Frustrated Desire turns to Anger & Traps us in the Temporal Illusory Hologram


According to Hindu metaphysics the nature of life is desire, KAMA. Life is not merely suffering as some say, but desire (kama) and enjoyment (bhoga) experienced through guna-maya. Eventually our fulfilled desires begin to bore us or turn sour in one way or another – as the current saying ‘been there, done that’ indicates.


The Kali Yuga, our current cycle of time, the Age of Conflict & Confusion is highly conducive to anger. Anyone who isn’t angry is probably asleep! Who wouldn’t be angry as you become aware of the ever-increasing worldwide insanity in this frequency of time when ‘kings are thieves, and thieves are kings’ and ‘people prefer false ideas’?  But anger is a big trap for your consciousness.


In the Kali Yuga our desires and dreams often go unfulfilled and unrealized. We are tempted, seduced and enticed to allow the demonic energies of anger to take over our consciousness and delude us, drawing us ever further down into the sticky web-like confusion of the temporal illusory hologram.


Chapter Three in the Bhagavad Gita reveals the nature of anger and how to release your consciousness from anger’s imprisoning tentacles. Anger (krodhas) is the companion of arrogance and pride. Anger occurs when we don’t get what we want. Anger contaminates the intellect and our ability to discern energy levels. Anger effectively and efficiently deludes us and in our confusion, we blame someone else – like our parents, the boss, the government, the new world order, or those ominous secret societies. We seek revenge on the external rather than looking within.


This ‘deluding & confusing’ of consciousness by anger could be precipitated by the loss of any desire, anything, a job or money. But let us take the classic poignant example of losing your lover to another. Your pain at being rejected, abandoned, and made to feel ‘less-than’ consumes you. As these feelings build, along with your fears of being alone, your anger often becomes directed at the person who stole your beloved and their image enrages you. Fear and anger are two expressions of the same frequency waveform.


You suffer every variety of anger, jealousy, self-pity, etc. You alone suffer. More than likely, the newly paired ones are off in their own hologram having the time of their lives, while you are holding onto anger or more accurately, anger holds you in its pernicious steadfast grasp. Your hologram transforms into your own personal pity-party with just you and your demons hanging out together!


Displaying your anger or sharing it with (the unlucky) others only seems to feed the flames of your rage. The Bhagavad Gita says that anger is an insatiable fire that can never be satisfied. This burden skillfully and proficiently destroys the peaceful (sattva) frequencies of your consciousness. Anger deflects any chance you might have for happiness - not only in this world, but also in the next as like attracts like.


Your SELF/ATMA, the God-within becomes more difficult to access because your anger makes your consciousness increasingly dense. Anger interferes with the silencing of the mind and veils the Real - the still small voice within.


The SELF/ATMA is the Real and connects with Its creation through the intellect, the mind, the five senses and their objects --- in that order. The SELF is not the illusion of multiplicity, which is but a reflection in the mind of external objects as perceived through the five senses.


The SELF, the Soul, the One that dwells in the Heart is eternal, not a temporal polarity. ATMA is never disturbed or deluded by anything. Thus anger is false and only resides within the frequency waveforms of the illusion. Anger is experienced through guna-maya, the temporal data-collecting vehicle that the small-identity ego-self falsely identifies as the real you.


Therefore remember and realize the Illusion of Separation. Know that you never lost anything or anyone. Everything belongs to the eternal Real, the God-within.


In trust, surrender everything – especially your anger – up into the God-within you. Anger is delusion based on the illusion of separation. It is insatiable and will bind you into the temporal illusory hologram. 









Abhinavagupta’s Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita


Translated from Sanskrit with Introduction & Notes by Boris Marjanovic

Indica Books; 2004, Varanasi India



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