Waveforms in the Afterlife


This universe is made up of waveforms of varying frequencies, layers upon layers of Divine pulsation (SPANDA). The waveforms of the so-called afterlife are no more real than the more familiar waveforms - the apparent solidification of matter - in our third dimensional planet Earth.


Once you leave the physical body, your consciousness as Purusha, the Soul, disengages from Prakriti’s MAYA-GUNAS. This ‘data-collecting vehicle’ might then be seen as a sort of discarded used-car. If you, as the Purusha/Soul consciousness, correctly so identify with the Real, with the God-within, the SELF/ATMA – that connection in frequency will lead you to the path to freedom, MOKSHA.


If Purusha mistakenly continues to identify with Prakriti’s MAYA-GUNAS and the waveforms emitted during your lifetime by the small identity ego-self, then as Purusha, your consciousness becomes enmeshed in the appropriate correlative fields of experience, the Loka Worlds or Phantasmal Hierarchies.


Remain conscious at the moment of death


In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that a person always becomes whatever he thinks of as he leaves the body, [30(8)7]. Your last thoughts at this moment will generate frequencies that cause and create your ‘location’ as you leave the corporal body. You might consider the possible consequences of being on drugs or drunk when you die. The way hospitals treat the dying might be seen as a symptom of the Kali Yuga. Battlefields or other scenes of violent and unexpected death are often haunted by confused souls caught in shock frequencies.


Location is a function of consciousness


This is why it is so important to establish an adamantine connection with and to the God-within you now, while you are still capable of being conscious, healthy, and clear minded. As you leave your body, call out for the God-within you so that you will find yourself within that HOME frequency waveform. In the moment of your passing generate that pure frequency, hopefully familiar to you, and go straight to the God-within.


Go straight to the God-within and basically you ignore everyone, including friends and family. You can visit those you love later if you want to, after you have connected with your own SELF. You know how people who knew you when you were young still treat you as if you are the same person they once knew? In a somewhat similar way, in the afterlife friends and family will entrain your consciousness into the embodiment you just departed from, the old used-car frequencies of your small identity ego-self and thus ‘locate’ you in the correlative realms.


Be especially wary of any entities from the Phantasmal Hierarchies, those who might be advertising themselves as saviors and safe-havens. By posing as anything they know you want to see, the various entities from the Phantasmal Hierarchies will attach your frequency and ‘locate’ you with them.


There is also something about not letting anyone ‘touch’ you that I don’t quite yet understand. This is probably what Jesus the Christ meant when he said, “Noli me tangere,” meaning, “Touch me not” - and must have something to do with frequencies being ‘contagious’, for lack of a better word. However it does seem that no one can touch you, unless you allow it.


This world and those of the afterlife are all temporal illusory holograms that emerge from the ethers within the polarity matrix through the Cycles of Time. All are temporal – thus not eternal. Beyond the illusion of multiplicity, within the Heart, the door to the eternal, the God-within that simultaneously permeates this entire universe, waits.






The Bhagavadgita in the Mahabharata

Translated by J.A.B. van Buitenen

University of Chicago Press, 1981


See Mozart’s After Death Experience




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