You never left Home


Remember who you are …

Identify your consciousness as the God-within you – not the external multiplicity.

Know that you are that – the God-within you.

Know that is the only Real.

Everything in the external world is temporal and illusory – a hologram generated by our thoughts and feelings.

Know that you created this world.

Know that you are infinite consciousness pretending to be bound by the illusion of matter, those surfaces that appear to be solid – the playground of the five senses.

Know that Love is the Field that holds and unifies everything.

Wake up from your self-induced Dream.

You are the God-within you.

You are not whatever temporal illusory identity and data collecting vehicle you are currently experiencing.

You are eternal.

You are the Oneness.

Switch your consciousness from the endless multiplicity of appearances that continually emerge on the Ocean of Consciousness and know that you never left Home.

You always were and always will be the One.

Remember who you are …



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