Everyone is Suffering


Everyone is suffering. Everyone is enjoying suffering! You cannot stop them from the enjoyment of their suffering. They are suffering their perceived failures and endless pain. They have been maligned, unappreciated, and abused. They are getting old and they are facing death. Who does not? This is their enjoyment of suffering.


The real state of every human being is Bliss, unending eternal Bliss, more superb than the supreme orgasm. The smallest nano-micro movement away from our real state is suffering.


As God we bind our selves in consciousness through the Shakti-power of Guna-Maya and that binding is also God. It is God that binds IT-self in this superb temporal illusory hologram for the purpose of experiencing states other than Bliss, for the experience of enjoying and suffering the Illusion of Separation.


Everyone is suffering and the source of the illusion we have wrapped ourselves in is the power of God. The illusion itself is also God. What is not God? You will not change that. You will not drag the suffering, kicking and screaming from the self-created games they are immersed in and enjoying, until they them selves are bored with every degree of this suffering.


When they are bored, world weary, when they know the game backwards and forward, the Divine Play, because they have seen it, experienced it over and over throughout the Cycles of Time, in manvantara after manvantara, when they are tired of this self-imposed illusory bondage and suffering, then they will wake up and begin to Remember that they are nothing but Bliss.


There is nothing but Bliss, nothing but God’s Love. You are Bliss consciousness. You are the Power of immutable Love. You are eternal. Death does not exist. Beneath the self-created illusion, there is nothing but Bliss. Until you are tired of playing, you will enjoy your suffering. When you are bored with suffering, you will Remember there is only ONE and that One is you.



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