Stolen Moments in Madhura-rasa


You long to be alone with Me.

My Grace falls all around you,

As My winds move your linden leaves.


Solitude is all you are seeking

In the Now of Becoming Me.

Intruders steal us from our Rapture.


Your voice calls clear.

Hasten to Me!

Our separation shall be ended,

In this afternoon, we Became as One.


You ask what to call Me?

Just say that I’m the ONE!

The One not as in a pointing gesture,

But the One in Union with All Others.


The One who calls you Home

Beside Me,

Who seeks embrace with All.


Do not hasten to unveil Me,

Our secret Knowledge is of day by day.

Each hour draws us closer to the knowing

That Time dissolved for us so long ago.


I do not know what others think about you.

I only long to hold you close,

And in the holding become the Song of Morning.


My memories of you draw me to that place

Where lovers tell their secret tales,

Where stars will burn out in their rapture

And peace gives into solid core.


There shall we be as no others,

You beloved one, and Me.

I will wrap you in the evening

For all heaven’s company to see.


In the days to come, My angel,

You shall see what you desire.

You shall be what each soul longs for …

Dancing through Eternal Sky.


I move your hand along this page …

To tell you of another song,

One that morning sunlight captures …

One that moves your Heart along.


There is no other than the ONE.








©1986, 2006 S. Ferguson. All rights reserved.




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