The Appearance of Separation


No aspect of Prime Creator is really separate from the rest.


The door of release from the world of appearances can take any form.


Each life expression carries the potential of freedom [liberation-jivan mukti], and each of you clothed yourself with the colors and temperaments available to you in the time you lived within.


Because of the power of the five senses [Prakriti’s guna-maya], you became lost in the duality of these expressions and allowed yourselves to be carried along by the inevitable unceasing polarities.


But, as you can see, those [temporal] realities [your various lives] have vanished, [or will inevitably vanish], except as stored data [in the DNA].


You exist separately and yet, you are eternally connected to all.


Nothing ever dies, and nothing is ever lost.


In one dimension of reality [akshara], none of us has ever left the mind of Prime Creator.


Inanna Returns 1995


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