MAHAR: A Genetic Ark


Most of us can really not imagine the total destruction of our world, our planet Earth. And yet one of the most popular modern myths is that of Superman and the annihilation of his home planet Krypton. Is the universal appeal of this story merely Superman’s ability to save us from the bad guys? Or is there something deeper and profoundly fundamental to our unconscious memory in the meme of the total destruction of a home-world planet?


The idea of the cyclical, eventual, and inevitable dissolution of the world within Four Cycles of Time is basic to Hindu metaphysics:


"What is called accidental or provoked destruction (of living species) takes place at the end of...the cycle of Yugas. Therefore it concerns the human species. It takes place when the creator can no longer find any remedy apart from a total destruction of the world to put an end to the disastrous and unplanned increase in the number of living beings."

[Mahabharata 12.248.13-17]


Did you ever wonder - 'What is all this life on Earth for?' What does the Creator want? Hindu metaphysics tells us that the God-within, the ATMA/SELF, is never affected in the slightest by anything we have ever done. Reason it for yourself – if we could alter IS-ness in anyway, for even a NY minute, we would have destroyed the entire universe eons ago. Look what we have done recently to our planet and to each other for the past 6,000 years!


In his famous interview with Art Bell, the UFO informant John Lear says that the ETs refer to us humans as ‘containers’ and even though he does not seem to understand the implications of his statement – he knows that this entire experience has something to do with our SOULS. These containers, the human body or - as I like to say - our data-collecting-vehicles, are illusory temporal homes for our souls.


The soul is eternal, immutable, and perhaps seeking evermore interesting vehicles within which to express and experience indefinite possibilities. So imagine that you are a ‘higher’ being who is in charge of cooking-up some new and more interesting data-collecting-vehicles in the universe. You pick a planet from millions and you arrange for a myriad of species to donate their DNA into the experiment. Over time more and more souls incarnate, because this intensely polarized place is so endlessly fascinating - while you wait to see what will happen.


You don’t judge anything or anyone in the experiment! You just never know what will happen - meaning from whence that great gene code will emerge. Sometimes the most worthless rogue and blackguard will resurrect itself like the Phoenix, and become an unexpected brilliance beyond your wildest dreams.


After a time, for example four cycles of time, you see what will be worth saving. It’s like deciding what to pack when going on a vacation – or more dramatically and relevant, choosing what to take on the proverbial Noah’s Ark. You wouldn’t take anything you couldn’t use or things that will weigh you down. Carefully, you only take what you will need for the trip. You retrieve the most interesting and fertile gene codes for the next probable future.


"When the dissolution of the world seems immanent, some people abandon the earth during the last days of the Kalpa and take refuge in the world of

Mahar [the extraplanetary world] and from there will return to the world of life" (janaloka)."

[Linga Purana 1.4.39-40]






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