Remote Viewing:


Remote viewing is the so-called paranormal ability to see and hear things ‘at a distance’ and is in fact one of the ancient SIDDHIS or mystical powers, which are a part of the teachings in Hinduism.


The Sanskrit term for remote viewing is SRAVANA DARSHANAM. It gives the ability to hear and see from a distance. The SIDDHIS or mystical powers are a by-product and consequence of perfecting a pure focused meditation.


In the Sanskrit text The Uddhava Gita, which is found within the Bhagavatha Purana, Krishna explains these SIDDHIS to his disciple Uddhava. Krishna says that these powers are either granted to one by him – meaning Krishna as God – or they flow naturally from the pure GUNA, which is SATTVA.


In other words, the higher your consciousness becomes and as your entire being evolves - these SIDDHIS come naturally to the aspirant.


This is very different from one who is involved in magic, or is actively seeking occult powers to make him or herself superior to others and to enhance the small personal ego – which only serves to bind your consciousness deeper into the illusory holographic matrix.


I would also suggest that the natural evolutionary flow of mystical powers is quite distinct from the tedious repetitive techniques currently used in these schools – based in fear and control - by many governments and their military to spy on possible enemies.


Other SIDDHIS include:

* establish contact with the sense of creation

* enjoy all that is seen and heard, the visible and the invisible

* direct MAYA (the art of Illusion) according to one’s wish

* move the body with the swiftness of the mind

* assume any form desired

* die according to one’s own will

There are more…


The Uddhava Gita: The Final Teaching of Krishna

Translated by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati

Ulysses Press, 2002


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