projected mental thoughts. These realms were in truth only waveforms of electro-magnetic energies created by us. But we, who were becoming more and more lost in density and confusion, mistook them for external realities.


Thus the Myriad Realms of Heavens and Hells were born. Our consciousness cooked by the density of the Kali Yuga, we foolishly enslaved ourselves to our own thought projections. None of these realms are eternal – but in fact they are temporal and as such, subject to time and inevitable dissolution.


Deluded by our own thought-created-waveforms, we began to bow and down worship the illusions we had ourselves created. This absurdly unfortunate ritualistic mechanism further altered our consciousness and lowered us even further down into density.


We fell into a self-made trap of looking outside our Selves and mistaking the external illusory hologram for truth, for the underlying metaphysical reality. Thus we forgot our Oneness with the God-within each and every one of us. We became insecure and fearful in a universe we had ourselves created!


Most importantly this increasing need to worship anything and anyone other than the God-within us, left us evermore vulnerable to endless exploitation from our fellow, also fearful, human beings – and numerous other entities from a multitude of realms. We became as a sacrifice for them - and these entities, ironically many of whom originally were our own thought waveforms, began to take on a life of their own and literally feed off of us, our fears.


We cannot join the rest of the galaxy until we have outgrown this adolescent habit of externalizing our energy to worship any and all that we perceive as greater than we are. As long as we bow down and worship another, thinking he or she is IS-ness and we are not – then we are as 'sacrificial offerings' for these entities, many of which are our own creations.


It is time to REMEMBER who we are, to wake up, and to come Home. The Door is in the Heart.



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