Part 1: Our Miasma of Amnesia & the Apavarga of SAMKHYA


With the gradual assimilation and acceptance of the theory of the Cycles of Time, found in most primordial traditions, you begin to stretch your thoughts back into the time before Time. Back to the moment Oneness expanded from the single point, known as BINDU in Sanskrit, and pressing against the Ocean of vast Ethers, created ever-expanding spherical waveforms, one within another – as the pebble creates circles in a pond. 


Imagining yourself to be this Oneness, you begin to feel what it might be like to descend into the multiplicity of the temporal illusory hologram you are creating. At first you are perhaps more etheric in nature, a light body. You have not yet created a vehicle with GUNAS and the five senses designed to both apprehend and simultaneously create the world.


The force of Time presses onward and multiplicity increases. As you begin the long descent into your adventure, the creation and solidification of matter, and your eventual entrapment by the five senses – you for the first time encounter pain. The first signal to us that we were slipping into something previously unknown to us would have been pain however initially slight, harmless, and mild.


Certainly by the second Yuga, The TRETA YUGA, we would have already begun to feel a profound sense of loss and separation. The Sanskrit epic The Ramayana is said to take place within the Treta. The Ramayana is the story of a terrible war between the demonic Raksasas and the good guy Rama, who is an incarnation of the All Pervading Protector, Vishnu. Thus the idea of war between the forces of Light and Dark existed within the frequencies of the Treta Yuga.


Many more of us were finding ourselves trapped in unpleasant situations from which we could not gain our own release. We must have been wondering - Hey? What happened? What is this pain? How do I get out of all this? And so with the questions began the seeking for answers. Seers - meaning those who were still able to ‘see’ - were the trusted source of wisdom and guidance on how to master and therefore exit the temporal illusory hologram with grace.


By the DVAPARA YUGA, as we descend further into density, the Phantasmal Hierarchies increase in population. According to, the LINGA PURANA: There are 280 million gods and subtle beings who move about in flying chariots. During the Manvantara, the cycles of humanity, their number increases to 3 billion 920 million. (A. Danielou)


This implies to me that yes, we are not alone! If you simply substitute the term ‘other dimensional being’ for astral (the etymology of which is ‘star’), you may grok the idea that the daily growing, large numbers of UFOs we are now seeing and reporting up in our skies, since the 1940’s and throughout history, are in fact these ‘flying chariots’ or, as they are termed in Sanskrit, the VIMANAS talked about in the Linga Purana and other Sanskrit texts. These entities have always been with us.


The pressing desire to be free from density and the increasingly intense polarities (pleasure & pain) in the temporal hologram naturally generates more users’ manuals on the possibilities of such liberation (MUKTI) – liberation as in the return to our Primordial state of Oneness.


Consider the idea that by the advent of the KALI YUGA, human consciousness has sunk to such a degree of confusion, in its miasma of amnesia, that many of us are now quite desperate to Remember who we are and are assiduously looking for the Door out of the temporal illusory hologram that we in fact created.


Anyone who does manage to Wake-Up and Remember the truth becomes immediately esteemed by all. And because we have developed the ritual of worshipping the entities in the Phantasmal Hierarchies, we also begin to worship those who have become enlightened, while their yet-to-be enlightened disciples begin to feverishly write down what their Masters said or did. That is, whatever the disciples might remember years after it has been filtered through their own consciousness.


Over 400 years passed before any of the teachings of Gautama Buddha were written down and around 100 years until the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ were inscribed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the potential for confusion or that what followed all these awakened beings was a tidal wave of disagreement among their followers that took many forms, from simply the endless production of intellectual treatises to brutally cruel inhuman wars - wars that are today still raging.


Hinduism has it share of dueling savants. Alain Danielou says that the philosopher sage MADHAVA called one of the most esteemed of all the Vedantic scholars SANKARACHARYA (788 AD) a deceitful demon who had perverted the teaching of the Brahma Sutra to lead souls astray. At least he resorted to mere name calling, while we in the west have taken pleasure in torturing, flaying, immolating and crucifying those who disagree with our religious dogmas.


Face it – here in our Kali Yuga, this Age of Conflict and Confusion, we have nothing but the written word and these writings, these books are rife with the never ending, conflicting, my-way-or-the-highway dogmatic prescriptions for your salvation, your escape from Alcatrez. I consider California’s infamous island prison an appropriate metaphor for the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.


When you see the words ‘text with commentaries,’ get ready for someone’s version of the truth, followed by the reiteration of that truth by one who more than likely has never experienced truth. Of course Indian civilization has been in existence for many 1000s of years and therefore has a great deal more time to express its differences. Here in the west we have only had around 3000 years to completely confuse ourselves.


Consider the possibility that everything written in the Kali Yuga - and I do mean everything, including every book on religion, philosophy, history, science, etc. – is, in one way or another, false. We have been living in a painful and foggy dream, a kind of nightmare in which we no longer know who we are or the purpose of our lives, or our connection with this amazing universe. Everything we know has been continuously distorted by our self-created miasma of amnesia, the lies and confusion that have cast a Veil of Delusion, of weeping, over our consciousness and this entire planet since the beginning of the Kali Yuga in 3606 BC.


Reason for yourself the wondrous liberating possibility that if and when you Remember the God-within you – you will not need any book ever, for you will Become the Totality and Seer of All.


Now that I have rejected the written word, in Part 2, I will proceed to attempt to communicate to you as simply as I am able what I consider to be the cream of the cream of all metaphysical thinking concerning a the real exit strategy – the Apavarga of SAMKHYA.


That is if you are weary, as I am, of the temporal illusory hologram in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.





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