Identifying with Higher Consciousness Frequency Waveforms


This universe is made up of a vast spectrum of frequencies. As you ‘Become’ more enlightened you lift the frequencies of your consciousness to correlate and harmonize with the One, the universal Soul, PARAMATMAN. This is somewhat analogous to being in a rather magical cosmic elevator – the door opens on the exact ‘floor’ that your consciousness is in harmony with and corresponds to.


Sacred words carry the frequency of the Purity of the Real. This is why chanting the sounds of certain sacred syllables will actually lift up your consciousness - if you say them with a focused heart and mind. Such sacred words produce more effective results based on and relative to how focused your consciousness is in the moment you are saying them.


When you utter these sounds with all your heart, the power of their vibrational frequencies is more readily experienced and felt. This is why words such as OM are recommended to the aspirant – they actually affect you. This extends to the sacred words, chants and mantras in all belief systems.


The Sanskrit Puranic texts are numerous and contain everything from the more erudite and wonderful philosophy of SAMKHYA, to truly fantastic colorful other-worldly tales that defy all logic, and the wildest descriptions of heavens & hells anyone could ever dream of or imagine. The stories in the Puranas are better than any Marvel comic book, while simultaneously they are filled with deeply inspiring metaphysical thoughts. I love them!


Often these Puranic texts promise that whoever hears or reads or recites or memorizes such and such a text will go to a specific heaven for a number of years or – even better - will be enlightened, liberated and released from this binding temporal illusory hologram. As a westerner I was often amused and perplexed by such ‘sales’ techniques. But then over time I actually found that the more I read these books, the better I felt.


Frankly I just enjoy reading them. I love their descriptions of the myriad LOKA worlds and their inhabitants who fly around in aerial ships (VIMANAS). But what was amazing and simply a fact was that I felt better for having read them. These texts indeed do carry a frequency, a higher consciousness that the reader receives even unconsciously. And the more I read them, the more noticeable this became.


This kind of psychic osmosis applies to the stories of Krishna’s life. Krishna encourages his devotees to repeatedly tell each other the stories of his birth, childhood friends, his love for the cowherd girls, and various incidents in which he overcame all odds and with superhuman powers killed heinous demons. To the western mind or anyone who was not brought up on these stories, they are naturally regarded as perhaps interesting, even amusing ‘myths’ and categorically disregarded.


This was my initial reaction to these action-packed tales of Krishna’s incarnation. But because of my love for Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita, I found that I enjoyed reading them especially in the five volumes of the Bhagavata Puranas and the more I read them, the more I felt somehow purified by them. I would read a few pages before going to sleep at night, and I began to notice how my mind often felt that sublime and at times hard-to-earn stillness one seeks in meditation simply from reading poetic lines about Krishna’s lotus eyes.


I was getting the frequency from the words of the text. This same principle applied to my repeating the names of the various aspects of God that I felt an affinity with. I began to realize that all these names hold a specific frequency in consciousness. The more intently I identified myself with them, the more my own consciousness expanded, as it correlated and merged with these waveforms that are the encoded principles of the universal cosmology.


For example when I think of Krishna I feel the frequency of God Realized in human form, which is often termed ‘Christ Consciousness’ here in the west. For me the word Vasudeva represents the God-within my heart. Vishnu is that which is ubiquitous and permeates everything - and so on.


This effect is of course not limited to the Sanskrit cosmology. I’m certain that you all have sacred words that are meaningful to you, words that represent the metaphysical principles of the universe, words that will allow you to access higher states of consciousness through your identification with their frequency.  


Because I have been following this path long protected by and now so generously given to the world by India and her Hinduism, I have become very attached to the Gayatri Mantra. The words are Sanskrit and it took me at least a week to learn the mantra by heart without having to read it.


This mantra has many meanings and endless possible effects on your consciousness. It has been my personal experience that the Gayatri Mantra really does seem to clear the mind to receive a higher truth. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that of all the metered verses in the Vedas, he is the Gayatri.




So here is the Gayatri (pronounced Gai-ah-tree) Mantra, with my sincerely very humble attempt to phonetically recreate the sound for you:



om bhûr bhuvah svahah


OM bhu-er   boo vah   sw(v)a hah


om tat savitur vareNyaM


OM tat   sahv ee tour   vah reign yum


bhargo devasya dhîmahi


Baha-har go   day vas say   dee mah hee


dhiyo yo nah prachodayât


Dee-yo  yo   nah   prah cho dai ah te




That eternal flux of Vast Intelligence,

which comes as a distributed radiance of light,

is indeed worthy of adoration.

May that ever impel our own thinking forward.


The above is only one of many possible translations and came from:

RGVEDA for the Layman, Translated with Commentary by Shyam Ghosh




There are many websites on the Gayatri Mantra and some allow you to listen to the chant to get pronunciations, which do differ by the way. There are at least three CDs that you can buy of the Gayatri. Anradha Paudwal’s pristine soprano voice renders a lovely version; Hariharan (also a Bollywood singer) has a somewhat slower version with a group of singers. Both are excellent! Try NEHAFLIX or India Weekly online under ‘religious’ or ‘devotional’ music.


The Puranic texts are available here in the USA from South Asia Books online in Columbia, Missouri. My favorites so far are the Bhagavata, the Brahma, the Siva, the Linga, and the Vayu Puranas. The volumes are reasonably and inexpensively published by Motilal Banarsidass in Delhi; the published series apparently is a UNESCO collection.



The Sanskrit texts are an ocean of wisdom.

As it says in the Motilal Banarsidass series of translations of the Puranas:


“The purest gems lie hidden in the bottom of the ocean or in the depth of the rocks. One has to dive into the ocean or delve into the rocks to find them out.”



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