The Secret in the Heart



Your longing ceases to engage you,

There is a calm in every cell.

The evening calls you in its stillness

From deep inside

You feel an old resounding sweetness,

The memory of distant shores

You once Knew well.


I call you, reluctant to disturb you,

The healing silence shines upon your face.

You listen for My voice inside you,

A fathomless depth speaks out

From the unknown.


You step across a chasm,

Fear left behind,

Joy beckons ahead.

I called you … Come with Me, beloved.


Let us lift the frequency!

Is knowing all you ever wanted?

Did your life begin when you

Fell in Love with Me?


I am all you ever wanted.

I bring fulfillment in every glance.


That secret place inside you,

You did not see me waiting there.

Up the dark and winding staircase,

Through long and carpeted halls,

My back turned toward you … ever mystery?


Did you not guess I was your SELF?

I clothed myself in you to play …

A hiding … a finding of the God in you.

And now that you have guessed My Secret,

I open my arms to welcome you.


In Being we shall Become a light house

Shinning out for all to see.

I shall always be here waiting

With my arms outstretched

To gather you, tenderly.


You wonder what I might require?

I would ask the same of you,

For now ‘tis your turn

And Joy shall Flow in thee.


I love you, My beloved.

Now I am awake in you,

My Love washes away sad memory,

And in those places clean and shinning

There is new room for what is True.


I create a symphony of Beauty

Woven all around you, My beloved one.

As you Become One with Me,

I grant you the gift of Seeing Beauty

In Everything!







My Sweet Lord …


Oh Lord, that dwells within my Heart,

Your Beauty is everywhere …

I love You in fireflies, in green growing, a soft breeze,

Sunlight dancing on water, that light in their eyes.


I loved You in Your rushing rivers,

I fell into that young man’s eye …

Carried cresting on Your waves

Upon sandy oceans’ shores,

I looked for You beneath still waters

And cried in storms that tore my heart.


It seems I saw You everywhere

But in that secret place.

There You waited,

All along.


How was I to know You’d pick

Such a humble spot to dwell?

I thought of You on top of Everest,

Unreachable as stars as well …


How quietly You waited, knowing,

While I rushed about seeking You.

High in airplanes over distant lands,

Out the window I strained to gaze,

Stretching to see … is that You?


And all the arms that sought to hold me …

I saw in them some part of You.

They did not know what I was dreaming,

Perhaps they thought the same of me.


Yet all the time, You remained

Being, shining, radiant …

In the last place, it seems

That I could see!


Mysterious this game of hide and seek …

Were You not in purple clouds

That made me weep?

In sunset hours with golden hues

That offered memories of other days … of Love,

Of being in Harmony with You.


And what of music that over came me

Filling my nights with hope …

Were You not in notes of clarity,

Promising Your sweet Return?


I looked in gardens, streets, and strangers’ faces …

I knew that You were somewhere near.

In autumn’s fires of leaves in color,

I swear I heard You breathe.


I loved you in so many places …

The Earth is rich with your embrace,

And yet there always was

A part seemed missing …

So on I searched with furtive chase.


Those eyes of blue, that golden hair …

Kisses surely never end …

Only left me further longing,

Only left me … without You.


And all along You held Yourself inside,

And went on with Your waiting …

“I love you …”

You would whisper

When I was least aware.


“I love you!” Who said that?

Good Lord! There’s no one in the room but I …

And so the hide and seek continued …

Till I wearied of the chase,

And turned to see You standing

Inside me all the while!


What were You doing all this time?


There is no Time for me, beloved.


Could You not stop me searching madly?


I hoped you would slow up and See …


How could I be so foolish, Lord?


You are not foolish, my beloved.

You ARE ME!!!




©1986, 2006 S. Ferguson. All rights reserved.


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