The Silence in the Heart


The Silence in the Heart is
An unending Stillness
Imbued with the Power of the All, the One.

The Silence in the Heart waits
for everyone
weary of temporal illusions
weary of win and loss
empty victories, painful pleasures.

Vast, dark, as the good earth
we emerge from, beneath our feet
The Silence in the Heart is
Our source, sustenance.
We cannot bear its absence for long.

Our hopes lie here.
This silence that warms us
Embraces us as the Ancient Womb,
the Matrix, the Force.
Dark is where the seed grows.

The Silence in our Hearts melts,
fuses us, dissolves our skin,
Reconnects - and reborn, renewed,
we are better, metamorphosing,
Forever blissful in the Calm.


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