Why Dissolution? The Call: PUKAR


Why create the universe and then dissolve it again at the end of the Four Cycles of Time? The Creator dissolves and disintegrates the universe in order to move beyond the appearance of separation, to become whole and to integrate once again.


From the deluded and confused perspective of the small-identity ego-self, run by the GUNAS and the limitations of the Five Senses, we view the so-called End Times with fear and apprehension.


While the truth is that within the increasing chaos, the unceasing devolution into density, and the inevitable destruction of our world, lies the Creator’s call to ITSELF - in all its myriad forms - to return Home.


The dissolution of the temporal illusory hologram is in fact the movement of God back into ONENESS.


What we think of as LIFE in our universe takes place within only one of innumerable Cosmic Eggs. There are many other Cosmic Eggs, which also contain universes based on other matrices. The polarity-based temporal illusory matrix is only one possibility.


We have deluded ourselves into believing that we are nothing more than our small-identity ego-self, limited to the physical body. We are neither our body nor are we limited to this small-current-identity personality self, with all its likes and dislikes, its endless judgments and desires.


We are the God-within, the eternal ATMA/SELF - that which does not die.


We have deluded ourselves into the misconception that this one life is all we have. Such time-based desperation makes us fearful and vulnerable to the manipulation of tyrants everywhere. In the Kali Yuga we have bought into the idea that tyranny and greed are good; and that it is acceptable to take what we can now for ourselves, to trample life’s losers. In self-created fear we are herded to consume, to shop, and live life from the shallow view of the five senses. We have lost our way in Mall World.


In the west, we are ignorant of the Cycles of Time. We are not even aware of their existence. We do not remember that in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, ISNESS is calling ITSELF Home.


Stretch your imagination beyond your personal day, Mall World, the six o’clock news, and think of time in a new way:


*The Four Yugas make up a MAHA-YUGA. The Four Yugas are: the KRITA (or SATYA), the TRETA, the DVAPARA, and our current yuga, the KALI.


*71 MAHA-YUGAS make up a MANVANTARA (an EON) and we are in the 28th MAHA-YUGA of this MANVATARA.


*14 MANVANTARAS make up ONE 'Day of Brahma' (a KALPA) and we are now in the 7th MANVATARA.


The MAHA-YUGAS within MANVANTARAS, extend back and forwards in time. Most of us are only aware of our current one life, in one Yuga, in one Maha-Yuga, and one Manvantara!


These divisions within the Cycles of Time repeat and are described as having limited variations – 20 or so. In other words, this polarity-based Matrix is a Game to Play within, a game with certain rules, a Cosmic Game both sublime and supernal. As Einstein feared -God does throw the dice with the Universe!


This repetition within the Cycles of Time is a reflection of the idea that ALL the cycles are taking place simultaneously. Time is also an illusion.


The Matrix of this polarity-based universe is an illusion created by the power of SHAKTI/MAYA and is formed within our particular Cosmic Egg on what is called the Axis of the World. This Axis is a vast column of Light and Power from which all the myriad worlds (LOKAS) are formed.


At the end of a MAHA-YUGA these worlds are drawn back into the Creator, as God is breathing in. You can play in this Cosmic Egg for as long as you like. But once you are weary of this Divine Play (LILA), you begin to realize that what you mistakenly took for solidity and reality is all illusion - illusion that repeats over and over. You RECOGNIZE your SELF as a piece of the Creator. Your consciousness moves to separate itself from the small personality self and the GUNAS. You head towards Home. It is time to play in another universe, another Cosmic Egg.


The temporal illusory world dissolves and disintegrates in order to INTEGRATE with its true SELF back into ONENESS. No Creator would ever leave ITSELF trapped for all eternity in any illusion.



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