What you don’t know can hurt you: Invisible waveforms, ET and other Transmissions


There are a multitude of other dimensional worlds most of us humans remain unaware of because we are currently limited in our perceptions to the five senses. At every moment we are both surrounded by and permeated with a multitude of waveforms moving throughout this illusory holographic universe. Our five senses constantly interpret and translate only a small portion of these waveforms. We mistake the data from the five senses as the only accepted ‘real’. Thus deluded we miss most of the universe, the Invisible Realms and the Myriad Worlds.


We are nonetheless affected by these waveforms, which are beyond our perceptions. Anyone who realized this basic metaphysical truth would understand that it is possible to use various types of ‘emitters’, human or otherwise, to generate waveforms of a specific frequency. These frequencies can have a wide spectrum of effects. They can uplift, calm, heal and nourish – or they can be used to entrain human consciousness, to dominate and control the hologram and everyone who is susceptible within it.


If your own level of consciousness does not vibrate at a frequency above these emitted waveforms - not on 'higher ground' - then you might be confused and deluded by them. You could remain vulnerable to such manipulation if you had not yet realized the mechanics of the temporal illusory hologram - MAYA & the GUNAS. Or perhaps you are completely unconscious of the existence of the underlying waveforms that weave our universe into existence.


You would therefore be picking up these transmissions and mistaking them for 'reality'. 


Your acceptance of various waveforms is completely up to you. So here we are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, hidden in our data-collecting vehicles (human bodies), trying to Remember who we are - lost in the miasma of amnesia generated by the emitters of MAYA.


Enslaved couch potatoes are evidence that TV is one such emitter. Or the emitters of frequency that effect human consciousness could be even more bewilderingly sinister - radio & microwave towers, HAARP, perhaps large scale emitters from off-planet. Or is the current consciousness on the planet coming from something more hidden and occult --- something that gets its power from ritual, from 'sacrifice', from pain, fear and war.


Even though most of us are unaware of the Invisible Realms and the hierarchies of beings that exist and have always existed all around us, there are many, many entities transmitting all kinds of information. From angels to ETs we are faced with a plethora of sources often fascinating and revealing, while other transmissions are just plain perilous to your soul.


ET transmissions often contain a plethora of potential confusion - and may even have dangerous consequences. Such material can be misunderstood and used for the most obliquely tyrannical purposes.


On sober and mindful consideration, it becomes evident that the various ETs, who are currently interacting with third dimensional planet Earth, will of necessity only have access to and memory of those 'fields of consciousness' they themselves possess.


If they themselves are not living within a waveform of enlightenment, they consequently will have NO knowledge of a higher consciousness of ONENESS and will behave accordingly from their own perspective and with their own agenda. Like any being in any dimensional realm, the ETs will behave according to the level of their understanding of universal metaphysical Truth.


Just because some of these ET possess what appears to be advanced technology to us humans, does NOT mean that these beings are evolved - nor does it mean that they have our Earth-based interest at heart. It could be more a case of the soldiers who offered the Native American Indians horses and bourbon for their land. We all know the end of that story – genocide!


In this Cycle of Time, the Law of Dharma has all but disappeared from the earth plane. This is the time of the false prophet as people become more fearful, more desperate, and easy pickings!


Whatever these ETs or ‘angels’ or whatever transmit into our human awareness will only be a reflection of their own limitations relative to the precise vibratory frequency of their own consciousness and dimensional LOKA world. They are part of the external and temporal illusory hologram.


Trust only the God-within you, the SELF, your ATMA.


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