A letter to Hindus everywhere and the People of India


I am well aware that I am not Indian, nor can I call myself a Hindu. My writings here may offend some of you - and you may feel that I am misrepresenting your precious faith and your traditions. In all humility and sincerity, that is not my intention.


For 40 years now I have studied Hinduism and other eastern religions. I have read hundreds of books over these years, and in 1968 I began to practice meditation. I was once in an ashram in America and studied with a guru who turned out to be less than truthful in his own spiritual practice. I was not blessed with the karma to find a true teacher – yet. I still hope.


I love India and all things Indian. I love Lata, AR Rahman and SRK! I love Indian art, architecture, music, food, jewelry, clothes - and of course, the metaphysical teachings of Hinduism. I have never traveled to India, although I have planned such trips many times. It seems as if every time I am ready to go to India something stops me.


I was born a natural Bhakti and have sought Love everywhere throughout my life. I have dreams of the Kashmir that once was - and sweet memories of a short but beautiful life there, hundreds of years ago in another time, the life of a temple dancer in the majestic mountains of the sacred magical land of Kasmiriyat. Kashmir’s sufferings break my heart.


Even though in this lifetime I was born in the western world into a society of ‘having everything’ - by the time I was 19 years old I was desolate, I was searching. I cannot imagine what would have happened to me if I had not found the teachings of Hinduism.


I have such a deep respect and love for the Vedic and Puranic texts. Whatever I write here is only intended to share with others what I have found, the cosmic Jewels of India. If my knowledge of the metaphysics of Hinduism is less than complete, I hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive me. I pray that what I lack in the understanding of the fragrance of eternal India, I may balance with the true sincerity in my heart.



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