The Soul’s Desire: The Fires of Becoming


In the fire of Love, I burn.

I reach for you, in heat, in ice,

A moon liquid, light, spills over you,

My lips searching your secret skin,

I lose myself in you.


You hold me in your eyes, desire,

Trembling in hope, in expectation,

Each cell resonating,

Your face a smile, innocent, luminous,

Here in deep sweetness, we come together.


I open to you, as you to me,

Not demanding, you turn gently,

As flowers follow the sun,

Your being, a space for me to fill,

Oh, Ecstasy, Beloved!


United we are, from the myriad trails,

The pathways, long lonely corridors of the past,

As streams on the earth, blood in the veins,

We meet in the Heart, to burn,

In the Fires of our Becoming.


On the edge of time, in the ever present Now,

I wait, longing for your embrace.

To entice you with madness, I reveal my Beauty.

My stars kiss fire, piercing, surrender,

Whispering mysteries, drawing you close to me.


I flower in a thousand blossoms,

Will my nectar soon intoxicate you?

To you I sing in shimmering summer leaves,

Caress you with wild dreaming winds.

From the laughter of children, your friends,

Lovers and strangers in the street, I call out to you.


Longing for you down through the ages,

I gaze into your eyes from myriad faces,

In shadowed rooms, I glance longingly,

Following your footsteps, soft, rhythm,

The sound of your breath, through countless nights,

You, dancing on galaxies, One with spiraling harmonies,

Turn to me.

I wait - to give you All.



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