ALL magic, occultism, and sacrificial rites for personal gain fall into the category of manipulating the Temporal Illusory Realms and are a complete waste of your time.


Unless you enjoy being one of those little silver balls in a pinball machine.


Just as laboring to acquire the Siddhic powers, that will unfold quite naturally as you evolve, is a waste of time and effort.


Just as channeling ETs, spirits, and angels is nothing more than a time-pass. How can they gift you with the enlightenment they themselves do not possess?


Only the God within you can bring you Home.


Withdraw from the objects of the senses, and turn your complete and total attention to the God-within your Heart.


Sacrificing and renouncing your attachment to the temporal illusory hologram based on Knowledge of the Real will bring you liberation.


Why settle for the small results today or tomorrow, when the Eternal Oneness of Union awaits your call!





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