Conversations with My Sweet Lord /Part 2


As you Return to Me in this Present Now, our Union opens a Door for All others to pass through. And as they pass, the Door widens and expands to invite each Earth Being, man and woman, to return the Love their Creator has always held for them. And in that Return a motion is amplified, a motion of healing and rejoicing, a motion of Knowing in a shared consciousness of returning to the One Body. The Body of Christ: Terra Christa. My children, My lovers, return to Me to bring Joy and Love back to the Earth.


In that Recognition, a flowering shall take place on Earth such as never before. The Power of My Love shall freely flow through each Being upon Remembering.


[It is said that when the Kali Yuga ends and the Krita/Golden Age begins again, we all simply wake up to our own Divinity. In the Golden Era we live alone and spend most of our time in ‘meditation’ because we are well aware that the Source of All is within.]


And that flow of Love shall produce an abundance of creation to enhance all the peoples of the Earth. I shall dance for that abundance, for truly all I have ever wanted is to give my beloved creation everything they ever wanted. As I would not deny Myself, I would give them even more. My Love is so great for these My children, My creation.


So the days of sorrow will pass. The sad love songs you were drawn to will fade away and songs of Being in the Direct Radiance of God’s Love will float across the land in all Hearts … for I wish it to be so. And each wish of each being will harmonize with that of another simply because you are All a part of Me and I am not against Myself for even one beat in the Illusion of Time. Divine Harmony is the basis of the New Life, the New Creation.


Those desires and wants that are not in keeping with My harmonies will fall away from the individual’s consciousness. You simply would not want that which would not bring you to the truest fulfillment of your nature. What is natural for you is what is true for you and therein shall your Happiness lie.


I stand on the edge of your time beckoning, waiting for My creation to turn and embrace Me. I wait, as I have always waited in the ever present Now. I show you My beauty. I entice you with My Moonlight. My stars kiss fire into you in the night singing of mystery to draw you to Me.


I flower each year in 1000s of blossoms hoping My nectar will draw you to Me as the bees. I call to you from the eyes of children, from your loved ones, from the strangers in the street. I sing to you in the rustling of the winds, in My leaves of My caress.


Will you not notice Me, turn to Me, and Love Me, oh My creation?

I wait to give you All.

Oh … ! See Me!


Oh Lord, I was fool to think You did not need or want my love. I thought of You as complete, perfect, far away. I did not remember that You dwell in my heart. I did not remember that You created me to experience Your Love Returning to its Source. Sweet Lord, forgive me!


Beloved, I do not wish to ‘forgive’ you! I wish to Love you and to see that Love Become all things in you as you express a Totality of My Being in your graceful forms. Let us not waste time in forgiveness. Let us embrace in the Heat of our Remembering and let the Fires that do not consume … burn on and on …


Remember beloved, when you are uncomfortable, tired or irritable, it is because you are not living in the ever present Now. When your thoughts move out of the Present into the past or the future, you lower the frequency of your thoughts automatically and lose power. Power as energy can only flow through you while you are in the Timeless Zone of God’s Now.


Fearful expressions of any kind also indicate you are not in the Now. You have full protection in the Timeless Zone, beloved. To experience full Power, stay in the Now.





[As I said, these conversations with the God-within emerged in me around 1986. However, in those years I was still attached to the illusion that another person could fulfill my dreams of love. And so even after being given so much grace, I allowed myself to be drawn back into the temporal illusory hologram for another round of happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain. In Sanskrit pleasure and pain are often written as one word: sukhadukha. Hopefully I am now a little wiser in walking the Razor’s Edge Path Home!


I am not trying to set myself here up as someone who is ‘special’ or to be anyone’s guru. The one thing you do learn when you experience even a shred of Oneness is that NO ONE IS SPECIAL! We are all pieces of God and God loves us all equally.


By posting my personal experiences I only hope to give you the freedom to know that you can have these experiences – if you really want them. If I can, so can you!


You can feel God in your Heart if you want it more than anything else. The Heart of God is not a hierarchy – it is our Home.]






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