Krishna’s Hologram: Every Truth is Truth!

 If you’ve ever been driven crazy by the sheer multitude of diverging opinions and revelations concerning God - and who hasn't? - then you will find the following a welcome relief. Beyond the appearance of illusory multiplicities, the tedium of dueling doctrines is perfectly understandable.


I have long felt that IS-ness would not have created this exciting journey and return Home if Remembering who we are, was going to be a repetitious bore! Meaning I firmly believe that each of us must find our own delightful path. When we begin to live spontaneously in every moment, the God-within us, the ATMA-SELF, will lovingly reveal IT-self to us in a manner wonderfully unique to the waveform of our Soul.


In the Uddhava Gita Krishna tells us -

‘In any one part, the other parts are present.’


In a hologram, the entire hologram is contained within every part – and so it is with IS-ness. Viewed from the SELF, the Universe is just ONE big pulsating vibrating golden ocean of potent possibility. It's the GUNAS and their five senses that create distinctions and the illusory appearance of multiplicity.


Each and every belief, doctrine, dogma, and understanding of Isness is the expression of the temporal identity-self that experienced it. It is a portion of the Totality. In our search for the return Home throughout time, we human beings have reflected Isness through the filtered lens of our own hearts and mind. These conflicting and clashing flavors of faith have emerged naturally over time within historical and cultural contexts.


The sooner we realize this and cease foolishly hating and persecuting others for their differences, the sooner third dimensional planet Earth will be able to take its place with the rest of the universe!


Every truth is truth --- and as such a joy to the Creator.





The Uddhava Gita, The Final Teaching of Krishna

Translated by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati; 2002, Ulysses Press



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