The Inner Power


There is no real power in the external. The temporal illusory hologram is the result of consciousness, not the source of it. As long as you continue to seek your fulfillment, pleasure, and completion in the external illusion, you will always be trapped into polarities. At first something will please you and then inevitably you will tire of it. You will always be caught up in the cycle of birth and death, pleasure and pain, hope and despair.


The Real Power from which everything emerges is the Bliss that lies beneath the Illusion, beneath the curtain of each atom – that which supports and sustains this universe. When you tap into that and realize that this is what you really are, this etheric bliss is your real nature, what you have always been, then you have power.


This etheric bliss is also the real nature of every being and every thing in this universe. There are no exceptions. God is everything – vAsudeva sarvam iti. Thus the problem of doing harm to any other does not arise as no one will wish to do harm to one’s self. All is you.


Tuning into and becoming the power of etheric bliss will of its own force completely alter your hologram. Your oneness with this etheric bliss will magnetize whatever your soul desires you to experience. But if you try to hold onto these experiences and become attached to them, you will find yourself trapped in the temporal illusion again. This will make you feel once again uncomfortable, incomplete, and that pain, the illusion of separation, will then push you back into remembering the Real, the Bliss consciousness that pervades all.


We never intended to trap ourselves for all eternity in this temporal illusory holographic universe. It is only one focus of our consciousness within which God, as apparent multiplicity, plays. That is why attachment to the illusion is painful – this is a safety mechanism we created. The four cycles of time are simply four stages of the play with four sets of frequency bands to experience.


In fact the Kali Yuga is considered by many to be the most exciting, because in the Kali we are bound in consciousness to the appearance of solidification and this temporal illusory state is very far removed from our real Bliss. It is a challenge we obviously enjoy and the Kali also has the advantage of offering the greatest reward for the least effort. What we achieve in consciousness in a day in the Kali Yuga would take many years in any other cycle if time.



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