Sleeping Dragon


A beautiful woman, a goddess, sleeps upon a golden dragon.

The dragon hisses, eyes glowing red in the darkness.


The woman lies under a thick velvet cover, her arms languid, her delicate fingers still and silent. Her skin is creamy blue, warm and soft. Her almond-shaped eyes move imperceptibly behind closed lids and long eyelashes.


She sleeps. She dreams...


Seated on a cloud, she hovers in the sky as thousands of men and women prostrate themselves before her in worship and adoration.


Inanna! They cry!

Oh! Queen of Heaven! They cry! We bow before you!


Suddenly, from beneath her, venomous snakes appear. Writhing from her, they crawl towards the crowds.


First snakes, then dragons, then demons.

They devour her worshippers.

Terror fills the air. Blood stains the land.


No! The goddess screams. No!

I am you. Do not worship me! No!


Her anguish overcomes her. Gasping for breath, she wakens, trembling and crying. No! Tiny beads of sweat cover her body. No! Tears flow across her lovely face.


The dragon hisses....ááááááááá and then is silent once more.





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