Two radiant Beings of light, Thel Dar and Tathata, were playing in the forever Void.


As a diversion, the two friends had projected an enticing pool of luminescent photons, and surrounded it with exotic plants and lush blooming flowers, which were nothing more than vibrating particles of light. A waterfall of light fell around them and put off phosphorescent rainbow mists.


Tathata was holding a baby galaxy in its hand, and alternately extending and contracting the newly formed star system, much like a yo-yo, out into the waterfall of light. 


“This little one will be splendid once it begins to flatten out,” Tathata said excitedly. The baby galaxy was presently very round and fat.


“Remember,” Thel Dar spoke nostalgically, “the moment we resolved to create the Earth experiment?” 


“Of course,” Tathata replied, allowing the infant galaxy to momentarily remain hidden in the waterfall. “The idea of highly evolved beings entering into an ever diminishing, lowering frequency was pure genius.” 


Weary of eternal bliss...


“Some of us were quite weary of eternal bliss, weren’t we?” Tathata said. 


“Third dimensional densities had been done before, but never like this,” said Thel Dar grinning.


“Whose idea was it to draw the Veils of Forgetting so tightly in the last cycle?” Tathata inquired.


“Don’t you remember?” Thel Dar laughed. “That was you!”


Unrivaled data-collecting vehicles in the final cycle of time...


“Well, that portion of the four cycles is, after all, the most exciting one,” Tathata chuckled, pulling the baby galaxy gently back into its tender hand.


“The temporal illusions we have created are spectacular, are they not? What a hologram!” Thel Dar exclaimed. 


“We have generated a powerful reservoir of force to fuel new realties in the mind of the Creator,” Tathata said proudly.


“The combination of tensions in a third dimensional reality is really quite extraordinary,” Thel Dar said, “and tension is intrinsically generative. So many inter-stellar races have contributed their genomes to this unrivaled group of data-collecting vehicles which now inhabits the planet Earth.”


“Yes, many of which the earthlings are as yet unaware of,” said Tathata. 


“We never dreamed that consuming mass quantities of material goods and services could become so hypnotic to so many who had once been so highly evolved,” said Thel Dar.


“Yes,” Tathata agreed, “the mass production of vast quantities of ‘things’ combined with mind control through advertisement and the media truly put most of them to sleep.” 


“Even some of our most enlightened have been seduced by the hypnotic numbing frequencies they lowered themselves into,” remarked Thel Dar.


Return to remembrance...


“Exciting isn't it!” Tathata said. “And the best is yet to come. Soon the Veils of Illusion will begin to lift as the great beings — who have forgotten who they are — return to remembrance and reconnect the loose strands of DNA in their data-collecting vehicles which they call bodies.”


“Once again,” said Thel Dar, “they will see the myriads of nested realities which have existed around them all along. Nevertheless, the experience of imagining themselves totally alone in the vastness of space was quite an adventure.”


“As the earthlings learn of the myriad realms,” Tathata added, “and the vast numbers of civilizations thriving in their own solar system and the other galaxies, they will expand their capacities to know and to receive information.”


Unique and exquisite crystals of light...


“Then the exciting part begins,” said Tathata. “Each species will form itself into a unique and exquisite crystal of light containing all the data ever collected by their generations. These timeless and elegant crystals will bond magnetically according to a likeness of frequency as all existing consciousness temporarily melts into a Divine Union in the forever Void. An infinite light reality will form, increasing and extending itself higher and deeper by attracting all that ever is and all that has ever been to Itself.” 


“The beauty of such a unique expression will be expansive and thrilling to us all,” said Thel Dar. “Even now we cannot imagine the extent if its magnificence, grandeur, and power.”


“Words can never describe our loving endeavors adequately,” said Tathata.


“Never!” Thel Dar happily agreed.



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