The Supernatural, The Razor’s Edge, and JIVANMUKTI


The ‘Supernatural’ has to get dumped in any culture that is sustained by materialistic values. It’s a threat to consensus reality. At an early age we are told that there is no Santa, that our imaginary friends aren’t there, and to stop talking to our beloved teddy’s and toys. In other words, our imagination gets trounced. The phrase of the day is to ‘Get Real!’ and become as ‘normal’ as you can to fit in with the rest. But imagination remains as the source of inspiration for great art, music, literature, and religious experience.


No one in the west has ever been able to define what imagination is and where it comes from - because in this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, we have denied and negated the Invisible Realms. Eastern metaphysics actively seeks these worlds through meditation, concentration and yogic techniques that will open the Third Eye. This mystical Eye is in the physical the pineal gland which when activated will emit certain molecules into the endocrine system that reconnect our lost ability to perceive these realities. In Buddhism these realms are called the Myriad Worlds. So-called primitive cultures all over the planet have shamans whose job it is to guide the aspirant through these worlds.


The big difference between western religions and eastern metaphysics is this: In the west, God is deemed as existing outside and external to us humans. Generally considered a benevolent and somewhat judgmental old wise man sitting on a golden throne, this God will pronounce eternal judgment on our soul at the end of the world.


In eastern metaphysics, God is simultaneously both male & female and is everywhere, in everything and everyone. Most importantly, God is within us, within the Heart of every human being, the internal eternal, waiting for us to remember and recognize this loving God-within.


Because Hinduism has been around for 1000’s of years, it knows that arguing with people about their beliefs is utterly futile and a complete waste of time. Hinduism for the most part is uniquely tolerant of so many diverse expressions of loving God.


The Path to Enlightenment and experiencing Oneness with the Creator is called THE RAZOR’S EDGE, and for good reason – not only can you cut your feet, but the deep dark Abyss lies on either side. You might think of it this way: Nature never repeats Herself, so why should God/IS-ness in all Its infinite diverse glory want us all to be the same? Why not enjoy each unique individual expression of Self Realization?


Hinduism, Islam’s Sufism, and Buddhism offer the possibility of JIVANMUKTI, liberation in life. When you achieve such states of consciousness, you won’t be wondering about the supernatural anymore. You will be seeing the Invisible Realms, the cascading rainbows of evanescent Light pouring through you and around you, in everything and everyone. You will be laughing and crying in the supreme bliss consciousness of ANANDA, Joy and Divine Love, and you will be Free, forever!



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