Visions, The Third Eye, Hormones, EDCs, & the Phantasmal Hierarchies


Your visions and the awareness of other realms beyond the limitations of the five senses are activated by mysterious molecules, which are secreted within our endocrine system. The pineal and pituitary glands are the physical correlates of the Third Eye, as it is termed in eastern metaphysics. A healthy functioning endocrine system opens the doors to the perception of worlds within worlds, to higher dimensions, and to the eternal, the unmanifest – AKSHARA.


A crippled and confused endocrine system that is being sent misleading signals, an endocrine system that has to spend all of its energy fighting toxic chemicals in the body, has little left to produce the ability to ‘SEE’ beyond the narrow frequencies we mistake for reality.


In 1994 the book ‘OUR STOLEN FUTURE’ was the first serious attempt to educate the public on the ubiquitous dangers of endocrine disrupting chemicals – EDCs. The authors tell us that EDC’s go into the blood stream and mimic estrogen. They do not kill cells or attack DNA. They target hormones, the same hormones that also control the expression of the genes in our genetic blue print.


Theo Colborn describes them as ‘thugs’ on the biological information highway – thugs that sabotage vital communication. “They mug messengers or impersonate them. They jam signals, scramble messages, and sow disinformation.” Sounds like a description of the monopoly media!


EDCs include the group of chemicals known as organochlorines (chlorine by-products) - and in a more recent book, Pandora's Poison: Chlorine, Health, and a New Environmental Strategy, we are told that ORGANOCHLORINES NOW CONTAMINATE EVERY INCH OF THE PLANET!


According to the author Joe Thornton:

* the Chlorine Chemical Council (CCC) has been spending about $130 million per year to protect the industry

* 40 million tons of chlorine are produced every year world wide

* virtually all organochlorines examined to date cause one or more of a wide variety of adverse effects on essential biological processes, including development, reproduction, brain function, and immunity.

* organochlorines disrupt biological processes at the most fundamental levels.

* Organochlorines may also:

Affect memory and reduce cognitive ability

Lead to obesity

Reduce sperm counts and alter sexual behavior

Disrupt female reproductive cycles

Cause endometriosis

Induce spontaneous abortion and cause birth defects

Impair the development and function of the brain

Interfere with the controlled development and growth of body tissues

Cause cancer and compromise immunity


“Even if we stopped all further pollution today, these compounds would remain in the environment, the food web, our tissues and those of future generations for centuries.”


Sounds insane, doesn’t it? Why are we humans releasing chemicals into our environment that are so heinously damaging to every aspect of our lives? What are they thinking? Even the most avaricious greed cannot justify the use of EDCs.




Along with all the other consequences of the permeation of EDCs into our environment, our food and water, is an attack on our endocrine system. EDCs and other chemicals, such as fluoride, damage the human pineal gland and thus impair our access to the Invisible Realms and our Source, Self, IS-ness.


This realization has led me to a new and stunned comprehension of the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.


Is the release of these endocrine disrupting chemicals playing a profoundly significant utilitarian role in bringing about the final Dissolution of the World?


Until we first dissolve this temporal illusory hologram in this, the final cycle of time, the KALI YUGA - there can be no KRITA YUGA, no Golden Age,


The symptoms of the Kali Yuga occur as the solidification of our world increases and we are successively cut off from our natural experience with Oneness. If we human beings were still consciously connected to our Source, we could never become so insecure as to feel hatred and envy. If we all remembered that God is within the Heart of each and every man/woman, we would never have been killing each other in endless wars for the past 6,000 years. 


Our sense of Oneness with our good earth would not allow us to bring about, however unconsciously or unwittingly, the poisoning of our environment and the consequent destruction of Life on our planet. Possessed by fear and greed, cut off from the 'true memory' of who we really are, we attack each other and aggressively pursue short term goals, which in actuality lead to our own demise.


These EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, have been produced in increasing quantities since the beginning of Twilight of the Kali Yuga, the year 1939 according to Alain Danielou. 1939 correlates also with the discovery of atomic fission and the recording in western culture of UFO sightings and interactions with various ETs. 


Remember that throughout the first cycle of time, the KRITA YUGA, the Age of Wisdom, we all KNOW that we are a part of GOD/IS-ness. In that Golden Age we Know that we are the ONE behind the illusion of multiplicities. We Know that in fact we ARE each other. We have no desire to control, manipulate, and kill each other. We have not experienced lack, loss, or fear. Whatever we think manifests - and the Darkside is veiled.


My intuitive grok is that the astral and interdimensional entities, which are now commonly referred to as ETs, began to interact with this planet in the second cycle of time, the TRETA YUGA, the Age of Ritual Fires and Rites. Perhaps the more benevolent other-dimensional/astral ETS began to visit our planet, mate with us, exchange or experiment with combinations of DNA in order to enhance the possibilities of enjoying life and spiritual experiences.


Keep in mind that the primary goal of separation from IS-ness is the path of re-uniting with that which we are and have always been. This is the reason for EVERYTHING! Any advanced evolved civilization would know this and perhaps be attracted to the possibilities contained within the data-collecting-vehicle known as the human body, the outward manifestation of our subtle body.




So how does ISNESS bind ITSELF in an Illusion?


By the third cycle of time, the DVAPARA YUGA, less evolved and more tyrant-based ETs might have arrived here and ensconced themselves as colonizers and conquerors. In this third Yuga, the DVAPARA, we are told that, Man loses the sense of the divine reality of the world and grows away from natural law. (Alain Danielou)


Part of bringing this third cycle of time into play could have been the manipulation of our DNA - not to enhance our abilities to reconnect with Source, but rather to unplug our innate telepathic abilities, making us easier to control, and more useful as an energy source.


Around 3,600 BC there are indications that an enormous amount of radiation was unleashed on this planet. This release of radiation perhaps affected the DNA of many, if not most of the human beings living here on Earth from whom we are now descended.


This radioactive shock left us even further from the 'true memory' of our essence, purpose, and meaning. No longer able to even perceive the Invisible Realms, we became the victims of the priests of propaganda. We sadly lost all sense of our own power within --- and began the endless wait to be 'saved' by an external being, who would hopefully judge us as worthy to enter in some kind of eternity.


In the Kali Yuga, life on third dimensional planet Earth had become so 'risky' that many of the souls who, by any means whatsoever, had achieved some level of partial enlightenment chose stay on the astral plane (LOKA World) its consciousness had drawn it to. There the entity would have mastered that 'reality' and followed the natural results of its own nature, whatever that might be, for better or worse.


These beings didn't want to come back here! But they didn't mind amusing themselves by manipulating human beings. This explains both the Darkside conspiracies, the Illuminati, etc., etc. - and the revelations of hundreds of 1000s of 'religious' apparitions, who represent their doctrines and their heavens & hells within these planes. These beings are convinced of their "truth" because their truth did in fact get them to where they are - and thus they are driven to aggressively make you accept their truth. Ouch!


Stuck in their own self-generated illusory realms, the Phantasmal Hierarchies, they have seemingly forgotten that these planes, however splendid and amusing, are both temporal and LIMITED. Eternal IS-ness is formless. And so they are trapped in the limited frequencies their 'efforts' - great or small - brought them to. They are not willing to risk returning into the dangerous and painful frequencies of planet Earth --- especially now in the Twilight of the Kali, where even our water, food and air contains harmful chemical molecules, EDCs, seemingly specifically designed to cut us off from Source and any ability to re-connect with the God-within.


For those of us who were courageous enough to return to the fray in hopes of total realization of our Oneness with our SELF/ATMA, know that the Twilight of the Kali Yuga is an excellent time to wake-up:


"The end of the Kali Yuga is a particularly favorable period to pursue true knowledge. Some will attain wisdom in a short time, for the merits acquired in one year during the Treta Yuga can be obtained in one day in the age of


Shiva Purana 5.1.40


God would not leave you without access to your Home - if you so choose. IS-ness is delighted by any effort we make to move towards 'memory'. While it helps to stay away from chemically toxic food & water, you can reactivate your pineal, no matter how atrophied it may be. In all humility, simply want it, ask for it, and in time - the veils will be lifted.  




A great website on EDCs:



While the Gods Play: Shiva Oracles & Predictions on the Cycles of History & the Destiny of Mankind

Alain Danielou

Inner Traditions International Ltd.,1987






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