The Meaning of Renunciation


The etymology of the word renunciation is to send back a message. In this context, the message is made up of the signals transmitted to the brain through the sense organs. The sense organs were created by the God-within, who is the actual owner and recipient of all such transmissions.


Therefore when you ‘renounce’ this world, you are simply sending back to God what always belonged to God - even though you were under the delusion that the objects of the senses belonged to you. Attachment to the temporal is foolishness.


This process of renunciation will clarify your own comprehension of your true identity, meaning who you really are beyond the fleeting ego-self. Renunciation will strengthen your Union with God within your Heart.


As you remove the five senses from their objects and return their transmissions to their Creator, you give up what was never yours anyway and return to that which you truly always are.


Awaken from this enchanted Labyrinth that is spellbound by the deluding power of ‘I and mine’. Renounce the temporal illusory hologram and come Home!



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