Inanna Returns - Part II, Chapter XVIII – Stardust



Beyond the shadow of the ship

I watch’d the water-snakes …

O happy living things! No tongue

Their beauty might declare:

A spring of love gusht from my heart,

And I blessed them unaware!


      The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge


 Marduk sat in the master control room watching the scanner monitoring energy sources. The population of Earth continuously produced the necessary requirements for Marduk and his legions to nourish themselves: fear, guilt, and anxiety, the subtle energies on which his troops were fed. Marduk was expecting some champagne and caviar to be served to him, so when the door opened, he was a little surprised at the expression on the face of his empty-handed servant.


“Master a protective dome of high-frequency light has been placed over the area known as Lost Mountain. We are not certain of the source, but we believe it comes from an Etherian mother ship located somewhere beyond the orbit of the planet Saturn.”


Marduk felt his adrenaline surge through his body. How dare they? Those damned Etherians would not so easily block his reconnaissance mission. He would send a few of his fighter ships to counteract the protective dome. Two or three quick blasts of radiation from his plasma weapons would easily destroy the dome.


Marduk gave the orders and called for his champagne. Sitting back down in front of the scanners, he once again cursed the Etherians – something one simply doesn’t do.





It was night on Lost Mountain. The skies were crystal-clear, and Gracie was feeling like, well, there aren’t really any words to describe her feelings. Lighting the candles in the cabin, she sat down near the window and looked out into the night. She thought - everything looks so different. It’s as if I never even saw the stars before.


Gracie asked Inanna how she had begun to take her multidimensional journey. Inanna activated her focus, and called forth the first of her flesh-and-blood excursions, the white-robed being who had brought a column of light to the seekers in the Himalayas. She showed Gracie the circle of souls who had gathered there, and allowed her to feel the powerful love that she, through that being, had come to feel for those in the circle. Inanna had given of herself and had grown to love them dearly. And because we become what we love, she became a part of them. Nurturing them had been the most fulfilling experience she had known, up until that time.


“All the beings in that circle,” Inanna explained, “have been the source of the love which has generated so much passion in all my multidimensional selves. And some in the circle are the very people my selves have loved and interacted with in time and space.”


Gracie saw Inanna as the white-robed being who had loved so deeply that she had dared to descend into the denser frequencies of Earth time in human bodies. Gracie felt no fear as she saw waves of energy coming from the hands within the white robes. Tenderly moving toward her, these waves of pulsating light permeated her with a lightness of being. Gracie opened up.


In the Eye of her Mind, Gracie saw the mutating brilliants in all their flashing colors. Her body temperature was increasing, and as the waves washed over her, every cell in her body began to vibrate with greater frequency and turn into light itself. Gracie was becoming light: not reflected light, but light from its own source, self-luminous, within.


Gracie felt herself spreading out, expanding into the Universe. She remembered all of Inanna’s selves, Atilar, Olnwynn, Sky Maiden, Tenzin, and the others. They all came to her and smiled because they were in her and a part of her becoming; what she experienced, so did they. Gracie felt a oneness, not only with the selves, but a oneness with Inanna, and beyond that with the Earth, the tall cedars, the stars, and the Universe. Gracie transformed into an inexpressible feeling of joy as she knew, simply knew that she was one with all life, everything. She became Joy itself.


Gracie began to laugh. A gentle loving laughter encompassed her and, as laughter is contagious, Inanna began to laugh with her. The two girls were laughing and laughing and laughing and …


Inanna and Gracie began to have a new feeling. At the same moment they both realized that because they felt they were one with everything in creation, they were also one with, yes, Marduk himself. Not only was he a part of them, but they loved him. Incredibly, Inanna felt love for Marduk, she even saw his beauty, and that love gave Inanna and Gracie the wisdom to know that not only was Marduk the unconscious projection of the tyrannical folly of the children of Anu, but Marduk was also a part of Prime Creator.


Marduk, as the instrument of the darkside, was the portion of the energy that allowed the magical play of an illusion of limitation to take place on Earth in the human species in order to build up enough energy to create an entire new life form, a new genetic code which carried new possibilities and fresh potentials for creation.


The gentle laughter of Inanna and Gracie rang out across the Earth and into the heavens. The force of their joy was simultaneously spreading out over the planet and beyond. There are no barriers in consciousness, and many of the others who had sought truth were having the same experience, at the exact same moment. The multidimensional selves of Enki and Ninhursag, as well as the other members of the family of Anu, all began to laugh. There were also many others caught in the contagion of truth, people who were from other life forms and earthlings alike; all were laughing in their newfound knowledge. The process had begun.


The truth had set them free.






Marduk spilled his champagne. A terrible vision confronted him. On the screens of his energy-monitoring scanners, there was suddenly evidence of a large drop in productivity. In less than an Earth minute, the supply of fear had dwindled dismally. Marduk sprang up from his golden throne and stubbed his toe – well, his claw.


There must be some mistake: his vast supply of resources could not have vanished so quickly. He began to shriek at his servants and to push all sorts of electronic alarm buttons. Marduk was freaking out, actually; his eyes were bulging and his face became contorted. He waved his arms wildly in the air and screamed at his clones. But Gracie and the others like her were beyond him. Marduk could no longer influence or harm them, because they had moved out of his frequency. Their waveforms were vibrating in a spectrum he could not even see, much less touch.





Back on Lost Mountain Gracie glanced at the clock. It was almost four o’clock in the morning, and still dark outside. The stars were just beginning to fade. Gracie was full of energy and thinking it would be great to go for a ride. Throwing a few essentials in her backpack, Gracie called her dogs, and they all went out to get in her pickup truck. As they bumped down the dusty road that led off the mountain, Gracie mused about how good it would be to ride down the open road in the middle of the night, feeling the wind in her hair.


Yes, Gracie thought, I’ll head toward the city, any city will do, and maybe from there I’ll move on to another, carrying The Wave within me, offering it, just by being there, to anyone who wants it. What was the saying? “The way to do, is be.”  Yes, that’s it! Under her breath, she started to hum a few bars from that old Civil War gospel tune, Amazing Grace.


Gracie’s dogs vied for the window. They shared in her happiness, and they were always ready for adventure. As they moved down the dirt road, Gracie’s truck kicked up dust; but tonight, it was stardust.




Take ye form on earth with all the hosts of the Gods … mighty and able to assume any shape … Thereupon the Gods … all took pleasure in descending to earth with varying portions of themselves … to make successful the mission of the Gods …



… then made a covenant …the Gods they would descend from heaven to earth with a portion of themselves … so the celestials in succession descended from heaven to earth, for the destruction of the enemies of the Gods and the well-being of all the worlds …


The Mahabharata

Translated & edited by J.A.B van Buitenen

University of Chicago Press, 1973



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