The Mega-Rich: ‘Strangled with Hundreds of Nooses of Expectation’


Did you ever wish you were one of the mega-rich? You know, one of those billionaires with their 40,000 sq ft houses hidden behind great walls of gated communities, those men and women who now control our world, oblivious to the toxic legacy they are leaving our planet --- along with the destruction of what perhaps was once the world's most successful democracy.


Praised and exalted as they are by our degenerate culture, it wouldn't be unusual to envy them or unconsciously desire, however obliquely, to be born into their world.


In the ancient Sanskrit text the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells the warrior Arjuna the fate of these bloodlines:


Puffed up by their egos, arrogant, drunk with wealth and pride, they offer up...[charity]...out of sheer vanity. Embracing egotism, overbearing strength, pride, desire, and anger… Those hateful, cruel, vile, and polluted men I hurl ceaselessly into demonic wombs… birth after birth…


Not all who are wealthy are bad. There are those who have learned to use the freedom and independence money can bring to further their own spiritual evolution and hopefully, the well being of others. They have developed humility and compassion. There are others however who have come to believe that ‘greed is good’ - and that their delusional sense of superiority to others, entitles them to use and abuse not only human beings, but also the Earth and her resources.


Krishna tells Arjuna that because these people resonate with the negative polarity, they have no understanding of their relationship to the universe. Their lives are not built on Eternal Truth – on DHARMA. They are lost, living in a demonic hologram with little enlightenment and, as is all too evident from the poisoning of the planet, ‘their dreadful actions capable of destroying this world.’ [38.16.10]


Compulsively moving from one insatiable desire to the next, these sad beings are intoxicated by their ephemeral delusions of power. Think tanks daily produce new false doctrines to support the misdeeds of greed and avarice. Notions such as the bottom line, the trickle down theory, and the end justifies the means are spun into fresh webs of confusion to justify any action and bewilder the herd.


Lies are truth and truth is a lie – and so it goes spiraling down. One of the predicted symptoms of the Kali Yuga from the Sanskrit Linga Purana is that – ‘People will prefer to choose false ideas.’


Don’t imagine that these ones who are puffed up with their self-importance are happy and at peace with themselves. Addicted to power with the hounds of hell ever at their backs, they are always aware that another warrior will one day come along and conquer their kingdom. So they worry, to remain in the lead they become workaholics. There is no escape, never enough money, and no relief for their fears. Indulging in consumption for relief, for reward, they buy yet another villa, another yacht. Will one more do it for them? How many deals, takeovers, and whores will it take to make them relax, to forget, to satiate their desires for a New-York-minute? And all the while, Death is silently coldly breathing down their necks.


Krishna says in their desire and anger, they are – ‘Strangled with hundreds of nooses of expectation…’


Every day they count their victories – as the saying goes, Money is the scorecard. Every act is justified by their delusional sense of power and importance over others. As masters of this world, they deserve what others do not. When they give, it is most often to bolster their own self-esteem, to give more than their rivals. This is not charity – as Krishna says, this is vanity.


Magnetism is the Law in the Invisible Realms where like is drawn to like.  Krishna tells Arjuna that he ‘hurls [them] ceaselessly into demonic wombs.’ Meaning they are drawn to similar bloodlines to be born into. Thus they are brought up with the same values, a reverence for power and control, and a lack of love that leaves them empty, craving.


Following the path of self-delusion, these unfortunates may, according to Krishna, eventually ‘lose their wits’ and fall into the temporal illusory holographic matrices of various Demonic Worlds, such as the Rasatala and Patala Lokas --- but not for all eternity. Remember these LOKA Worlds are temporal and thus, along with the rest of the hologram, will be dissolved at the end of the Kali Yuga. The Creator is Love and never so cruel as to doom any being forever. These arrogant deluded ones are after all playing their part. They are in their way holding the temporal illusory hologram together until the time of dissolution.


But in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, there most assuredly is no need to envy these who are strangled with the hundreds of nooses of expectation.




The Bhagavadgita in the Mahabharata

Translated by J.A.B. van Buitenen

University of Chicago Press, 1981








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