Shimmering Snakes of Living Light in the Time before Forgetting


In ancient times, times far beyond the present understanding, time itself moved in a rare and singular rhythm, a distinct atavistic frequency unknown to written history. In those long forgotten misty realms, people were not as they are now. They were not sleeping in a numb miasma, zombies hypnotized by shallow meaningless entertainments, consuming and consumed by endless ephemeral nothings that poison the earth, the body, and starve the spirit.

 In the Time gone, Earth’s inhabitants were still awake, truly alive, and each human being knew that its essence was of God/ISness. No, not that one was more God than another - but rather that everyone and everything, the whole wonderful hologram of Life they themselves had projected, was ISness.

In that time now vanished, the human race was still connected to its Source, aware of its divinity, and consciously manifesting the holographic universe. The centers of power placed along the spine, up into the neck, the head and above, were running rivers – the energies of God.

 The potent essence of creativity, the kundalini fire fused into streams of pulsating light that rippled up and down their bodies like flames in a raging burning forest, tidal waves of energy - snakes of living light. Cascading rainbows of photons swirled around and out of their heads in unimaginable radiance. Each nuance of thought reflected in the glistening fiery spray, each emotion igniting a resonance of Beauty in Light.

 It was a wonderful time - the Time before Forgetting. One wonders if and when the approach of ensuing cycles was sensed. For inevitably and imperceptibly, the frequencies of the temporal illusory hologram changed, becoming gradually diminished and dulled. The brilliance of the seething snakes of light from the kundalini force dimmed and as consciousness descended further into matter, was suppressed, cloaked - choked.

 Humankind began to forget. Not all at once, but slowly and sweetly their tender focus on what they had created distracted them from their Source. They began to forget. Some sooner than others, and the ones who still remembered were there to remind them, to whisper in dreams - Remember who you are. But still the ineluctable Forgetting pushed, forced, somehow, moved itself downward into the approaching cycle of time.

 The few who quite reasonably, desperately clung to what had been before were still able to see the snakes of light writhing from the heads of beings that possessed Real Power. But most could not. Most did not remember their own flames of thought, the once radiant wild spraying photon rivers, the shimmering snakes of light. And they began to be afraid.

 The frequencies of fear lead human consciousness further into isolation, separation, density and delusion. Cut off from the true memory of Oneness, this world descended into violence fed on the contagious miasma of fear. The Sacred Warriors of better times, whose dharma was to protect Truth, left the Earth.

As time crawled inexorably on, fear and greed became the norm. The creators, who had forgotten who they were, inserted unending wars into the astonishing hologram called Life. Thus began thousands of years of senseless, intentional, unstoppable killing - taking what others created and loved. Endless wars soaked the earth with blood and the once visible luminescent snakes of light vanished. Thus began all of written history.





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