Systems Management


All the systems of philosophy, religion, and metaphysics available in printed form are reflections of Truth at various moments necessary to fulfill the needs of a particular time.


It is not useful to permanently ATTACH your conscious awareness to any of these systems. Learn from them and realize that new forms need to emerge.


The forms that exist are still useful for many. Pre-history or lost forms more than double the now existing ones.


Truth is Truth is any ‘present’ moment of apparent existence regardless of the form it manifests. The form is subject to both the need and determined by capacity for reception of an existing group of beings relative to the frequency level point in their evolution.


Life is truly an open-ended realm of possibilities. It is the limited human mind that wants to close Life into some system.


In fact all systems will do.


But once a man clings to any system, he begins to be pushed to the edge of that system into the abyss … 

So that he can experience the exact polar opposite of whatever system his mind (buddhi) has ‘attached’ him to …

So that eventually he can realize the positive/negative nature of manifestation and experience his true Self as being totally Free within that.


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