Life is a Multidimensional Fabric
Woven of Electromagnetic Charges,
forming Fields within Fields


Beneath the curtain of each

Atom lies concealed,

The Life increasing Beauty

Of the face of the Beloved.

Mahmud Shabistari, 14th century Sufi


A polarity Universe is made up of positive and negative charges. Your physical/subtle body is spheroid, a walking satellite system of charged particles - a Field. The entire visible world is manifested and supported by electromagnetic forces that sustain its very temporal holographic existence.


The nature of your sphere is relative to its charge – meaning your consciousness. Once you realize this you will know the eternal Secret of the Ages: Change your consciousness and you gain the power to change your hologram, your life.


In the treatise ‘Cosmos Without Gravitation’, the great iconoclastic thinker Immanuel Velikovsky states that: Sun, planets, satellites (moons, etc.), comets are charged bodies. As charged bodies they are interdependent.


As Spirit inhabiting human bodies, we are each similar to such ‘charged’ bodies. Velikovsky uses the term circumduction to describe the electromagnetic interaction of celestial bodies. Circumduction would imply moving around an object in a circular or spherical manner. If you imagine yourself and those around you as unique spheres of electromagnetic energies, the term circumduction becomes a more accurate and less linear description of our everyday lives.


We are all interacting with each other in every moment, not just in physical passing, say in the market or street, but also at a distance as we think of people or they think of us, or we read another’s thoughts or they read ours. Life is a multidimensional fabric woven of electromagnetic charges, all forming fields within fields.


In the ancient Sanskrit text The Bhagavadgita, Krishna tells Arjuna:


This body is called the Field, and the ones who know this call the one who knows this Field the Guide to this Field.


The term Field is a wonderful description of our being, both as it is used in physics or more simply as a place to plant and to reap.


Know, Bharata (Arjuna) that I [SELF-ATMA] too am such a Guide, but to all the Fields; this knowledge of Guide and Field I deem knowledge indeed. 35[13] Verse 1.


Krishna is saying that within your body, your heart, there is a user’s manual for the field and this is what he terms the guide. The guide is the God-within you, the SELF or ATMA in Sanskrit. This guide knows everything you need to know about you and your field.


In this Age of Confusion, the Kali Yuga, we are all desperately looking to any and all external manifestations for answers, cures, and salvation. Our wild-horse GUNAS are incessantly nagging, demanding, distracting us from the only Real. In stealth, ineluctable death chases us down - but we are too busy, deluded by multiplicity, and unaware. We don't have time to contemplate the Real. While in fact our personal guide, the God-within us all is patiently eternally waiting, ever ready to share and reveal our unique user’s manual to us. As Krishna says – this is knowledge indeed!


Our physical/subtle bodies are the result of our consciousness and make up the totality of our being. This totality-of-being is an illusory temporal holographic matrix, a spherical Field made up of dazzling, coalescing, rainbow electromagnetic charges.


The God-within each and every one of us remains completely unaffected by any act generated by our temporal illusory holographic spheres.


This imperishable self is transcendent because of its beginning-less-ness... Although present in the body, it does not act… this self, while present in every body, is not affected.

35[13] Verse 34


Reason this for yourself: If the God-within us could be affected or somehow altered by human consciousness for a New-York-minute, the entire universe would have disintegrated eons ago. The God-within us is eternal, immutable and immeasurable. While we mistakenly identify with our holographic sphere, the small identity ego-self and all of its endless preferences, we are NOT that. The small ego-self is a temporal illusion. As long as we mistake the illusory for the Real, we remain bound within the hologram.


As we begin to wake up to the Invisible Realms and to lift the curtain, we realize that we have only been flying on one engine, supercomputers with no user’s manual. In the Kali Yuga the human Field has become a mere shadow of itself. We need to charge our particles! And this is where spiritual practices come in. Meditation can literally charge the Field with energy, brilliance, and creativity.


The God-within knows every aspect of your blueprint and is the only true source for your own fulfillment.


Believe me when I say that I understand that quieting the noisy mind and achieving levels of focused attention is not easy. But unlike everything in the external world, which always inevitably leads to disappointment – making a solid gold connection to the God-within you is the ultimate reward, the elixir of Life, and the Secret Key that opens the Door to the Real!




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Cosmos Without Gravitation: 

Attraction, Repulsion AND Electromagnetic Circumduction

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